Atlanta has a rich diverse culture, history and attractions, it’s one of the most popular cities in the in the US and if you are planning a vacation or staycation in Atlanta it’s wise to get the Atlanta City Pass. If you are interested in cultural icons, history, nature or sports, in this southern soul, there always something fascinating for everyone regardless of where you are from.

Sightseeing in ATL is not cheap just like it is in most cities and to enjoy yourself and save cost at the same time you would need to buy the Atlanta City Pass. This Citypass can save you over 40% on admission to Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-cola, CNN Studio Tour and Center for Civil and Human Rights, etc. You can also get expedited entry to a number of these locations so you do not have to wait in a long queue to get in.

What is Atlanta City Pass

Atlanta City Pass is a discounted prepaid tourist pass that give you easy access to the top five attractions in Atlanta

How it works

With the Atlanta City Pass, you can easy access to Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-cola and CNN Studio Tour. For the fourth attraction, you can either choose Center for Civil and Human Rights or Zoo Atlanta. For the fifth attraction you can either choose Fernbank Museum of Natural History or the College Football Hall of Fame.

With the Atlanta City Pass, tourists or locals can get easy access to any of these attractions in Atlanta without having to wait in the long queue.

The Atlanta City Pass also enables you save up to 44% off combined admission prices unlike when they are purchased separately. If you purchase admission to the top 3 attractions in the city separately it will cost $78 excluding tax but with the Atlanta City Pass it will cost $78 plus tax and it gives you expedited access.

The top three attractions and admission fees are;

  • Georgia Aquarium – $49.95
  • World of Coca-Cola – $18
  • Zoo Atlanta – $34.95

If you purchase the tickets for the fourth and fifth attractions, the Center for Civil and Human Rights cost $18.25 with tax, while the Zoo Atlanta cost $25.99 with tax. For the College Football Hall of Fame, admission cost is $21.99 with tax and the admission fee for the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is $18 with tax.

Although if you purchase tickets in advance, most of these attractions offer a small discount but the discount is nothing compared to what the Citypass offers.

The price of the Atlanta City Pass is $125 and it gives you access to the best 5 attractions in Atlanta and saves you 44% on admission fees which is about $50.

Once you have purchased the Atlanta CityPass, it’s sent to your phone as a mobile tickets rather than a physical ticket. You can choose to print it out or use right out from your mobile phone. You can also request that they mail the card to you but note that it may attract a shipping fee.

To gain access to any of the attraction is to show the security or those in charge to gain entry. The Atlanta CityPass is valid for nine days availing you enough days to see all the attractions you have chosen.

Atlanta City Pass Price

The Atlanta CityPASS comes at different price, the on for adults are usually more expensive than the ones for children. The one from adult is from age 13 while the ones for children is from age 3 to 12.

For adults, the CityPASS price is $86 but for the 5 attractions it will cost $152.85. Saving 44%
For children, the CityPASS price is $68 but for the 5 attractions it will cost $115.88, saving 46%.

The Atlanta CityPASS saves you up to 44% when you visit all the top five attractions. In other words, if you visit only the Georgia Aquarium with additional two attractions, the Atlanta CityPASS would pay for itself and save some money for you. If you choose to visit a fourth attraction, you are even saving more and by visiting the fifth attraction you have succeeded in saving 44% of the cost of regular admission.

Atlanta City Pass Attractions Guide

There are some important information you need to know about each of the attractions featured on the Atlanta CityPASS.

Georgia Aquarium

With the Atlanta CityPASS, you can gain entry by skipping the main ticket long line to the main galleries and enjoy two special exhibits which are the 4D Theater, and the Dolphin Celebration and the sea lion presentation.

World of Coca-cola

The Atlanta CityPASS gives you an expedited access straight through security. At the ticketing window, if you are with the voucher, you will have to exchange it for a booklet. And if you are thirsty, you can have a free Coca-cola.

Zoo Atlanta

The Atlanta CityPASS give you quick access straight through the city gate without waiting in the long queue at the ticket counter

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Atlanta CityPASS now includes access to one film in the Giant Screen Theater, all you have to do is present your pass at the box office to gain entry. You are entitled to all programs, all special exhibits and free parking.

Who Needs The Atlanta City Pass?


A family of four cam save over $300 with the Atlanta City Pass depending on the attractions selected. The pass has enough perks that can satisfy both adults and children so if you are a family over four or less you should take advantage of the city pass.

First-time Visitor

You would need the city pass to see all the top attractions in the city at a discounted rate. With the pass you can select the spots you want to visit.

Someone who want to visit the Georgia Aquarium with three additional attractions

The most expensive attraction on the pass is the Georgia Aquarium, the admission fee is $49.95 and it’s more than half of the pass. If you visit the Georgia Aquarium and additional two attractions, you will save some money. If you hadd a third attraction to the Aquarium, you will get a fourth attraction for free and if you decide to visit all 5 attractions you will be saving a whole lot.

Someone who want to take time sightseeing

If you want to take your time sightseeing, then you should consider the CityPASS because it’s valid for nine days giving ample time to see the five attractions at your own time.

The Atlanta CityPASS is really good for those who really want to explore. In Atlanta things to do and sightseeing should be top on your bucket list.

To get the value for the Atlanta CityPASS you must visit all the five attractions and you will be gald you did. One of the attraction you can not afford to miss is the Georgia Aquarium, it’s the biggest in the world and it’s extremely exciting, if you are with kids, it should be at the top of your list because there are sure in for a nice time.