Atlanta is a cultural epicenter, it is the largest city of the state of Georgia and it welcomes millions of visitors every year from all around the world, all thanks to the airport which is one of the most busiest in the world. In Atlanta, one of the popular terms to know is ITP meaning Inside The Perimeter and all of the city is located Inside The Perimeter, ITP. Atlanta has a mix of dynamic neighborhoods with several new businesses rising up on a daily basis and a strong presence of black owned businesses.

The city has amazing tourist attractions, museums, parks, performance venues, civil rights history, it’s also known as the Hollywood of the South, with one of the biggest studios, Tyler Perry Studio located in this city. In 2022, the National Geographic ranked Atlanta as one of the best places for culture and history in the world.

Overall Risk in Atlanta: Average

There are about half a million people in Atlanta but in the metro area there re over six million people. Not to mention the mention the tens of thousands that visits everyday so it’s a little wonder why a city like that would have a certain risks. The overall crime rate in the city is medium not as high as other some states if you consider all that is going through the city

Taxi and Transport Risk: Low

In Atlanta, MARTA I’d the bus and rail system that takes you around the city from from downtown to suburb with several stops. This transportation service has it’s own police force to help crime and safety. Commuting around Atlanta is easy, taxis and rideshares are available, you can also rent a car. The city transportation services are good and has a low risk and crime rate.

Scam Risk: Average

Scam risk in the city is medium, there are scammers everywhere not just in Atlanta so you have to be careful. You have to avoid any scenario that tries to make you lose focus . Avoid street games with crowd or even asking someone to help you. Always be conscious and on guard because anything that succeeds in getting you to loose focus might be an opportunity for you to get scammed, robbed, be properly guarded.

Pickpocket Risk: Average

You should be very cautious when visiting Atlanta, the theft and pickpocket rate is two times the national average so when visiting this city just carry what you need and try your possible best not to wear valuable items such as gold, diamonds, etc when touring the city.

Robbery and Mugging: Average

The robbery and mugging rate in the city is two times the national average. N 2021, the city also averaged more than two shootings, this is a city where it’s not advisable to fight back if approached by a robber.

National Disaster Risk: Average

The two biggest risk happens in Atlanta, flooding and tornadoes. Although winter storms are not so common. In 2014, an ice storm rocked the city with hundreds of cars abandoned. The national disaster risk in the city is on the average. In the summer the city is really humid.

Women Travelers Risk: Average

The assault rate on women is below national average in the city, however, in 2021, it went up 40%. All the crime categories in the city is on the average and so we assigned same to this one.

It’s advisable that as a woman you travel in pair and do not walk around at night all by yourself. If you are going to the bar, it’s better you go with someone and never go and drink alone. Avoid meeting someone you do not know on a private location, a public place where you can be seen properly by everyone is better and always be cautious of strangers.

Terrorism Risk: Average

This is one of the most busy cities in the world because of the airport,with influx of visitors to and from the city, it’s size and all th public and private businesses in the city, it is considered at medium risk. You can easily report and suspicious activities to the authorities if you notice or see any.

Tap Water Risk: Low

Water in Atlanta is good, it meets all standard across the board. In 2021 Water Quality Report, Gwinnett county’s water was voted as the best tasting water in the state of Georgia.

Safest Places to Visit in Atlanta

There are several safe places to go and have fun in Atlanta There are several free and and cheap things to do in the city for both tourists and locals. To enjoy all the city has to offer you can purchase the Citypass Atlanta so you can have access to the top attractions in the city.

To visit the tops attractions in Atlanta you would need to pay admission fee but with your city pass which covers most of it you can gain entry at a much lower cost. There are several cheap and free activities in Atlanta for tourists and locals.

Take a walk through Buckhead District, it’s a place for sightseeing, shopping and there are several fancy restaurants. There are Atlanta neighborhoods for families and young professionals, these areas are some of the safest places in the city

You should also check out the museums in the city, these places are safe. There are also several fascinating Southern architectural building to explore in the city. At the museums, there are several exhibits and fun activities.

Places to Avoid in Atlanta

Like everywhere else in the most, no place is perfectly safe in Atlanta, there are some areas with higher crimes than others. In the city, the farther west and south the more dangerous the areas are. One of such areas is Bankhead (not Buckhead). If you are visiting the city for the first time, please stay in the tourist areas. It’s safer staying on interstates and main road when visiting the city.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Atlanta

1. Review the crime reports before traveling to Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Department crime report is released every week. The state police department is transparent with crime data and you can get them.

2. Sign up for Notify ATL to get emergency notifications sent olto your smartphone. Notify ATL is the Atlanta’s alert system.

3. To avoid dealing with the traffic in th city, rent scooter. On the police department website, there are videos where scooters can ride but you can not ride a scooter on sidewalk.

4. Avoid driving, parking or blocking the LIT lanes else you will get a ticket. Atlanta LIT lanes are lanes designed for bicyclists and are separated by posts from the traffic lanes for everyone’s safety.

5. Although MARTA is the major transportation hub but there are other choices in different areas of the city. For instance, the Atlanta Streetcar makes getting around downtown Atlanta easier and Xpress is a good system to use if you want to move around the suburbs.

6. If you want to report crime in th city simply call crime stoppers on (404)577-8477. There is a cash reward of $2,000 leading to an arrest. For emergency, call 911.

7. Do not buy scapled tickets if you are planning to attend a major sport event like Atlanta Braves or Atlanta Falcons. To ensure your personal payment information are safe buy the tick at the venue.

8. Call 311 or email if you have any questions about the city or need any guidance about the service offered. You can ask questions about parking rules and where to rent a bike/scooter.

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