Best Books Stores in Lagos – There is a popular saying “readers are leaders” this is true because a man’s greatest weapon is knowledge and greatest challenge is ignorance. Ignorance is very expensive, one can throw billions of dollars away for the sake of ignorance. There is a pitiable saying that the best place to hide something from Africans is by keeping it in a book. That is to show you the level at which Africans don’t read. Most Nigerians only read when they are preparing for exams or job interviews. Their readings are limited to cramming. They put all knowledge in the short term memory which is bound to wear off after a short period of time and when the exam is over, the knowledge is gone and not applicable to other areas of life or in the nearest future.

In the Western world, library/bookshops are taken seriously and one can’t help but gape at the collections of books from fictions and non fictions, inspirational, educational, motivational, religious and what have you. In recent times, there has been a change in the level of knowledge seeking amongst Nigerians because of the advent of technology and civilization, no one wants to be left behind or tagged “ignorant” anymore. People now study for various reasons and different fields. Bookshops now get patronage from people who are ready to breakthrough the vicious cycle of Ignorance and backwardness.
The popular saying of hiding knowledge from Africans through a book is gradually diminishing. Pastors and students are now competing with knowledge acquisition. Companies now engage staffs with courses that requires intensive reading and great knowledge assimilation. Interview now requires both past and present knowledge before one can be appointed for job positions. The educational sector has now become a major sector in the economy with large number of teachers studying daily to meet up with the ever growing knowledge of the sector. Skills acquisition centers now produces books including books on cooking. Various states in Nigeria now has bookshops everywhere. Our focus will be on top bookshops in Lagos where you can get great books and increase your knowledge.


This is a great bookstore for lovers of books. Do you love books? Popular and unpopular? Classic books? Then this is the right bookstore for you. This bookstores is located at the mainland, right at the Ikeja City Mall. Here, you can get both contemporary and classic books. You don’t have to worry about how convenient it is to browse around because the bookstore is very convenient to walk around and fill your eyes with loads of books before shopping the “right one” for yourself.


Whenever I hear the name of this bookstore “terra kulture” it rings the bell of “culture” oh yes. This bookstores is a great promoter of Africa culture, mostly Nigeria. It’s aim is to promote Africa literature and improve the reading culture of Nigeria. Looking for Africa literature? Arts and graphic arts? Longer hours in book reading? Look no further, Terra kulture is the right place for you. This bookstore offers both arts and graphic arts, with a wide collections of Africa authors, Nigeria authors and it also offers longer hours of reading than other bookstores. Weekends, they are opened until 12:00AM, Cool, right?. Looking for a place to mingle with other book lovers? Terra kulture is your sure bookstore and they also offer study rooms for reading. They also have an art gallery, free Wi-Fi, and restaurants. This is definitely a full package for book lovers. It is located at Victoria Island, Lagos.


Looking for a blend of art, music and book? Look no further, Jazz hole is the sure bookstore for you. It is located at Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos. It’s a bookshop that offers dimensional services with its friendly staffs, though small, it is well equipped and organized. It offers both arts, music and books. It’s like an escape from all the chaos and noise pollution in the city.
They sell black arts, books, and records. Are you a lover of Jazz? This bookstore offers jazz performance at night? Exceptionally cool and breath taking jazz performance and they offer coffee and tea.


The first impression you get of this bookstore is it’s high level of organization. This bookstore is well organized. At first entering, you don’t have to worry about how to go about your search because the bookstore is organized into right and left wings with books properly arranged. The right wings have collections of books from both local and international authors, ranging from novels, encyclopedia, fictions and non fictions, motivational, Christian, magazine, stationery, educational toys, children’s books, cookbooks, etc. The left wings has a collection of gadgets, games, musical accessories, house appliances, etc.
In this bookstore, if you are not careful, you can spend above your budget because everything is intriguing. It is located at Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki.


This bookshop called Church Missionary Society Trust, is the oldest bookstore in Lagos. This bookstore was originally opened to distribute stationery, Christian and educational books. But as times goes on it diverted to selling educational books, religious books, children’s books, magazine, textbooks, contemporary fictions and so on. This bookstore is a tourist attraction, once you enter, you get fascinated by the building and it’s collections. It is located in the bookshop house, broad street, Lagos.


This bookshop is located in Victoria Island, Lagos. It has great collections of books ranging from Christian literature covering subjects/topic such as family life, devotional, faith, healing, health, love, sex, marriage, prayer, motivational, bible, youth, teen, adult, exercise, leadership, career, parenting and so on.
They also have business books covering topics/subjects such as marketing, media, financial success, motivational, information technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and so on.
They also have magazines, children’s books, music, educational books, gift items and writing materials

Other bookshops in Lagos include :
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Adelakun close, Lagos, Nigeria
Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Egbeda, Lagos, Nigeria
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

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