British Airways

After the merger of British European Airways, British Overseas Airways Corporation Northeast Airlines and Cambrian Airways, British Airways was founded in 1974. The airline is the carrier of the United Kingdom and also the largest airline in The United Kingdom. In 2014, British Airways was named the Europe’s Leading Airline to Asian in the World Travel Awards. An award they won for three times at a role.

The airline with the slogan ‘To Fly, To Serve’ is a company under the International Airline Group with its headquarters located in Harmondsworth, England. The airline has two operational hubs, London Heathrow and Gatwick.

The airline offers full global service with an outstanding reputation and rich history. They are one of the oldest players in the game as their origin can be traced back to the birth of civil aviation. British Airways which is one of the world’s leading airlines is a founding member of Oneworld Alliance; the airline also partners with similar leading aviation companies thus providing world-class service across more than 150 countries in 6 continent of the world. Bristish Airways has partnership and code share agreements with couple of airlines, the airline currently partners with Finnair, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, Open Skies and Iberia. In order to provide a world network flights and destinations, the airline subsidiaries include British Airways World Cargo, OpenSkies and BA CityFlyer.

The airline offers a mixture of two, three and four cabin configuration for flights depending on the aircrafts and distance. The four cabins are Economy class, Business class, Premium and First class. Economy class is only available on long-haul flights, Business class is also available for mid and long-haul flights and some shot haul routes while First class is available only for long-haul flights on certain aircrafts same with Premium. For Business class, passengers can enjoy wide reclining seats, access to VIP lounges and luxury cuisine. International magazines and newspapers are also available for passengers onboard.

British Airways in-flight entertainment comes in form of AVOD. The airline offers YV shows, variety of games, music channel, blockbuster movies all to keep both children and adults occupied on long-haul flights. On some certain aircrafts, onboard WI-FI is provided so passengers can also surf the internet, most of the latest aircrafts on British Airways; seats have power outlets to charge gadgets. For long-haul flights, meals are offered to passengers with special dietary requirements. The airline partners with M&S so as to provide passengers with additional meals to purchase before departure of flights.

British Airways in-flight entertainment is really impressive, with variety of the latest movies, shows and series are available to passengers on quality screens with crisp clear audio. These in-flight entertainment include, British Airways magazines, Business Life and High Life publications, there are also on-boards High Life shops where various in-flight goods are for sale.
The Skyflyers Kid’s zones ensure that children on-board are not left out, the entertainment for children in this zone starts even before the airline takes off.

This airlines offer online seating options for free at no cost, however, this is determined by the type of ticket purchased, but the legroom is for all passengers in all cabins. There are complimentary means and refreshments on-board with certain flights offerings a broader range of meals and special meal requirements, this can be ordered online 24 hours before departure.

British Airways Flyer Program

British Airways frequent flyer program is called Executive Club. Membership for the program is free and members cab collect Avios points as they travel to go up the tiers.

Baggage Allowance

Hand Luggage – British Airways provides good baggage allowance to all passengers and this varies depending on ticket class and destination. All passengers of the airline are allowed to carry one piece of and luggage with a maximum of 23kg, anything extra than this will need to be checked-in. An additional handbag or laptop bag not exceeding 23kg may also be brought on as hand luggage. Infants under the age of 2 are allowed 1 cabin bag with a maximum weight of 23kg. Passengers on Economy class are only allowed one bag not weighing more than 23kg. On some route passengers on Economy class may get two bags not weighing more than 23kg each and one bag weighing 32kg.

Passengers in Business class are allowed to carry 3 bags weighing 32kg each on all route while those in First class ate allowed to carry three bags weighing 32kg each. As for Executive Clun and Oneworld members, they are allowed to carry excess baggage depending on their statuses.

Checked Luggage – Allowances vary depending on the route as weight limit applies to each piece of luggage. For passengers in Economy class, they are allowed 32kg per bag on most flights for long-haul flights some routes have restrictions of 23kg per bag. First class passengers and Club members are allowed 2-3 pieces of checked luggage.

British Airways Flight Check-in

British Airways Online Check-in – Juts as it is easy to book cheap British Airways flights it is also very easy to check-in online. Online check-in is open for 24 hours prior to departure so you can download or print your boarding pass.

British Airways Airport Check-in – AT the airport, check-in desks close at various intervals. For long-haul international flights check-in closes 1 hour before departure while for short-haul flights it closes 45 minutes before departure of flight.

If passenger do not to arrive at the boarding gate in time, the space reserved on the flight will be cancelled. It important to note that passengers traveling on an intercontinental flight from London Heathrow will need to have their passport and visas checked before going through security.


British Airways offer four cabin classes such as; Economy Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class. Irrespective of the class you are, you are guaranteed of a wonderful experience onboard with different kind of entertainment and refreshment. You can book cheap British Airways flights online and select any cabin class you prefer, the process is very simple.

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