Giving priority to your health and well-being is important which is the reason why self-care nowadays is expensive. Men and women both need to take care of themselves and it begins with making a conscious decision to spend time on yourself rather than in everything else other than yourself. And you do not need to put holes in your bag to get it done.

There are ways you can create a spa at home, or fancy dinner or movie theater experience without breaking the bank. As a matter of fact it can cost you just $15.

You can use household items to create a spa-likr self-care moments that will reinvigorate and revitalize you and also help you get back to neutral.

Creating a spa day at home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fine some peace and quiet if you are looking for a way to unwind or dealing with a particular stressful situation. Regardless of how often you do this, it’s always worth it when every it’s done because taking time out to give yourself a nice treat is priceless and should be done every so often.
Below are some of the ways to create a spa day at home.

1. Get A Comfortable Robe

The first thing to do is to invest in a fancy and comfortable robe. It’s important you get a new one even if you already have a robe at home. The robe should be organic cotton option. You want to do everything to make the home spa day feel as realistic as possible and having a fresh crisp robe to put on is one of the first things to do to get started.

2. Buy A Soothing Eye Mask

Before you begin any other skin care treatments, wear a soothing anti-puff eye masks (cucumbers is also fine but not so fun). Putting an eye mask helps to sooth any tired skin around your eyes. There are lots of cheap eye masks you can get for as low as $5.

3. Make A Steamy Cup Of Tea

Now that you are wearing your comfortable robe and soothing eye mask, make yourself a steamy nice cup of tea. Ensure to go for flavor without caffeine. Go for tea made of eleuthero, an ancient herb which is believed to help impact a sense of calm. It has a peppermint, ginger and lemongrass kinda flavors to create an uplifting and balanced tea

4. Light Candle(s)

To get the mood all set up for the spa, light a candle or two. And go for a scent that promotes relaxation such as ‘Unwind’ candle. Together with notes of balck amber, vanilla and sandalwood. The most important thing is setting the mood. So, regardless of the treatment you take yourself through for the day, without the right mood, you will not feel like you have done anything.

Light the candles and them dim the light, put some drops of essential oil in the tub. Play a nice romantic song and before you know it you are transported to your favorite spa.

If you don’t do candles, then try a soothing spray to set the mood. Use the likes of Leaf Peoples French Lavender Room & Pillow Spray. It has a soothing essence.

5. If You Are Into Hair Removal, Try Leg Mask Or Shaving Foam

If you shave your leg, this is one of the best times to do it because it will be more relaxing than usual. It’s better you get some good high-quality shaving cream. And make enough time shaving and moisturing your legs while listening to a nice soul music, podcast or watching your favorite show.

If you are not shaving, then try Nail Leg Mask. It is aimed for uses in between hair removal to smooth and hydrate legs.

6. Do A Full-Body Mud Mask

As a beauty treatment, try a full-body mud mask. You can get The Dead Sea Body Mud Mask, it’s cost less than $20. It replenishes nutrients and minerals while detoxifying the skin. It works a little bit better than the daily face mask.

7. Scrub Your Face Gently and Nicely

Face scrub is simple and affordable skin care treatment that is often time overlooked. Whether you are adding an extra step into your daily skin care routine or you are making it a part of your full-on at-home facial, take some time to do a nice face scrub. If you are not used to exfoliation or you have a sensitive skin, get the affordable Cetaphil’s Extra Gentle Daily Scrub, its gentle and nice.

8. Do An Entire At-Home Facial

To have a spa at home is a great opportunity to create enough time for a start-to-finish facial.

You can start with a gentle cleanser such as Cleansing Serum. This will help you clean the skin thoroughly without stripping it.

Then move on to exfoliate. It is better to use a liquid exfoliant rather than a scrub. After exfoliating, then use a mask that is deeply hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Then follow up with an hyaluronic acide to sooth and plump up the skin with hydration.

You can apply eye cream to brighten the under-eye and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Then round up with a great moisturizer for your skin type.

9. Make A DIY Head Mask

For those who don’t do skin, then a hair mask can be as soothing and relaxing as face mask or scrub. There are some DIY mask for color treated hair. There are some on the internet if you don’t know how to do it.

10. Drink A Nice Crisp Cucumber Water

At the end of your spa day, make yourself a nice and refreshing cucumber water. You can make it a little more fun by making a version as you would like it.

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