You can make purchases with Apple Pay and you don’t have to worry about your personal information. A lot of people prefer using this form of payment because it’s convenient and so they don’t bother to leave the house with their credit card.

Although Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular because it’s an easy way to make purchases but not every company in the country accepts it. In this article, we will be answering this question and also give you steps on how you can Apple Pay at Subway.

Does Subway Take Apple?

Yes. Subway Takes Apple Pay but to make payments using Apple Pay, you must have a device with Apple Pay app/Apple wallet installed. If you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can use it to make payments at Subway. Once it’s fully setup you can scan your device at the counter to make payments.

Once Apple Pay is installed in your device, you can order online and make payments with Apple Pay.

Can Apple Pay Be Used On The Subway App?

Again yes! If you are purchasing food using the Subway App on your Apple device, you can also make payment for it with Apple Pay but if Apple Pay is not automatically selected, you’d have to go to options and select Apple Pay.

To be able to make payments using Apple Pay, you must have already set up Apple Pay on your smartphone for you to be able to make payment with it.

Can Apple Pay Be Used On The Subway Website?

If you are using a Mac computer enabled with Apple Pay to place the order from Subway website, what you need to do is make sure the Apple Pay is set up properly. Once it is, you’d be asked to use Apple Pay to make the necessary payment for the order.

How To Use Apple Pay At Subway


1. Get A Compatible Device

To be able to use Apple Pay at Subway, you need to have Apple device with Apple Pay app/wallet installed.

Apple Pay can only be used on the following Apple devices; iPhone, Mac computers and Apple Watches. These are the only three Apple devices you can use Apple Pay.

At Subway, you can only use either an iPhone or Apple Watch to make payments if you are paying at a counter but if you are ordering online and picking up at the store, you can your Mac computer with Apple Pay to make payments.

2. Set Up Apple Pay

Once you have an Apple device, you will need to set up Apple Pay on the device before placing order so that you can be able to make payments with it.

To set up Apple Pay takes a little time so it’s important you do it conveniently at home rather than doing it at the store while people are behind you waiting.

To set up Apple Pay is easy, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can set up Apple Pay

  1. Open the wallet app on your smartphone and tap the “+” sign
  2. Choose the type of card you are adding “Debit or Credit”
  3. Tap “Continue”
  4. Then, foolw the steps on the screen.

Step-by-step On How To Set Up Apple Pay On An Apple Watch

  1. You’d need to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone first before you can add Apple Pay to your Apple Watch.
  2. Bring your Apple Watch and iPhone close together
  3. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  4. In the Watch app, tap “wallet” and “Apple Pay”
  5. Tap “add” next to the card you want to your Apple Watch. That’s it!

3. Ask To Use Apple Pay

Tell the cashier at the counter that you want to use Apple Pay to make the payments.

4. Scan Your Device

At first you might be confused but with time you’d get used to it.

Look for Apple Pay on the payment device. Once you see it you’d know. It looks like the Apple logo but with the word “Pay”.

On the other hand, the payment device may have a contactless sign. If you are making your payment with your iPhone, hold your smartphone close to the contactless symbol and your smartphone will automatically detect that it’s close to a payment device and prompt you to press the side button of your smartphone twice.

After pressing the button twice, you then either use your fingerprint scanner or FaceID or phone passcode to make the payment.

If you are using your Apple Watch, it’s the same process.

When Did Subway Start Taking Apple Pay?

Subway was the first fast-food company that started accepting Apple Pay when it was introduced in 2014.

As soon as Apple Pay came out, one of the first to embrace it was Subway even when other companies were skeptical.

It started with in-store purchases at the counter before Subway added the ability to use it when ordering online or other channels.

Where Else Can Apple Pay Be Used?

There are a number of places you can use Apple Pay. Although Subway is one of the first to accept their form of payment, other have since come on board. Below are some of the major stores that use Apple Pay

Old Navy
Foot Locker
Urban Outfitters
Radio Shack

There are also a number of restaurants tha accepts Apple Pay. Below are some of the restaurants you can buy from using Apple Pay;

Pizza Hut
Jimmy John’s

Is it Better to Pay With Apple Pay or Credit Cards?

Both forms of payment are good but these are some of the reasons why it’s safer to pay with Apple Pay than with credit card.

1. Easy to Carry

One of the major things you must carry when leaving your house is your phone. Although wallet and keys can also be part of it but some people don’t even like carrying wallets and there are doors that uses keypad and not keys so phone is the number one things most people carry when going out.

With Apple Pay on your phone, you don’t need to carry your wallet anymore because your phone automatically becomes your wallet so you do not need to carry your actual wallet which your credit or debit card might be in.

2. It Is Faster

It is faster to make payments using Apple Pay than with credit cards. Most payment using credit card would need you to insert your card into the machine and wait for it to process but it isn’t so with Apple Pay.
With Apple Pay, all you have to do is press the side button on your phone twice and scan your phone and within few seconds, the payment is done.

3. Security

Surprisingly, Apple Pay is more secure than credit card. Credit cards can be stolen and bills wracked on them but with Apple Pay, your credit card number can not be can’t be gotten because Apple Pay creates a new code every time you pay for something.

And if the phone is stolen, the thief can not make purchases with your FaceID, fingerprint or passcode.

4. Points

Just like credit card points works, you can earn points using Apple Pay and it works like credit card points works.

Other Payment Method Accepted By Subway

Subway accepts other mobile payment method such as PayPal, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. You can also use services like Venmo, Zelle and PayPal when ordering online or via the Subway app.

To make sure your payment goes smoothly, your device must be compatible with the mobile payment services.

If you don’t have an iPhone or you are unfamiliar with Apple Pay, you can still use other payment options when odering from Subway, you can use the conventional method which is the cash, card or debit cards

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