EgyptAir Flight Bookings – EgyptAir flies to more than 75 destinations across the continent of the world. It’s the national flag carrier airline of Egypt, owned entirely by the government of Egypt. The airline flies to the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

EgyptAir is a member of Star Alliance and the Arab Air Carriers Association; it was founded in the year 1932 with the name Misr Airwork, and has gone through several name changes since. In 1971, the airline was renamed EgyptAir, it currently consists primarily of Boeing and Airbuses. It has code-share agreements with more than 15 other airlines such as Etihad Airways, South African Airways and Air India.

This aviation company is part of the EgyptAir holding company that has about 6 other companies such as maintenance and engineering, medical service, duty-free shops and tourism.

Cairo is the hub of EgyptAir, the city of which is more than 100 years old has historic buildings and breathtaking landmarks. Cairo has a reputation as a land of mystery with the pictures painted in books, documentaries and movies, from the pyramids to other parts of the city. The city is a land of contrasts and many visitors are captivated by the state-of-the-art modern day sky scrapers amid the old traditional buildings. Cairo has a hot-spot for those seeking a once in a life time adventure and also those seeking to explore the magic of the ancient city and the desert sand. The city is well known city and there are lots of people looking to settle in the ever growing economy of the country.
Cairo International Airport is the hub of EgyptAir. The city one of the largest city in Africa with about 10 million people, the city is situated near the fertile banks of the Nile delta.

EgyptAir Flight Bookings

EgyptAir Flight Bookings has never been quicker, safe and easier, on this website, you can search, compare flight prices before booking the one that best suits your travel budget. One advantage of doing this online is that you can do it any time, it’s easy and convenient. As soon as you choose your flight and make your payment, flight confirmation is almost instantaneous. Booking of flight on the website makes the process much easier when compared to other flight booking sites. All you have to do is to enter your ‘departure’ and ‘arrival’ points, select the number of travelers, dates of travel and preferred cabin, then ‘search’.

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EgyptAir flies from three major airports in Nigeria, the busiest airport of course is the Lagos airport, the airline flies to several destinations within and outside the continent of Africa. The three major airport you can book EgyptAir are, Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos (LOS), Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja (ABV) and Aminu Kano International Airport (KAN). You can book cheap EgyptAir flights to and from any of these destinations within Nigeria online or you can also do this by visiting the airline office in any of these cities; these offices are located at these airports.

EgyptAir Flight Bookings from Lagos to Dubai is very easy; they offer affordable airfares and world-class in-flight service. In a weekly basis, there are a number of flights scheduled from Lagos Airport to Dubai with this airline. The airline offer stopover flights between these two cities. For stopover flights they have a layover in Cairo and land at Dubai International Airport. Dubai airport is one of the largest airports in the world, it is centrally located and there are a number of public transport options like buses and trains just in case you need to get to the city center. These means of transportation are much cheaper than hiring a taxi from the airport.

There are car rental agencies located at the airport where you can rent a car, its always better to book accommodation and car so as to avoid disappointment. There are several car rental agencies and also where to book accommodation without any stress, these options are also available on the website. They are very affordable and they offer the best car rentals and hotels. Dubai is one the must-see destination of the world both for tourists and businessmen and women alike, there are accommodation ranging from back-packers to five-star hotels. There ia a need to convert your naira into UAE Dirham, the exchange rate is not stable but that is not an issue because you can easily find the conversion rate between Lira and Dirham inline.

EgyptAir Flights Check-in

Online Check-in – After booking your flight ticket with EgyptAir, whether you book on this website or from the airline official website, you can still check-in online, the online check-in platform is for everyone who do not want to do so at the airport because there are always long queue. The online check-in is open for 24 hours to the departure time and closes 90 minutes to departure time.

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Airport Check-in – Airport check-in is also available for those who cannot check-in online. This is open for hours before the flight and closes 45 minutes before departure time. It is advisable to be at the airport few hours before the time of flight departure and for those who want to check-in because there are always long queue.

EgyptAir Flights Baggage Allowance

On EgyptAir, the amount of baggage you are allowed on flight depends of which cabin you are flying. Economy class passengers can carry a maximum of 23kg check-in luggage and one hand luggage bag not exceeding 8kg. Business and First class passengers are allowed to carry luggage up to 32kg of checked-in luggage with two hand bags not exceeding 8kg. You can also check EgyptAir for detailed information about baggage allowances and restrictions.

To book cheap EgyptAir flights is very simple; you can that using the booking column at the top, it’s easy, fast and reliable. There is no need looking for a flight agent to help you book your flight, you can do so yourself and save the extra money. Flight booking process has been digitalized so it’s not difficult to. Here on the process is as simple as it can get.

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