Ethiopian Airlines Flight Bookings – Ethiopian Airlines is the national flag carrier of Ethiopia, it is the largest airlines in Africa in terms of the number of destinations it flies to, this is why it’s mostly referred to as one of the leading airlines for domestic flights within Nigeria and also international. The airline provide a world-class travel experience to all passengers, it flies to more than 125 countries including 20 internal destinations.

Ethiopian Airlines has had more than 70 years to create and refine its service, it no wonder hoe passengers that regularly fly this airlines says it offers one of the best in-flights service both for flights within the country or otherwise. The airline has its headquarters at the Bole International Airport Addis Ababa, it also has a hub in Malawi and Togo. To book cheap Ethiopian Airlines flights from Lagos to Abuja, you can book your flight with this airline now by using the flight booking column located at the top of this page, it easy and reliable.
Ethiopian Airline have frequent flyer program, if you fly with the airline on regular basis, you are eligible to sign up for a program called loyalty program and earn miles every time you fly. In the loyalty program, there are four tiers you can earn membership for, Gold, Platinum, Silver and Blue, with this membership you can have access to airport lounges, excess baggage and as well as priority check-ins. She Miles that are earned by passengers that fly frequently can be used with any airline that is a member of Star Alliance.

Star Alliance was founded in 1997, it is one of the world’s largest airline alliances, it consist of more than 20 members of different airlines such as, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways, Thai Airways, Mango, Air China and EgyptAir.

This airline also offer flights from Abuja to Lagos including flights from Lagos to other cities like London, Johannesburg, Ghana, and Dubai and lots more. This is one of the airlines in Nigeria that operates domestic flights destinations and it not owned by a Nigerian government, private company. Flights from this airline to any destinations are affordable and passengers are guaranteed outermost satisfactions.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Bookings

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Bookings are very easy, you can do that using this on this website, the official website of the airline has features that are all right but one major advantage we have here is that we provide different options of airline with different airfares you can choose from, this helps you travel budget so you can make better arrangement for your trip. You can book Ethiopian Airline flights, see flights schedule for flights to your destinations. The process is not difficult at all, just follow the instructions and you are good to go.
How this work is as soon as you enter your flights details, click on ‘search’ button and you will be redirected to a list of all available flights from different airlines that meet the specified criteria. This makes it possible for you to be able to compare flights between airlines such as Kenya Airways, Rwandair and Ethiopian Airlines along side with other airlines. As soon as you choose your preferred flight option you will be able to make your flight booking using our secure online payment facilities. You can also make hotel reservations and book rental cars. To book cheap Ethiopian Airlines flights, you have to book your flight at least 3-4 weeks before the dates you intend to travel, flights that are booked few days or hours before departure dates are super expensive.

Ethiopian Airlines operates from two different airports in Nigeria but the main hub remains Lagos airport. The airlines operates both from Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos (LOS) and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja (ABV), the airline operates both domestic and international flights from these cities so whether you intend to travel for a business or vacation within Nigeria or outside the country, Ethiopian Airlines offer cheap flight tickets. One important thing to note is that airfares are not fixed, the fluctuate and is due to several factors, that is why when booking your flight as soon as you get a cheap flight book right away because next time the price may increase. Thousands of passengers make use of this airline in Nigeria because its reliable and they offer comfortable flights to all passengers to all destinations.

Book Cheap Ethiopian Airlines Flights from Lagos to Addis Ababa

If you are looking for cheap flights from Lagos Nigeria to Addis Ababa, then look no further, Ethiopian Airlines offer cheap flights between these two cities, although the price and flight duration varies. Direct or non-stop flights have duration of about 5 hours but stopover(s) flights can take between 8 and 33 hours before reaching to your final destinations but the good news is that Ethiopian Airlines offer direct flights from Lagos to Addis Ababa. For stopovers flights, it is mostly operated by ASKY Airlines and this airline was founded by the West African Union, it is based in Lome, Togo. ASKY Airlines is partly owned and managed by Ethiopian Airlines.

The hub of Ethiopian Airline is Addis Ababa, it is the capital city of Ethiopia, it is the fourth largest city in Africa, situated at 2450m above sea level. Addis Ababa is also known as the political capital of Africa due to its significant political and diplomatic contribution in the past. The capital city of Ethiopia is where the African Union is based and also the site of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.
You can use the flight booking column at the top of this page, whenever you intend to book cheap flights. This is not limited to just Ethiopian Airlines, but you will given different airlines airfares so you can make your choice. Like I earlier mention, flight tickets are not fixed, they change from time to time without any prior notice of the airline which is why as soon as you get a cheap flight price, you are to book it immediately before someone else do.

Ethiopian Airlines Flies from Lagos Airport to these cities

Flights from Lagos to Accra (Vice versa)
Flights from Lagos to London (vice versa)

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