Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Flight Bookings – Founded in 2003, the Etihad Airways has grown to be the second largest airlines in the United Arab Emirate, the airline which is also the flag carrier f the United Arab Emirate flies with the slogan ‘Flying Reimagined’. The airline is also named one of the leading airlines in world and in the Middle East because of several consecutive years in the World Travel Awards.

The airline parent company is Etihad Aviation Group and its headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways operates Etihad Holidays and Etihad Cargo, the main operational hub of the airlines is located in Abu Dhabi International Airport, in 2015, the airline established its own airline alliance called Etihad Airways Partner with Alitalia, Air Berlin, Air Serbia, Jet Airways, Air Seychelles, Etihad Regional and Niki. Etihad Airways with its subsidiaries flies to over 120 domestic and international destinations across all 6 continent of the world. The airline also has codeshare agreement with about 50 other airlines across the world; these airlines are Air Berlin, Malaysia Airlines, KLM Royal Air, Turkish Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Maroc and Alitalia

In 2014, Etihad Airways went through major configuration changes to their cabins following instructions of Airbus aircrafts, the airline now offer five different seating arrangements. In Etihad Airways, the most luxurious cabin is called The Residence and this cabin is only available on Airbus A380. The Residence cabin comes with a private living room, bedroom and bathroom; it is equipped with a double bed and a 32 inch TV. The second luxurious cabin is called First Apartment, this cabin is only available on Airbus A380, in this cabin, there is full length ottoman with a 24-inch TV, there is a vanity cabinet and chilled drinks bar, it is extremely comfortable.

Etihad Airways Bookings

Etihad Airways Boeing aircrafts have different cabin configurations; the most expensive and luxurious is called the First Suite. In this cabin, there is a reclining lounge chair with a 24 inch TV and a personal wardrobe. The second is called Business Class, it’s very comfortable not as much as the First Suite, then the last is the called Economy Smart. This is not only found in Boeing aircrafts but also in Airbus aircrafts. The standard in the cabin are cool, mostly like what you find in other airlines.

In-flight entertainment, Etihad Airways is one of the airlines that offer high quality in-flight entertainment to all passengers on-board. The airline offer over 120 blockbuster movies, there are several TV shows, music channels and different kinds of games to keep both children and adult well entertained. The airline provides WIFI on-board for passengers in all cabins, although this is limited to certain aircrafts. On-board, hot meals are provided and this varies from one to three meals depending on the duration of flight. On-board, Etihad Airways passengers get to choose from 3 main course options instead of the customary two options. There different assorted drinks to choose from, from wines to soft drinks.

Etihad Airways Flight Program

The airline have a frequent flyer program for passengers, this program is called Etihad Guest. This is a common thing for airline across the globe, its a way to maintain loyalty. The Etihad Guest program, allows passengers to collect miles with a calendar year, the higher the tier, the more benefits the passenger would enjoy, and such benefit include seat upgrades, priority check-in and boarding and excess baggage allowance.

Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance

This airline offers one of the most generous baggage allowances when compared to other airlines, like most airlines, baggage allowance varies according to ticket classes and flight routes. On most long-haul routes and international flights, Economy class passengers are allowed to carry two bags not weighing more than 23kg each, for Business and First class passengers, they are allowed to carry two bags not weighing more than 32kg each, For long-haul flights, Economy class passengers are allowed to carry baggage weighing up to 30kg, while Business class passengers are permitted to carry baggage weighing up to 40kg and First class passengers are allowed to carry baggage weighing up to 50kg For Etihad Guest membership status, the depends on the level they have attained in the program, the higher the level the higher the benefits.


Etihad Airways Online Check-in – This airline provide online check-in for all passengers, whether you book cheap Etihad Airways flights on the official website site or not you can also check-in online. This online check-in is open for 24 hours and close 90 minutes before the departure of flight. This is one fo the best ways to check-in because you get to cut the long queue that are always at the airport check-in desk. The online check-in is provided to all passengers who do not want to waste time waiting in a long queue to check-in. After you have check-in online, you can download your pass in your mobile device.

Airport Check-in – This is for passengers do cannot use the online check-in, the airport check-in is open several hours before the departure of flight and close 45 minutes before the flight takes off. There is always long queue at the airport check-in desk so passengers are advised to come early.

There are ways to get Etihad Airways Flight Bookings, the airline offer one of the best in-flight service so if you want to travel to Dubai and you are hoping to get cheap airfare with this airline, here is how you can go about it. Etihad Airways offer cheap flights when compared to several airlines, one of the ways you can be guaranteed of this is by booking your flight ticket early. At least your flights should be booked 3-4 weeks ahead, airlines offer cheap flights to passengers that book their flights early and Etihad Airways is not left out.

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