Flights from Abuja to Ibadan – You can airfares between these cities, the process is fast, reliable and easy. Flights between these two cities are not difficult to get, all you need to do is enter your flight details like when you would like the flight to be. With the advancement of technology, you can book cheap flights from Abuja to Ibadan from the confines of your bedroom, office, even on the go. All you need is an internet connection to this possible.

Air transportation is more expensive than road transportation because it’s fast, reliable and saves time and stress. If you are among those who do not know how to book flight between these cities, well, this is an answer to your prayer because of this article, you’d learn all there is about flights from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja (ABV) to Ibadan Airport IBA.

Abuja to Ibadan Flights

There are two major airlines that fly between these two cities. They are Overland Airways and Arik Air. Each of these airlines operate on different days so if you want to go with any of these airlines you must know when that airline if flying. That is one of the reasons why we are here so you can search, compare flight prices and book the best one that suits your budget.

In a week, each of these airlines takes off from Abuja to Ibadan at least once but during the festive or holiday period, they are more flights between these cities.

Overland Airways – This is an airline major on domestic flights. Overland Airways offer the cheap flights from Abuja to Ibadan. They fly to almost all the domestic airports in the country and to other West African countries as well. To book Overland Airways flights is very easy.

Arik Air – This is one of the leading airlines in the country. They have fleets of aircrafts that fly to different parts of Nigeria and to other countries as well. Arik Air also fly from Ibadan to Abuja and vice versa. To book Airk Air flights is not different, after booking your flight you can check in online or you can also do that at the airport. Here are their flights prices;
It’s important to note that the prices are not fixed, they can change at any time without any prior notice from any of the airline listed above. Which is why we recommend that you always check flight prices before you book your flight ticket.

Ibadan Airport

Ibadan Airport with the code IBA is located at Alakia, its coordinates7°21′35″N 3°58′33″E. The airport is serving Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state. The airport was commission by the former Senate President, Joseph Wayas in June 1982. The airlines operating from this airport are Overland Airways, and Arik Air

Hotels close to Ibadan Airport

There are lots of hotels close to the Ibadan airport, these hotels are few kilometers away from the airport and they are very affordable. If you wish to stay close to the airport because you do not want to be in the city these are some of the hotels to consider because of their proximity to the airport.

Murray’s Suites (3.8 km away from Ibadan airport)
Perfecto Hotel, Lounge & Suites (2.8 km away from the airport)
Akingston Flats (7.1 km away from the airport)
Hail Henrietta Hotel (4.1 km away from the airport)
Iolar’s Apartment (7.7 km away from the airport)
Tiffany Apartments (8.8 km away from Ibadan Airport)
Waters Suites (7.1 km away from the airport)
SDM Tavern (8.6 km away from the airport)
Adis Hotels Ibadan (9.5 km away from the airport)
Maicon Hotels (9.7 km away from the airport)
Topbrass motel limited (11.3 km away from the airport)

Tourists Attraction

There are several side attractions in the city of Ibadan. These places attracts tourists from different parts of the world because its traditional, cultural significance to the people of Ibadan. Here are some of the side attractions;

Mapo Hall – Located in at the top of the Mapo hiill of the city, it is built in colonial architectural fashion. It is known for its seven columns which is a representation of the seven hills on which the city of Ibadan was built.

Bower’s Memorial Tower – This is the highest hilltop in the city of Ibadan. It is located on the hill of Oke Are in Agbo Agala. It was built during the ancient times.

Agodi Gardens – This is one of the most popular parks in the city. Visiting Ibadan for the very first time, Agodi Gardens is a place to be, its recreation and entertainment center where you can chill with friends and colleagues; it is located at the center of the city.

IITA Forest Reserve – This is also known as the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. It was set up to provide solutions to the degradation and extinction of natural resources. The IITA Forest Reserve is 350 hectares of land its preserves of 200 birds’ species, about 440 plants used for medicinal purposes.
Others include;
National Museum Ibadan
Ibadan City Mall
Cocoa House
Irefin Palace
Cocoa/ Heritage Mall
Institute of African Studies
Oke Ibadan Hill
Oluibadan Palace
Old Oyo National Park
Ventura Mall
Obafemi Awolowo Stadium

Abuja to Ibadan Flight Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 403 KM The shortest possible time of flight from Abuja to Ibadan is 1hr . In a week, there is at least one flight from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (ABV) to Ibadan Airport (IBA). The airlines that fly from Abuja to Ibadan are Overland Airways, Arik Air. To get cheap airfares between these two cities from any of these airlines you must book at least 3 weeks early. Last minute flights are more expensive. First flights are usually around 7:20 am while last flights are 4:30pm.

FAQ about Abuja to Ibadan Flights

How many airports are there in Ibadan?
There just 1 airport in Ibadan.

How can I get cheap flights from Abuja to Ibadan?
Booking of flights at least 2 weeks earlier is the surest way to get cheap flights

What is the distance from Abuja to Ibadan by air?
403 KM.

How long does it take a flight from Abuja – Ibadan?
1 Hour

What are the airlines that fly from Abuja to Ibadan?
Overland Airways and Arik Air.

Where can I book flights from Abuja to Ibadan?
You can log on to

Common Flights from Abuja


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