Flights from Abuja to Owerri – There are several airlines offering cheap flights from Abuja to Owerri, flying is the safest and fast way to travel between these two cities and in Nigeria, some airlines convey hundreds of passengers on a weekly basis.

There are lots of leading airlines in the country that fly from Abuja to Owerri and vise versa. This is a common route because there are just two airports in the south eastern part of Nigeria, which are Enugu and Owerri. These are lines are Arik Air, Air Peace, Ibom Air, Aero Contractors, and Dana Air etc.

If you are hoping to get affordable flight tickets from Abuja to Owerri, this is very much possible because there are several options to choose from. However, there are certain factors that affect airfares so you in booking your flight, you must consider all the possible options so as to pick the one that is most favorable to you. Generally booking your flight early is one of the surest ways to get cheap flight tickets but there are factors that affect airfares, often times they are, time of flight and day of the week. Generally morning flights are more expensive than afternoon flights, so all of these options must be carefully considered if you really want to get cheap flights between these two cities.

Abuja to Owerri Flights

Arik Air – Arik Air is one of the leading airlines in the country, they have the highest fleets of aircraft in Nigeria and fly to almost all the local and international airports. They offer quality service to all their passengers and are known as one of the best airline service in the country. Arik Air has two flights tickets from Abuja to Owerri and they are Roundtrip and One-way trip tickets. The prices of these tickets are; As of the time of this article, all passengers flying between these two cities fly Economy

Air Peace – This is another leading airline in the country. The airline has been endorsed by some celebrities in the country because of their quality service to their customers both local and international. Air Peace operates the second biggest fleets of aircrafts in Nigeria with their head office in Abuja airport.

Dana Air – This is well known airline in Nigeria, they fly mostly from Abuja to Lagos and vice versa, they also offer flights to Owerri, Port Harcourt, Uyo and to several major cities in the country. The airline began operations in 2008. Dana Air is committed to improving well-being of their passengers with their vision is to be recognized and respected as Nigeria’s most reliable customer friendly airline.
Dana Air offers cheap flights from Abuja to Owerri because they have several flight classes for different passengers. They have Economy Discount, Economy Saver, Economy Flexible, Business Saver and Business Flexible. The cheapest among these flight classes is the Economy

Please note, all of the flight prices listed above are not fixed, they can change without any prior notice due to whatever reason the airline may give. Although like we have earlier established, there are some factors that affect these flights prices so it’s possible for a flight scheduled for 9:00am to be more expensive than flights scheduled for 2:00pm even though that are both on the same day.

Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri (QOW)

The Owerri airport which is located at the capital city of the state, is also known as Imo State Airport is a non-international airport. The airport with the code QOW serves Owerri, and neighboring states like Abia, Anambra. This is the first state government built airport in Nigeria and it one of the second airport in the southeastern region of the country.

Hotels close to Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri, (QOW)

There are several hotels close to Owerri airport (QOW). Just in case you are in for a business and would not want to stay far from the airport, you can take advantage of these nearby affordable hotels. They are;
Protea Hotel by Marriot Owerri Select
Eclipse Hotel and Lounge
New Royal Suites
Royal Spring Palm Hotel and Apartments
Vhelbherg Imperial Hotel
Christine by Nno Hotels and Resort
Zoe’s International Hotel
Swiss International Mabisel
Londa Hotels
Renccas Hotels and Suites
Hotel Presidential
Axion Honors
City Cruz Hotel Owerri
Beland Hospitality Hotel
Meritz Hotels Suites
LA King Hotel

Abuja to Owerri Flight Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 402 KM which is 250 miles. The shortest possible flight from Abuja – Owerri is 01h 10m. There are three airlines that fly non-stop from Abuja – Owerri as of September 2020. They are Airk Air, Air Peace and Dana Air. Flight class for passengers depends on the airline. Dana Air has Economy and Business Class while others do not. There are at least 5 flights weeks from Abuja (ABV) – Owerri (QOW) on a weekly basis with an average of 1 flight daily.
Early flights from Abuja – Owerri takes off between 7:30am – 9:40am while last flights take of between 3:40pm to 5:00pm.

Sides Attractions in the city of Owerri

There are sides’ attractions in the city of Owerrit that tourists and visitors find very interesting. From the Oguta Blue Lake, Ngwu Spring Natural Water, Amadioha Shrine, Nekede Zoo, Abadaba Lake Resort, Rolling Hills to the Mbari cultural center, Imo trade and Investment center. Below are a few them;

Oguta Blue Lake – Are you traveling to Owerri for a vacation or you just want to relax with family and friends, then Oguta Blue Lake is a place to see. It is the second largest lake in Nigeria with a clear blue color and evergreen environs. It is one of the best places in the country to have a boat cruise.

Ngwu Spring Natural Water – This is found in Nkwere and it is also known as Iyi Umugara. Ngwu Spring has a natural crystal like Water. It is formed by the cascading spring water and it is often said that the water increases during the dry season which is one of the most fascinating thing about the Ngwu Spring Natural Water.

Nekede Zoo – This is very exciting place to see in Owerri. There different animals at the zoo ranging from Lion, Guerrillas, Pythons and so on. Many tourists love it here.

FAQ about Abuja – Owerri Flights

How many flights weekly from Abuja – Owerri?
About 5 flights with at least 1 daily

How many airports are in Owerri?
There is 1 airport in Owerri

What classes are available from Abuja – Owerri?
Economy and Business class

How far is Abuja – Owerri by air?
402 KM

How long does it take a flight from Abuja – Owerri?
Shortest possible flight is 01h 10m.

What is the latest available flight from Abuja – Owerri?
This varies, depending on the day of the week. 3:40pm

What time is first flight from Abuja – Owerri?
It varies, depending on the day of the week. 7:30am

How can I get cheap flights from Abuja to Owerri?
This varies, the surest way is to book your flight early like a week or two.

Common Flights from Abuja


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