Flights from Abuja to Uyo – There are several airlines to choose from when traveling from Abuja to Uyo. The most important of all of this is getting the cheapest flight between this two cities which is often times challenging. If you are looking to get a cheap flight between these two cities, there are so much that one must take into consideration.

Traveling to Uyo by air is the fastest and one of the safest ways to travel from the capital territory. Whether you are within or outside the country or whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure. This is one of the reasons why airfares are expensive than any other form of transportation. In this article, you will get to know all the airlines in Nigeria that fly from Abuja to Uyo and vice versa and also the price of flight between these two cities.

Abuja to Uyo Flights

There are several airlines from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja (ABV) that to Uyo International Airport (QUO). These airlines are Ibom Air, Dana Air, Air Peace. .

Ibom Air – This is owned by the Akwa Ibom state government. The airline began flights in June 2019 and since then they have grown to be one of the most preferred airlines in the country because of their new aircrafts. They fly to several states in the country like Calabar, Enugu and of course Lagos and Abuja. Ibom Air offers one of the cheapest flights between these two cities.
The flight prices from Abuja to Uyo are not fixed due. They can change any time but the best way to be sure of getting cheap airfares between these two cities is booking your flight early.
There are at least two flights scheduled at two different times from Abuja – Uyo and vice versa with Ibom Air. The first flight takes off early while the last flight takes off as late as 6:15pm.

Air Peace – This is one airline in Nigeria that fly to almost all the airports in the country and Uyo is one of them. You can get Air Peace cheap flights from Abuja to Uyo and Vice versa. This airline is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria because of their services to their passengers. Taking this airline from Abuja – Uyo, you can be guaranteed of safety with quality customer service. Air Peace flies from Abuja and Lagos to different parts of the country and to other countries of the world.
The flight prices from Abuja – Uyo like other airlines changes from time to time. The best way to know these prices is to check always when you are planning a trip because they are not fixed.
There is at least one flight from this airline that leaves Abuja airport to Uyo airport on a daily basis. The best way to be sure of booking a flight with this airline is to book early before it’s sold out because there are lots of people booking flight with this airline.

Dana Air – Dana Air fly from Abuja to Uyo and vice versa. If you are looking for cheap flights from Abuja to Uyo, Dana Air got you covered. They have different classes for passengers, however most of the time they only make use of just two which is Economy Flexible and Business Class.

Akwa Ibom International Airport (QUO), Uyo

Uyo airport called Victor Attah International Airport is at the capital city of the state Uyo. In November 2018, the international airport was renamed by Governor Udom Emmanuel after the former Governor Obong Victor Attah to honor his 80th birthday.

The airport which serves the city of Uyo had its first construction in 2006 but was commissioned three years later. The first airline to commence operation at the airport was Arik Air offering flights from Uyo to Abuja and Abuja. Ever since several airlines has joined to convey passengers from Uyo to other parts of the country and to different countries of the world.

Hotels close to Uyo International Airport.

There are several hotels cABVe to Uyo International Airport; these hotels are few minutes away from the airport. Just in case you do not want to go into city because you are in the state for a business, you can actually book any of these hotels online from your home, office or any where you find yourself. They are affordable and be guaranteed of uttermost satisfaction. After booking we have put together some cheap flights from Abuja to Uyo we have also put together a list of hotels close to the airport. Here is the list of hotels close to the airport;
Aliz Ambruz Hotel
Grace Garden Apartments
Signature by Royalty
K-Orbit Hotels & Suits
Monty Suites & Golf
kastrufid Lodge
Economy Lodge
Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
K’orbit Galaxy hotel
Good Fortune Hotel
Pillar Luxury Hotel Annex
Albert Suites

Tourists Attraction

There are several sides’ attractions in the state also known as the “Land of Promise”. Akwa Ibom is one of the most fun filled and beautiful states in the country and here are some of the nicest places to visit if you are going to Uyo for the first time.

Ibeno Beach
Ibom Tropicana
Ibom eLibrary
Ibom Plaza
Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort
Raffia City Plaza
De Aftermath Consults
Aroma House
Silverbird Cinema, Uyo
Ikot Epene Town Plaza
La Meridien Ibom Golf Resort
Ibibio Museum and State Park

Ibom Tropicana – This is a place to be. It is often referred to as the Disneyland and Sun City of Nigeria. There is a 6 screen Cineplex, shopping mall, 5-star hotel. There are several areas and place of fun at the Ibom Tropicana. It is the most visited place in the state so if you are visiting Uyo for the first time you can be guaranteed of having an extra ordinary time at this place.

Other historical places in the state include;
Woman War Museum
Amalgamation House
Slave Bunker
Lord Lugard’s Residence
Woman War Statue
Slave Bridge of No Return
Boat cruise to the ancient town of Opobo.

Abuja to Uyo Flights Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 468 KM. The code for Abuja airport is ABV while that of Uyo is QUO. The shortest possible time of flight is 1hour 10 minutes and there are at least 5 flights from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on a weekly basis.

Time of flights is not flied but most time, first flight from Abuja airport takes off as early as 8am while the last flight sometimes takes off by 6:15pm.

FAQ about Abuja to Uyo Flights

What is the cheapest flight from Abuja – Uyo?
This varies.

How many airports are in Uyo?
There is 1 airport in Uyo

How far is Abuja from Uyo?
The distance is 468 KM

How long does it take flights from Abuja to Uyo?
1 hour 10 minutes

How can I get cheap flights from Abuja to Uyo?
This varies, the surest way is to book your flight at least a week to your departure date.

Which airlines fly from Abuja to Uyo?
Ibom Air, Air Peace, Dana Air

Can I book flights from Abuja to Uyo online?
Yes, log onto

Common Flights from Abuja

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