Flights from Abuja to Yola – Cheap airfares are available compared to couple of years ago and to book cheap flights are very easy because there are several airlines that fly this route and one interesting thing about them is that their airfares differs.

Here are some few things you must do to be sure that you are getting the best deal. There quite a number of folks that find it difficult to get cheap airfares when they want to travel mostly because they do not know where to look, search, compare airfares before booking the cheapest flight, well, all of that is now easy on this website. We have taken the time is list the numbers of airlines that fly from Abuja to Yola and their airfares.

Abuja to Yola Flights

Choosing a flight is a process is that is greatly influenced by the amount the airline is offering, there are about 5 airlines that fly from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja (ABV) to Yola Airport (YOL). These airlines have scheduked flights for different days so it’s accurate to say that in a week, there are at least 5-7 flights that fly between these two citie and the time of flight differs from each other; all the first flights are scheduled in the morning while the last flights are mostly in the evenings.

Cheap flights from Abuja to Yola are very easy to get, the best way to secure such is by booking your flight at least 3 – 4 weeks early. By so doing, you have not only saved yourself a seat with the airline but you have also saved yourself the extra fee that is usually added to last minutes flights. The airlines that fly from Abuja to Yola are;

Air Peace
Arik Air
Aero Contractors
Max Air

Air Peace – This is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria, they fly to various destination within and outside the country. Air Peace flights from Abuja – Yola is very much affordable. Air Peace which is one the leading aviation companies in Nigeria also offer cheap airfares when you book early, so if you are looking for a cheap airfare between these two cities we would strongly recommend that you book your flight early enough.

Arik Air – This is another major domestic airline in Nigeria, although they fly to other countries, Arik Air flies from Abuja – Yola at least 2 time per week and they offer affordable airfare between these two cities. Like we have earlier stated, the best way to get cheap flights from is when your book your flight ticket weeks ahead of your flight.

Aero Contractors – This is a very reputable aviation company in Nigeria, the fly to several domestic airports and to some other West African countries. Aero Contractors offer affordable flight tickets between these two cities and they have different class of flight for their passengers. The airline has flight classes such as Non Flexible Economy Class, Flexible Economy Class, and Business Class.

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Max Air – This is an aviation company that flies to several northern states in Nigeria. Their airfares are affordable, generally when flight tickets are secured weeks ahead its cheaper than when they are booked few days to your departure date. You can do it online from your bedroom, office, living room even on-the-go. The process of booking flight ticket is well digitalized so you can do it with your phone, tab or PC

Please be informed that the flight prices are not fixed, the airlines can decide to change it anytime without any prior notice which is why it’s always good to search and compare airfares before booking your flight. There are lots of factors that affect airfares, and these are weather, time of flight, day of the week and period or season of the year so when booking a flight you must be mindful of all of these factors because they can affect airfares either positively or negatively.

Yola Airport

Yola Airport operated and owned by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN. The airport with the coordinates 09°15′27″N 12°25′49″E is serving Yola, the capital city of Adamawa state, Nigeria. Yola Airport is a domestic airport is a destination for airlines such as Arik Air, Air Peace, Aero Contractors Max Air, etc.

Hotels close to Yola Airport

There lots of hotels that are close to Yola airport, if you are visiting the city of Yola for the first time and you do not want to be far from the airport we have taken the time to list some of the hotels that are close to the airport. They are few kilometers away from the airport and very much affordable. The hotel also provides shuttles that convey guest from hotel to the airport any time of the day at your request. Below are hotels few kilometers away from Yola Airport.

• Maryland Shortlet Apartments Jimeta (3.5 km away from Yola Airport)
• Jokems Airport View Hotel (1.4 km from the airport)
• Yukuben Hotel (3.4 km from the airport)
• Madugu Rockview Hotels (5.2 km from the airport)
• Meridien Hotel (3.2 km from the airport)
• Duragi Hotels Ltd (4.4 km from the airport)
• Hotel La Birem (3.8 km  from the airport)
• Bagale Motels Ltd (1.8 km from the airport)
• City Green Hotel Yola (3.5 km from the airport)
• Homtel Detvative and Suites (4.4 km from the airport)
• Dabtsoho Hotels Ltd (3.4 km from the airport)
• Gongola Summit Suites (4.1 km from the airport)

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Tourists Attractions

Mandara Mountains – Mandara Mountain attracts tourist within and outside the country, it’s an ideal place for mountain climbing. The mountain lies in the northeastern part of Adamawa state along the Cameroon border. This is a place to be with friends and colleagues.

Sukur Cultural Landscape – Here signifies a strong and continuing spiritual and cultural tradition of Adamawa people that has endured for many centuries. The Sukur Cultural Landscape is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites due to its landscape which illustrates the settlement of the people.

Koma Hills – A beautiful hill that borders the Republic of Cameroon, it’s an amazing site to behold on top of the hill, it represents a past way of life of the people.

Other include
Lamurde Hot Spring
Three Sister Rocks/Hills
Moddibbo Adams Tomb Monument
Kiri Dam
Shebshi Mountains

Abuja to Yola Flight Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 568 KM, the shortest possible time of flight from Abuja – Yola is 1 hours 20 minutes. There are at least 5 flights that take off from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja (ABV) to Yola Airport (YOL) in a week. There are direct  flights from Abuja – Yola. To get cheap flights, it must at least be booked 3 weeks ahead of your departure date.
First flights from Abuja airport are mostly scheduled in the morning from 7:00am to 10:45am while last flights are within 2:45pm to 3:15 pm.

FAQ about Abuja to Yola Flights

How many airports are in Yola?
There is 1 airport in Yola.

How can I get cheap flights from Abuja to Yola?
The best way is by booking your flight ticket early

What is the distance from Abuja – Yola by air?
The aerial distance is 568 KM

How much time does it take flights from Abuja airport to Yola airport?
It takes 1 hours 20 minutes

When does first flight take off from Abuja – Yola?
It varies; sometimes first flights are schedule for 7:00am

When does last flight takes off from Abuja – Yola?
It varies, sometimes 3:00pm

What airlines fly from Abuja – Yola?
Air Peace, Arik Air, Aero Contractors, Max Air, Medview Airlines

Can I book flights online from Abuja – Yola?
Yes you can.

Common Flights from Abuja Airport

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