There are flights from Asaba to Lagos on a daily basis; it is one of the most common flights from Asaba Airport. You can land in Murtala Mohammed International Airport in about 1 hour 10 minutes when you fly from Asaba. There are several airlines that fly between these two cities so whether you are going for a business or getaway to see your family you can easily book your flight here in

To book cheap flights with just use the flight search and booking tools located at the top of the page, all you have to do is enter the your departure city (Asaba) then your arrival city (Lagos), if you are flying back its cheaper if your choose a roundtrip but if you are not your can choose one-way trip, then fill the other fields and click on search. It’s just this easy. Several airlines flying from Asaba airport to Lagos airport with their airfare will be displayed for you, you can choose any of the airlines you prefer and click ‘book now’.

There are several airlines that fly from Lagos to Asaba and also from Asaba to Lagos such as Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, Overland Airways, etc. These airlines offer non-stop flights from Asaba (ABB) to Lagos (LOS). The best way to get cheap flights between these two cities is by booking early, at least 3 weeks to your departure date. Airlines generally offer cheap airfares to passengers who book their flight early. We recommend that as soon as you search for your flight; book it immediately before someone else takes your space by booking before you.





Book Cheap Flights from Asaba to Lagos

Air Peace Flights from Asaba to Lagos

Air Peace is one of the common airlines that offer flights from Asaba to Lagos, Their flight prices fluctuate from time to time, you can book Air Peace flights right away from Asaba to Lagos using the flight booking tool at the top of this page, It is very reliable. Whether it’s a one-way or roundtrip flight to Lagos from Asaba, the whole process is easy all you have to do is enter your flight details and you are good to go.

Arik Air Asaba to Lagos

Arik Air is one of the major airlines in Nigeria and they offer flights from Asaba to Lagos and vice versa. Arik Air flight price between these two cities is also fluctuating so it’s difficult to tell the actual airfare to Lagos from Asaba. But be rest assured that their service is one of the best in Nigeria as far as airlines are concerned and passengers are guaranteed a wonderful flying experience. You can book Asaba to Lagos Arik Air flight right away with by using the flight booking tool at the top of this page.

Dana Air Asaba to Lagos

Dana Air offers the cheapest flights between these two cities, the airline of one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria and you can book cheap airfares with Dana Air using our flight search and booking tool at the top of this page. You can also find out Dana Air flight schedule from Asaba airport. To get cheap flights with this airline you have to book your flight 3 weeks ahead of time, the process is easy and this will also help your plan your trip even better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asaba to Lagos Flights

What is the cheapest flight from Asaba to Lagos?
It varies depending on the day of the week, time of the year.

Do airlines provide extra space for sleeping?
Some of the Business class airlines do provide extra space for sleeping

How many flights per week are there from Asaba to Lagos?
There are about 4 flights per week

How long does it take to fly from ABB to LOS?
It takes 1 hour on average flight

What classes are available from Asaba to Lagos?
Economy class is always available

How far is ABB to LOS?
The aerial distance from Asaba to Lagos is 230 miles which is about 370 KM

What is the earliest flight departing from Asaba to Lagos?
It depends, but most times the earliest flight departs 7:30 am.

When is the last flight from Asaba airport to Lagos?
The last flight sometimes takeoff by 9:00pm

Information of Asaba Lagos Flight

The aerial distance is 230 miles which is 370 KM; there are about 4 flights those takeoffs from Asaba airport to Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos (LOS). The most popular airline flying this route is Air Peace and the flight duration is 1 hour 2 minutes on average flight.

Other Flights to Lagos Nigeria

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