Flights from Lagos to Asaba – Going to Asaba by flight is one of the best way to travel to the capital city of Delta state. For whatever reason you are going whether to see loved ones or for business, flight from Lagos to Asaba is usually the best option.

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa and taking road trips from a state to another sometimes can keep you on a journey for hours. At the end of the day you will get to your destination exhausted, its as though you have wasted the day on a journey but when you take a flight usually less than one hour you have arrived at your destination. If you have a an urgent business meeting that you have to attend or a family emergency. You do not need to start driving from Lagos to Asaba you can simply book a flight, from your living room or office and you are guaranteed of getting to business meeting on time.

Airlines flying from Lagos to Asaba are Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, just to mention a few. These airlines are there to ensure you get maximum satisfaction. Within the an hour you spend in the air flying you would be glad you did not take the long tedious journey before getting to Asaba.

Airlines flying from Lagos to Asaba are Air Peace, Arik Air, for now as of the date of publishing this article. When other join we would be glad to let you know. These airlines are there to ensure you get maximum satisfaction. This airlines have been players in the business for a long time and they offer direct flight from Lagos – Asaba or from Asaba – Lagos. You can be sure that you flight would be smooth and get you to your destination in the shortest possible time.

Lagos to Asaba Flights

To book cheap flights from Lagos (LOS) – Asaba (ABB) is very easy. We have written a comprehensive post on how to book a flight so I’m just going to highlight the important point here. Follow the instruction on the page. Fill in your appropriate locations, indicate whether its a one way or return trip. Put the departure date, and how many persons are traveling together with you. Its that easy. You will be redirected to where you can choose the time of departure. Pick a particular time you plan on making your flight. Once you have done that, click on “continue” or “next”. On the next page, your names, date of birth, phone number, email will be required. Enter it appropriately in the space provided. To be guaranteed of the space make your payment. You can do that with your debit card or choose any means most convenient. Do not worry about your card details its completely safe.

There quite some number of airlines that have not resumed flights from Lagos (LOS) to Asaba (ABB) due to some reasons best known to them, some might say its because of the pandemic, that maybe true because very recently, Arik Air announced its resumption of flight from Asaba to Lagos and vice versa.
On August 13, 2020, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) approved the reopening of the Asaba international airport. The NCAA inspected the airport to see whether the necessary guidelines was in place before lifting the ban placed on domestic flight. After a thorough inspection by NCAA officials, the ban was lifted. Since then, only two airlines are flying from Asaba – Lagos and Abuja and also from Abuja to Asaba and from Lagos – Asaba.

With other airlines yet to join flying from Lagos – Asaba, this has made flight ticket from Lagos – Asaba no as cheap as many had hoped. The difference between flying from Lagos to Abuja is not much different in price from flying from Lagos – Asaba or from Asaba – Lagos.

Asaba international airport code is ABB. In a week, there are more than five flights that travel from Lagos – Asaba and also from Asaba – Lagos. Each of this flight duration between this cities in a non-stop flight is within 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Air Peace – This is one of the major airlines in Nigeria flying from Lagos (LOS) to Asaba (ABB) and vice versa. Air Peace has flights from two destination to Asaba (ABB) This destinations are Lagos and Abuja. The price of flight ticket from Lagos – Asaba vary a great deal. The prices for each week day vary but are all within a particular range. This is also part of the reason why booking a flight a week or more to your departure time is best because its always cheaper when you do so but last minute flights are usually more expensive.

Few days to your departure date from Lagos – Asaba for Air Peace can be as high as 42,400 – 95,400 naira. This is really expensive when compared to how cheap Air Peace charge from Lagos to other state but like I said earlier this is because airlines flying from Lagos – Asaba are not much compared to from Lagos to other state in Nigeria.

Flights booked a week or more to your departure date which is the best way to book cheap flights from Lagos (LOS) – Asaba (ABB) is within the range of 22,000 – 27,000 naira.

There are different classes of services in Air Peace and they are, Economy Class, Economy Flexi and Business Class. Its best you book which ever one you are comfortable with. The Economy class ticket is non-refundable but the Economy Flexi and Business Class are refundable. On Air Peace flight, passengers Economy Class and Economy Flexi are allowed to carry maximum baggage of 20kg. For the Business Class they are allowed to carry baggage of 40kg. For cabin baggage, the maximum is 6kg. The 20kg and 40kg respectively are free but if you carry excess baggage you will be charged for it.

Arik Air – Arik Air flight from Lagos (LOS) to Asaba (ABB) is cheap when compared to that of Air Peace. They also run flight from Asaba – Lagos vice versa and from Asaba to Abuja, vice versa. Arik Air recently announced their resumption of flight from Lagos – Asaba and vice versa. Although the Asaba international airport just recently reopened, services are beginning to return to normal at the airport. Arik Air flight price from Lagos – Asaba is within 22,500 – 26,000. This is way cheaper compared to Air Peace. Arik Air have two different classes of services and they are Economy and Business. When booking Airk Air flight from Lagos to Asaba you can choose which of the classes you prefer, whether Economy or Business but for cheap flights book Economy.

Asaba International Airport

Asaba Airport is the newest airport in Nigeria. The airport which is located at Off Asaba-Benin Expressway, serves Asaba, Delta State also the neighboring state Anambra state. The airport was built in 2011 but started full operations in 2013. Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria gave its approval that airport should commence international flight after the Aviation Minister reported that the Asaba airport has met the necessary requirements.
The Asaba Airport connects Asaba locals to wider Nigeria and the world. Immediately after the project was built, initial flights began in 2011, the airline to first fly in Asaba airport was Overland Airline. In 2013, with Arik Air joining Overland Airline, Asaba Airport was recording average flights of 260 and 6,880 passengers per month.
In 2015, The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority stopped operations at the airport due to poor runway condition and other necessary amenities. The following year, 2016, Delta state government commenced work on restoring the runway and other necessary amenities to order. Since then, the airport has bounced back and it is still one of the best airport in Nigeria. Asaba International Airport runway is 3.4 kilometers, this is able to take a 747. The Delta State Government had big ambitions for their airport. even before it was built saying it would be one of the best airports in the country and it is. Sometime 2018 to 2019 EgyptAir used to fly from Asaba to Cario before it was discontinued.

Lagos to Asaba Flight Information

Aerial distance – 370KM
First Flight – Usually from 7:45 am. NP Please, Flights sometimes gets delayed so this is not guaranteed
Last Flight – 5:45 pm.
Flight Duration – I hour 10 Minutes or less
Total Flights from Lagos – Asaba – 5 or more flights
Total flights from Asaba to Lagos – 5 flights
Airport codes flights from Lagos – Asaba – Lagos (LOS), Asaba (ABB)

FAQ about Lagos to Asaba Flights

What is the cheapest flight from Lagos – Asaba?
This cheapest flight vary, depending on the day of the week and how early you book your flight. However cheap flights from Lagos to Asaba would cos 23,000 naira

Do airlines provide extra space for sleeping?
This is mostly for Business Class.

Is there a web check-in option with Asaba to Lagos flight?
Yes. Asaba to Lagos or vice versa check-in option are online web check-in option or airport check-in

Can I carry my own food?
Yes. you can but it should be properly packaged.

Is there a direct flight from Asaba to Lagos?
Yes. there are direct flights from Asaba to Lagos and vice versa.

How many flights per week from Lagos to Asaba?
There are at least 5 flights per week from Lagos – Asaba

How far is Asaba from Lagos?
The distance from Asba to Lagos is 231 miles (371 kilometers).

Common flights from Lagos


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