Flying  is the fastest, convenient and most reliable way to travel; cheap flights from Lagos to Bauchi are available and there are options of airlines you can choose to make your journey. Their airfares are not the same and that is one of the reasons we have complied all these airlines for you so you can easily pick the one that best suits your travel budget.

Traveling to Bauchi by road transportation is relatively cheaper than flights. Well, it’s not brainer because road transportation would take you the whole day to make this journey flights will take you at maximum in one hour so if you check the time you spend on the road and how exhausting it is you will definitely choose flights because it will save you time and also the stress.
There are different airlines that fly between these two cities, which is why getting cheap flights from Lagos to Bauchi is very mush possible unlike what other might think. In this article you can compare different flight prices between these two cities and also choose the airline you want to with.

Bauchi Airport

Bauchi Airport is located at Ahmadu Bello Way is the old airport. The new Bauchi State International Airport (BCU) is called Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport, Bauchi. The new airport replaced the in-town Bauchi Airport now serves the city of Bauchi and neighboring state. The airport which was built in 18 months has the coordinates 10°29′00″N 9°44′40″E. You can check-in at the airport counter when traveling from Bauchi.

Hotels close to Bauchi Airport.

There are lots of hotels close to the Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport, Bauchi. These hotels which as few kilometers away from the airport have shuttles that convey guests from the hotel to airports are affordable prices. Are you going to Bauchi for a business and you do not want to stay from the airport? You can stay in any of these hotels below;

Larema international Hotels and Suites (1.92 Km away from Bauchi airport)
Chartwell Hotel (2.58 km away from the airport)
Zaranda Hotels (1.92 Km away from the airport)
Jamil Guest Palace (1.20 Km away from the airport)
Amak’s Hotels and Suite (3.41 Km away from Bauchi airport)
Executive Nest (1.92 Km away from the airport)
Bagari Suites Limited (1.44 Km away from the airport)
Decrown Ebless Hotel & Suites Limited (1.09 Km away from the airport)
Jarmari Guest Lodge (4.01 Km away from the airport)
Fariah Suites Bauchi Limited (1.60 Km away from the airport)

Tourists Attraction

There are sides attractions in the state that attract people from all of the country and different parts of the world. They are;

Yankari National Park – There are over 550 population of elephant in the place. It is one of the most amazing places to be to admire nature and its entire dashing splendor.

Abubakar Tagewa Balewa Tombe – There is a grand edifice built in honor of the first Prime Minister of newly independent Nigeria.

Wikki Warm Spring – This is another beauty of nature to behold. The quiet environment attracts visitors or tourists from different parts who come there to relax.

Bauchi Polo Club – This place hosts different tournament and attracts polo players from all round the country to the state.

Sumu Wildlife – The state government as part of their effort in improving entertainment and leisure in the state developed the Sumu Wildlife. There are different floras and fauna at the place and it is the newest side’s attraction in the city of Bauchi.

Others are;
Unity Park
Dukkey Wells
Shehu Azare Park
Emir of Bauchi Palace
Abubakar Tagewa Balewa Stadium
Tunge Duste Rock Paintings
Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Center.

Bauchi is in the northeastern part of Nigeria and as they say, if you want to experience some true Nigerian culture and excitement, the northern part of Nigeria is one of the amazing places to go to. The state of Bauchi is one of many states in the country with towering castle to mysterious archaeological sites. The people of the state are mostly into agribusiness because of the rich soil the land is blessed with. The state has two distinctive vegetation zones like Sahel Savannah and Sudan Savannah. Some of the major agricultural products done in the state is groundnut, cassava, cotton, cowpeas, guinea corn, millet, rice, maize and lots more.
If you are visiting Bauchi for the first time, there is so much fun places to visit, which is why tourist from different parts of the world find this place to be one of the most amazing places to be in the northern part of the country. The town lies on the railroad from Maiduguri to Jos, Kano, and it is bordered by states of Kano and Jigawa on the northwest, Yobe on the east, Gombe, Plateau and Taraba on the south, Kaduna on the west. The state was created in 1976 and has an estimation of 8,500,000 people. The population of the state has grown at a rapid pace over the several decades and will continue to do so due to several factors. One of which is the fact that the cost of living in the state is not as expensive as other states in the country.
The city of Bauchi is a home of some tertiary institutions such as Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Federal Polytechnic College and these institutions attract millions of Nigerian youths from different parts of the country.
Tourists or visitors are always thrilled due to the activities in the state and the lifestyle of the people. There are several side attraction that keeps you entertained, sites to see and activities to partake in. One of such places is the Yankari Games Reserve which is also being referred to as the Best Park in Nigeria for spotting wildlife. The reason for this is not farfetched, it is due to the fact that there are a wide range of animal and its a home to different kind of creatures from lion, baboons, buffaloes, to a community of elephants and so on. There are 23 local government in the state and they are; Bauchi (headquaters in Bauchi), Bogoro (headquarters in Bogoro), Tafawa Balewa (headquarters in Bununu), Ganjuwa (headquarters in Kafin Madaki), Dass (headquarters in Dass). Ningi (headquarters in Ningi), Toro (headquarters in Toro), Warji (headquarters in Warji), Alkaleri (headquarters in Alkaleri), Kirfi (headquarters in Kirfi), Zaki (headquarters in Katagum), Shira (headquarters in Yana), Itas/Gadau (headquarters in Itas), Darazo (headquarters in Darazo), Damban (headquarters in Damban), Misau (headquarters in Misau), Jama’are (headquarters in Jama’are), Giade (headquarters in Giade), Gamawa (headquarters in Gamawa).

Lagos to Bauchi Flights Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 827 KM and the shortest possible time of flight is 4 hours 20 minutes. There are 5 flights from Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos (LOS) to Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport, Bauchi (BCU) on weekly basis. There are cheap flights from Lagos to Bauchi on weekly basis. Airlines, that most fly between these two cities are Arik Air and Overland Airways. Arik Air also fly from this airport to Abuja.
The time of flight varies so there is no stipulated time of flight from Lagos – Bauchi.

FAQ about Lagos to Bauchi Flights

How can I get cheap flights from Lagos to Bauchi?
The best way is to book your flight at least one month to your departure time

How many airports are in Buchi?
There are 2 airports in Bauchi but the new one has replaced the old one.

How many airlines fly from Lagos – Bauchi?
Arik Air, Overland Airways

How long does it take to fly from Lagos – Bauchi?
4 hours 20 minutes is the shortest possible flight between these two cities

What is the distance from Lagos to Bauchi by air?
The aerial distance is 827 KM

Common Flights from Lagos


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