Flights from Lagos to Gombe – Airfares between these two cities differs, airlines that off cheap flights from Lagos to Gombe and vice versa have different price range which is why its important to compare flight prices before booking a flight to any destination you would like to travel to. Flying from Lagos to Gombe is the safest and fastest and more reliable way to travel. These are the reasons why flights are generally more expensive than road transportation because it saves time and stress.

Lagos to Gombe Flights

There are several airlines in the country that fly between these two cities on this article you can learn how to get cheap flights from Lagos to Gombe and know the different airlines that fly this route from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos, (LOS) to Gombe Lawanti International Airport, (GMO). You will also get to know hotels that are few kilometers away from the airport just in case you do not want to stay far from the airport.

One of the most important things to note when traveling is that, the time of flight, day of the week and season or period affects prices of flights. There are flights that are scheduled on the same day but at different time and their prices are also different. These are some of the factors you must have at the back of your mind when searching, comparing flights not just for these cities but all the time you want to travel.

Gombe Lawanti International Airport.

Gombe Lawanti International Airport also known as the Sani Abacha International Airport is named after the former head of state General Sani Abacha. The airport serves the capital city of Gombe. It is located along the Bauchi to Bomber road by the village called Lawanti. The airport was built 2005 but commenced flights in 2008. It was recently upgraded in international status with its first flights conveying Muslim pilgrims from the state to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Airlines that cheap flights from Lagos to Gombe Airport (GMO) are Arik Air and Azman Air. As soon as other airlines join in we will do well to update you.

Hotels close to Gombe Lawanti International Airport.

There are several hotels close to Gombe airport. Just in case you want to stay very close to their airport, here is a list of various hotels close to the airport. The hotels are affordable and they are shuttle that convey guests from the hotel to the airport at affordable price.

Emerald Royal Hill Hotel Limited (21.20 Km away from Gombe airport)
Maidugu Guest House (19.98 km away from the airport)
Cactus Guest House (22.85 km away from the airport)
Gombe Jewel Hotel (22.04 km away)
De-Grand Apartment (20.74 km away from the airport)
Fina Lodge (22.69 km away from the airport)
Liberty Guest House (23.23 km away from the airport)
Shinani Lodge (30 km away from the airport)
Marquis Hotel and Apartment (29.29 km away from the airport)
Zuma Royal Guest Inn (29.29 km away from the airport)
Dakrim Guest House (28.64 km away from the airport)
Amada Guest Inn (28.64 away from the airport).

Tourists Attraction

Gombe state is a tourist center because of the side attractions in the state. These sites attract tourists from all aroun the world every year. Some are drawn to their yearly festival and other historical monuments and sites in the state. Below are side attractions in the state.

Mbormi Battle Ground – this is a significant place to the Hausa and Fulani people. They have proposed to enlist this site into the World Islamic heritage list together with Gobarau Minaret, Hubbaren Shehu, Eanosau Palace Mosque and Sheikh Alimi Mosque because of how important this site means to the peoiple of the state.

The Kilang Hill – This height of this hill is about 1000 feet above sea level, it is located in Popandi village. From the Kilang Hill you can take amazing view around the nature, villages and towns.

The Emir’s Palace – The palace is built by Shehu Usman Abubakar, the 10th Emir of Gombe state. It is serves as a venue fo the annual durbar festival because of its blend of roaylty and architectural designs. During the festival there are various activities that locals and visitors enjoy. The event is an unforgettable experience when witnessed which is why it is one of the most crowded events in the state.

Bima Rock – This is a gigantic rock located in Dadin Kowa. The rock is one of the most beautiful sites to behold in the state. This place attracts tourists both local and international yearly. Although there are several amazing sites in the state but this is exceptionally elegant and beautiful.

Others include
Lake Dadin Kowa
Lame Burra Game Reserve
Tangele Hill
Tula Battlefield
The tomb of Bubayero Gombe Abba
Bormi Battle site, and lots more.

Gombe is the capital city of Gombe State; it is at the northeastern geopolitical zone in Nigeria. It is also called the Jewel in the Savannah because of its vegetation which is generally Guinea Savannah grassland. The state shares boundaries with Bauchi state to the west, Adamawa and Taraba state to the south, Yobe state to the north and Borno state to the east. The average annual rainfall is 850mm. The hottest time in the state is during the rainy season with temperature exceeding 40 degree Celsius.

The city of Gombe is a local trade centre for cassava, cowpea, onions, millet, groundnut, cotton, sorghum. Their major agribusinesses are goat farming, cattle rearing, sheep farming, donkeys and horses. Like most states in the country, Gombe is blessed with natural resources, the most common is limestone and this has led to the building of cement factories in the state.

The area of land the state occupies is about 20,265 sqkm and an estimated population of 3.1 million. There are several tertiary institutions in the state such as, Gombe state University, National Technical Teacher-Training College and so on. in 1996, the state was created out of Bauchi State by the Late General Sani Abacha’s Administration. There are several ethnic groups in the state, the most common is the Fulani, Hausa, Waja, Tera, Tangale, Jara, Bolawa, Tula, Jukun, Lunguda, Pero, Cham, Tula, Kamo, Dadiya, Awak, Kamo, and Kanuri. The official language in the state is English but the common and commercial language spoken by the people is Hausa. others are commonly spoken languages are Kanuri, Fulfulde, Waja, Tanhale, and Tera.

There are eleven local government in Gombe state, they are; Gombe (headquarters in Gombe), Akko (headquarters in Kumo), Dukku (headquarters in Dukku), Yamaltu/Deba (headquarters in Deba Habe), Funakaye (headquarters in Bajoga), Balanga (headquarters in Tallase), Kaltungo (headquarters in Kaltungo), Shongom (headquarters in Boh), Billiri (headquarters in Billiri), Nafada (headquarters in Nafada), Kwami (headquarters in Mallam Sidi). These local governement areas have 14 Emirates/Chiefdoms. The Emirate government with its headquarters in Gomber Abba, was created to control what constitutes a larger part of the state. The dominate tribe in the state is the Fulani tribe and they are at the northern part of the state.

Lagos to Gombe Flight Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 931 Km and in a week, there are at least 1 flight from Lagos airport (LOS) to Gombe airport (GMO). The Airlines on the route are Azman and Arik Air, the shortest possible flight between Lagos and Gombe is 01h 20m. Due to the lockdown, all flight between these two cities was halted.

FAQ about Lagos to Gombe Flights

How many airports are in Gombe?
There is just 1 airport in Gombe.

How can I get cheap flights from Lagos to Gombe?
The best time is to book your flight should be at least 2 weeks to your departure time.

What is the distance from Lagos to Gombe by air?
931 km.

How long does it take a flight from Lagos to Gombe?
It takes 01h 20m.

Are there available flights from Lagos to Gombe?
Yes however this depends on the time. During the lockdown there was no flight.

Which airlines fly from Lagos – Gombe?
Azman Air, Arik Air.

Common Flights from Lagos


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