Flights from Lagos to Jos – Jos is the Capital city of Plateau State, it is located at the north-central region, it is at the middle belt of Nigeria and has over 2,000,000 populations. Traveling to from Lagos to Jos by air is the fastest and one of the safest way to make your journey. Traveling by road to this city is one of the most tedious journeys you can think of because of the longs hours you’d stay on the road getting to your destination late at night and already exhausted.
By road, there about 70 people that ply this route on a daily basis, most of which would prefer taking a flight but because it’s expensive they would rather take the road because it’s cheaper than flying. However, flight between these two cities is not as expensive as most thought it would be most especially when you book your trips weeks ahead which is the best way to get cheap flights.
Due to this distance between these two cities, there is no doubt that journey by road would take you the entire day to make while by flight its just a matter of few minutes you have arrived at your destination so irrespective of the price you pay, it is worth it at the end.

Lagos to Jos Flights

To book ceah flights between these two cities, enter your flight details on the flight search and booking tool at the top of this page. Put in your ‘departure’ and ‘arrival’ airports, select the date of your trip, number of persons traveling with you and click on ‘search’. Different airlines with their flight prices will be displayed for you, select any one then click on ‘Book Now’, then  follow the instructions.

Many years ago, the city of Jos is also known as Jesus Our Savior or J-town (JOS) but recently there are some serious religious contentions between Christians and Muslims, however, its still known as “the Home of Peace and Tourism”. The city is close to Kaduna State, Bauchi State, Nasarawa State. Its a state that has different variant of ethnicities as Christianity is the predominate religion, and Islam the minority. Although, the Hausa is the major tribe in the region hence the religious contention. There are sixteen towns and seventeen local governments in Jos.
The climatic condition is very cool; it is one of the coldest cities in Nigeria with an average monthly temperature of about 21 -25 degree Celsius. Hence its one of the favorites cities for tourist and expats because in other cities in the country the temperature is mostly high form them. The city is filled with hill-like structures because of the volcanic activity in the past years, its annual rainfall is 1,400mm. There are many sides attraction in the city, also part of the reason it is loved by tourists. Some of these sides attraction are, the Pottery Hall, the Riyom Rock, Jos Wildlife Park, etc.

Airlines Flying from Lagos to Jos

There are several airlines that fly from Lagos to Jos on a weekly basis but recently only one airline fly this route and so if you are planning to traveling to Jos, picking the right airline sometimes can be challenging, but relax, as soon as you are done reading this article you’d know the right airline to pick that offers cheap flights from Lagos to Jos and all there is to know about flights from Lagos – Jos.
We strongly believe that in no distant time other airline join Arik Air in flying from Lagos – Jos and as soon as they do, we will put them up here so you can make your choice on which one to choose when making your trip to Jos.

Arik Air – They are one of the leading airlines in Nigeria, they have the largest fleet of 26 aircrafts in the country. On daily basis, the airline operates about 150 domestic and international flights. They offer flight bookings both online and offline which makes it very convenient for their passengers to book flights to any time of the day irrespective of where they are. Booking flights online also meaning making payment online as well, this can be done either with your debit/ATM cards or credit card. The online payment platform is secure. You can also check in and track your online ticket. All you need to do this is internet connection.
This is not the only airline company that does this, there are several others as well. To get cheap flights from Lagos to Jos is by booking your flight early, at least one week earlier. Last minute flights are usually expensive because passengers are rushing to meet up with business or family emergencies. This airline flies about 22 states in the country. Arik Air flies to Abuja, Benin City, Asaba, Owerri, Kano, Gombe, Warri etc. For international flights, they fly countries like, New York JFK, USA London Heathrow, England, Accra, Ghana, Johannesburg, South Africa, Abijan, Cotonou, Banjul, Freetown, Dakar etc.

Arik Air has different categories or class for their passengers. They are Economy and Business Class. The cheaper category is the Economy so if you looking to get cheap flights this is the best option to pick. Booking your flight online would give the option of picking a roundtrip or one-way trip. Roundtrip is both your going and returning flight while One-way is just as the name implies, one-way. If you intend to go and return with the same airline which is actually better than choosing different airlines for going and returning, you should choose Roundtrip and select the best time you would love your flights to be.

Arik Air One-way flights from Lagos – Jos prices are
33,358 – 44,362 naira
Arik Air Roundtrip flights from Lagos – Jos prices are
60,577 – 82,207 naira

None of these prices are fixed, they change with depending on the day of the week and time of the day. Which is why it is advisable to book early so you can choose the best time and day flight tickets are sold the cheapest.
Traveling to Jos by air you have to mindful of what you are carrying. Each category of passengers are required to carry baggage that are within a specific Kg. If your baggage weighs more than the required Kg you would have to pay for it. As you plan your trip, carefully select what you will be carrying so you do not end up paying more than you planned.
One of the advantages of booking your flight is that you get to choose where you’d like to sit. The seats you choose will be the one assigned to you even if others are empty you are not expected to seat at any sit that is not assigned to you.

Jos Airport

Yakubu Gowon Airport which is also known as Jos Airport is serving the capital city of Plateau State in Nigeria. The airport with the code JOS was named after the Nigerian Head of State Yakubu Gowon.The airport was commissioned on 4th, March 1988, by the former Honorable Minister of Aviation, Marshal Anthony E. Okpere.
It is located approximately 40km from the city center, at Heipang in Berkin Ladi Local Government Area Plateau State.

Lagos – Jos Flight Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 699 KM which is 434 miles. As of the time of this article, there is only one airline flying non-stop from Lagos (LOS) – Jos (JOS) and its Arik Air and you can fly in Economy only. Flight between these two cities operates 7 times a week with an average of 1 flight per day. The earliest flights depart everyday mostly by 11:00 am. The latest flight is within 1:20pm – 2:40pm. The shortest possible flight from Lagos – Jos is 01h 20m.

FAQ about Lagos to Jos Flights

How many flights weekly are there from LOS – Jos?
There are 7 flights weekly from Lagos – Jos in September 2020.

How many airports are in Jos?
1 airport in Jos

How long does it take to fly from LOS – Jos?
1 hour 20 minutes is the shortest flight between these two cities

What classes are available in the flight from LOS – Jos?
It’s just Economy as of September 2020

What airlines fly from LOS – Jos?
Arik Air as of September 2020

What time do the first flights depart from LOS – Jos?
Mostly by 11:00am, and its the first and only flight as of September 2020.

Are there cheap flights from Lagos to Jos?
Yes, there are.

Common Flights from Lagos


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