Flights from Lagos to Kano The journey between these two cities is a very far one by road, cheap flights from Lagos to kano is available, and you are guaranteed of getting to your destination within the shortest possible time but by road as a matter of facts you are most likely to spend over 13 hours on the journey, which is almost the whole day so you are sure of getting there by nightfall. However flights from Lagos to Kano will take you roughly one hour and some minutes, this is the major reason why flights are more expensive than road transportation.

Kano which is the capital city of Kano State in northern west, Nigeria is the second largest city in the country and its the center of the northern parts of Nigeria. The state was created on May 27, 1967, they share borders with Jigawa, Kastina, Bauchi, kaduna.The state has approximately 20 million people which is the highest in the region.

Lagos to Kano Flights

This is very easy process, all you have to do is use the flight search and booking tool at the top of the page. Enter your flight information, enter the airport you want to board your flight and the airport you want to arrive at, choose the dates of your trip, number of persons traveling with you the click on ‘search’.

There are several airlines that fly between these two cities. To get cheap flights from Lagos to Kano is easy because almost all the domestic airlines in the country fly the route at least once on a daily basis. There are airlines that have two different flights from Lagos – Kano which means that there are fleets of aircrafts taking off from Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos to Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport daily and vice versa.
Their time of flights are different as well as their airfares. Here are airlines that fly from Lagos – Kano and their airfares.

Airlines Flying from Lagos to Kano

Arik Air – This is one of the major airlines in Nigeria. Their hub is at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. They fly to almost all the airports in Nigeria and to six countries, including China and the United States of America. Arik Air commenced their first flight in 2006 and since then they have continued to serve the people of Nigeria with quality service.
The Airline has Economy and Business Class for flights from Lagos to Kano. Arik Air flight price from Lagos – Kano are;
Arik Air Economy Class for One-way trip from Lagos – Kano
33,500 – 35,660 naira

Roundtrip or Return flights from Lagos – Kano
66,500 – 68,500 naira

Arik Air Business Class for One-way flight from Lagos – Kano
60,200 – 65,000 naira

Roundtrip or Return flights from Lagos – Kano
92,000 – 98,000 naira

Air Peace – This is one of the leading airlines in Nigeria. They take after Arik Air, also flying to all most all the airports in the country like Asaba, Benin, Port Harcourt, Enugu, etc. They have different classes of service for their passengers. These classes are Economy, Economy Flex and Business Class. The cheapest of these is the Economy. They are entitled to 20kg baggage, while those in the business class are entitled to 40kg baggage. However, these classes of service do not always function. To get cheap flights from Lagos to Kano with Air Peace, it is better you book early, the earlier you book, the cheaper the airfare and this applies to all airlines in the country. Air Peace flights from Lagos – Kano prices are –

One-way trip from Lagos – Kano
29,900 – 33,000 naira

Roundtrip or Return flights from Lagos – Kano
62,900 – 66,000 naira.

Azman Air – This is a one of the major northern airlines in the country. Their headquarters is in Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport. Azman Air offer cheap flights from Lagos to Kano and to almost all the northern airports in the country like Abuja, Kaduna, Gombe, Yola, Maiduguri.

Azman Air One-way trip from Lagos – Kano
29,663 – 33,686 naira

Azman Air Roundtrip or Return flight from Lagos – Kano
59,326 – 65,361 naira

Please note that none of these prices above are fixed. They may change without any prior notice. There are several factors that affect airfares.

Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (KAN)

This airport is located at the capital city of Kano State, Nigeria. This airport which has both domestic and international terminal, serves the city of Kano. This is the oldest airport in Nigeria, before the country gained her independence, it was initially a Royal Air Force station. The first ever aircraft that landed in Nigeria in 1922, landed in Kano but operations at the airport started in 1926. The airport serves both civilian and military flights.

Hotels close to Kano Airports

There are several hotels close to the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport. There are two four-star hotels in the state. They offer quality services to all their guests at affordable prices. You can book these hotels online as well. Here is a list of some of the hotels close to the airport.
Bristol Palace Hotel
Prince Hotel
Burij Alkano
Tahir Guest Palace
Marshall Hotel Apratments
R&K Guest Palace
Porto Golf Hotels
Grand Central Hotel
Royal Tropicana Hotels
Green Place Hotel
Babale Suites
Mozida Suites
Degrand Royal Palace Hotel
Niimah Guest Palace Ltd
Samir Palace Hotel
La Sultana Hotel
Kano Durban Hotel, etc.

Kano state has grown to be one of the largest industrial centers not just in the northern region of Nigeria but the entire country, with major industries like, furniture, cosmetics, textile, outwears, pharmaceuticals, plastics and lots more. The state contributes immensely to the agricultural sector of the country. They deal on both commercial and subsistence agriculture mostly in the areas of rice, millet, sorghum, maize, cowpeas, groundnut, cotton. The state is also called a center of commerce with large markets like Kwari, Kurmi, Dawanau, and lots more. The production of groundnut which is mainly for export and industrial purposes constitutes as one of the major sources of Nigeria’s revenue. The economy in the state generated in the volumes of trade per day is over 20 billion naira.

There are 44 local government areas in the state and they are Gwale, Fagge, Kano Municipal, Dala, Nassarawa, Tarauni, Ungogo, Gabasawa, Bagwai, Minjibir, Kumbotso, Gezawa, Kunchi, Bichi, Tsanyawa, Shanono etc. The state of Kano like most states in the country is blessed with natural resources and side’s attractions that attracts tourist from all over the world. Places, the Rock castle, Kano Museum, Kano Durbar, Kofar Matar Dying Pits, Kano City Wall, Gidan Makama Museum, Gidan Rumfa, Challawa Gorge Dam, Ado Bayero Mall, Kano Polo Club and lots more.

Rock Castle – It is also called the Tiga dam. If you are traveling to Kano for the first time, this is a place you should see, it is one of the best sides attraction where activities such as fishing and boating takes place. In 1960, the year Nigeria gained her independence; Rock Castle Hotel was built at this location for the accommodation of Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Nigeria.

Kurmi Market – This is another attraction in the city of Kano. During the reigns of Emir Muhammadu Rumfa, Kurmi market was a place for trans-Sahara slave trade and it is the oldest market in the region, known for traditional wares like, calabashes, leathers products, carvings, ancient jewelries etc.

Kofar Matar Dyeing Pit – This is the place where tourists learn the art of cloth-dyeing from the Kano people. The people of Kano are known to dye their clothes as their traditional work and this is where the art is carried out.

Kano Walls – This is another beautiful place to visit in Kano. Constructed in the 14th century, the Kano City Wall served as a means of protection form attackers. The wall is 14 km radius from the center of the city.

Dala Hills – This is also a place you’d love to visit in Kano. According to their history, this is where the first settlers dwelt. The hill is a site to behold and attracts tourist from different parts of the world.

Gidan Rumfa – This is another side attraction in the state built in the 13th century. This is where the Emir of Kano resides. There are significant structures within the palace.

Lagos to Kano Flight Information

The aerial distance between this two cities is 833Km and there are at least 7 flights from Lagos – Kano on a weekly basis. The shortest possible time of flight between these two cities is 01h 40m. The first flights from Lagos – Kano could take off as early as 9:00am and the last flight may take off at 7:00pm.

FAQ about Lagos to Kano Flights

Are there Cheap flights from Lagos to Kano?
Yes, there are but the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight.

How many airports are there in Kano?
There is 1 airport in Kano.

What is th distance between Lagos and Kano?
833 KM.

How long does it take to fly from Lagos – Kano?
01h 40m.

When do is the first flight from Lagos – Kano?
This vary, sometimes 9:00am.

When is the last flight from Lagos – Kano?
This vary, sometimes 7:00pm.

What airlines fly from Lagos – Kano?
Arik Air, Air Peace, Azman Air.

How many flights leave daily from Lagos – Kano?
This vary, Sometimes up to there flights.

Common Flights from Lagos


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