Flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt – Do you want to book cheap airfares that will take you from Lagos to Port Harcourt and vise versa, Are you confused as of which particular airline fly this journey regularly and not know which one to choose from? Or are you traveling to Port Harcourt for a business or a vacation and you do not know how to book your flight ticket and a place to say? Do not worry; because by the time you are done with this article you will have all the answers to your questions.

Port Harcourt is one of the major cities in Nigeria, and lots of people journey from Lagos – Port Harcourt and vice versa on a daily basis. The fastest and the safest way to travel between these two cities is taking a flight which is why it’s more expensive than road transportation. Road transportation between these two cities can be very stressful because of the long hours it will take, many people most especially business men see this as a waste of time because on road transportation between these two cities you are most likely to spend your whole day on this journey.

Lagos to Port Harcourt Flights

To do this, use the search and book cheap flight tool at the top of this page, enter your flight details, that is, your departure airport, arrival airport, dates your intend to travel, number of persons traveling with you then click on search.

There are several airlines that fly between Lagos and Port Harcourt on a daily basis at affordable prices. These airlines are Arik Air, Air Peace, Aero Contractors, and Dana Air. To get cheap flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt its better you compare the prices of these airlines so you can chose the one that best suit your budget.

Airlines Flying from Lagos to Port Harcourt

Arik Air – There are several flights from Arik Air from Lagos – Port Harcourt. They have at least three flights taking off at three different times per day. If you plan to flying from Lagos – Port Harcourt it’s advisable that you book your flight tick early because this is one of the most travel routes in the country by air.
Arik Air flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt has Economy and Business Class

Arik Air Economy:

One-way flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
22,201 – 25,312 naira
Roundtrip or Return Flights
43,593 – 46,704 naira

Arik Air Business Class:

One-way flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
61,137 – 64,500 naira
Roundtrip or Return Flights
121,465 – 129,000 naira

Air Peace – They have at least two flights from Lagos (LOS) – Port Harcourt (PHC) on a daily basis. There is no Economy or Business Class for these flights.

Air Peace One-way flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
21,500 – 29,900 naira

Roundtrip or Return flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
43,000 – 51,400 naira

Aero Contractors – This airline have about four different flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt on a daily basis. They have different flight classes such as Non Flexible Economy, Flexible Economy, and Business Class.

Aero Contractors Flexible Economy
One-way flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
18,310 – 22,255 naira
Roundtrip or Return flights
38,787 – 40,565 naira

Aero Contractors Business Class
One-way flights from Lagos  – Port Harcourt
67,199 – 69,500 naira
Roundtrip or Return flights
133,898 – 136,199 naira

Dana Air – This airline has at least one flight per day that leaves Lagos airport to Port Harcourt Harcourt airport. They have different classes for their passengers, such as, Economy Discount, Economy Saver, Economy Flexible and Business Class. The airline fly to cities like Abuja, Benin, Asaba, Uyo and lots more.

Dana Air Economy Discount
One-way flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
21,150 – 22,000
Roundtrip or Return flights
42,300 – 44,000

Dana Air Economy Saver
33,750 – 34,150 naira
Roundtrip or Return flights
67,500 – 68,300 naira

Dana Air Economy Flexible
44,550 – 45,550
Roundtrip or Return flights
89,000 – 91,100 naira

Dana Air Business Class
One-way flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt
61,650 – 62,150 naira
Roundtrip or Return flights
123,300 – 124,300 naira

Please note that all of the prices above are not fixed. They can change without any prior notice. Also the prices of flights is determined by several factors, so its possible to have flights scheduled on the same day but different time with different airfares. Which is why its advisable to book ahead if you want to get cheap flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt International Airport

is at the suburb of the city called Omagwa. There are two terminals at the airport for local and international flights. In 2006, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority shutdown the airport due to some issues, according to the NCAA, the runway needed overhauling. The following year, the repairs were done and the airport started operations. Recently In 2018, the president of Nigeria, President Buhari commissioned the new international terminal.
The Port Harcourt International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country due to national and international oil firms in the state.

Hotels close to Port Harcourt International Airport

There are several hotels close to the port Harcourt international airport. These hotels are very affordable and save you from the stress of going into the city to get a hotel. They are;

L.A Kings Hotel
Tiffany Hotels
Genesis Place
Paloma Hotel
Hotel Presidential
Chisam Suites Annex
Lakewood Hotels
GrandVenice Hotel and Suites
Bougainvillea Hotels
Daneto Hotel and Conference Center
Visa Karena Hotels
Igoni Palace Hotel
Sparkyln Hotels and Suites
Swiss International Mabisel Port Harcourt
The Elkan Terrace
Habitat Hotel and Resort.

All these hotels are few miles away from the international airport. They have shuttles that convey guests from eh hotel to the airport at affordable prices as well. You can also book these hotels online. It is very easy.

Tourists Attraction

There are also side’s attractions in the city that keeps tourists and visitors entertained in the city. Below are the top side’s attractions to visit.

Bonny Island
Port Harcourt Tourist Beach
Port Harcourt City Mall
Rivers State Museum
Port Harcourt Zoo
Port Harcourt Please Park
Port Harcourt Golf Club
Isaac Boro Park
BoleKin Restaurant
Mile One Street Market

Bonny Island – This is one of the most amazing and popular places to visit in the state. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Bonny Island to enjoy the peace of the island. The most crowed time of the year with locals and visitors is during Christmas, People travel from far and wide to enjoy the beach carnival.
Port Harcourt Tourist Beach – This is located in old Port Harcourt called Kolabi creek. This is an exotic place to be with local and modern music blazing from the bush bars. This is one of the coolest places to be in the city to have fun playing games like horse riding, beach football, watch boat race and lots more. If you are visit Port Harcourt for the first time here is definitely a place to be.
Port Harcourt City Mall – Located at Azikiwe road close to the Government House, the Port Harcourt City Mall also known as PHC Mall is the hub for all sorts of fun. Here you find cinema, restaurants, play grounds for kids, shopping complex, and lots more.

Port Harcourt is the capital city of Rivers state; it is part of the south-south geopolitical zone in Nigeria and located in the Niger Delta region. This is the largest city in Rivers State and has an estimated population of 5,500,000 people. The state is the home of several tertiary institutions such as University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State University, Ignatius Ajuru University, Rivers State College of Health and Science and Technology, and Rivers State College of Arts and Science. These institutions attract million of students from all around the country.
This main city of the state is known as the Port Harcourt city and in 1956 crude oil was discovered in large quantities at a place called Oloibri. This was the game changer for the economy of the state and the entire country. In 1958, the state’s economy turned to petroleum when the first shipment of crude oil was exported. Ever since then to this current moment, the city of Rivers State is still one of the states that provides the highest revenue in the petroleum sector of the country. Due to this, the city of Port Harcourt has developed to be one of the major cities in the country with oil companies from different countries of the world having offices in the city. Oil company like, Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron, and lots more.

In 2009, the administration of the state government together with the State House of Assembly passed a low to spread development from the capital city of the state to the surrounding communities so as to decongest the city. The state has 23 Local Government Areas and they are, Port Harcourt, Obio-Akpor, Akuku-Toru, Bonny, Asari-Toru, Abua-Odual, Okrika, Tai, Ogu-Bolo, Gokana, Eleme, Khana, Omuma, Emohua, Ikwere, Ahoada East, Ahoada West, Degema, Andoni, Oyigbo, Opobo-Nkoro, Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni, Etche. The state has a tropical rainforest vegetation and experience heavy and lengthy rainy season and a short dry season. The average temperature of the city of Port Harcourt is between 25°c – 28°c.
Port Harcourt is the main oil refining city in Nigeria and it is a major industrial center with several companies both local and international related to petroleum industry. The Port Harcourt Refinery Company operates two main oil refineries in the state that process about 210,000 barrels of crude on a daily basis making it one of the richest states in the country in terms of gross domestic product and foreign exchange revenue from the oil sector.

Lagos to Port Harcourt Flight Information

The aerial distance between these two cities is 435 KM and the shortest possible time of flights is about 01h 05m. From Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, there are about 8 flights per day that takes off to Port Harcourt International Airport. First flights mostly take off by 07:00am while the last flights take off at about 06:30pm. There are several airlines that fly between these two cities and they are, Arik Air, Air Peace, Dana Air and Aero Contractors. As soon as other airlines join in we will update you.

FAQ about Lagos to Port Harcourt Flights

How can I get cheap flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt?
The surest way to get cheap flights is to book at least a week or more ahead of your trip.

What are the cheapest flights from Lagos – Port Harcourt?
This varies, the cheapest is 21,150 naira

What airlines fly from Lagos – Port Harcourt?
Arik Air, Air Peace, Dana Air, Aero Contractors

Is there a direct flight from Lagos – Port Harcourt?
Yes, there are direct flights.

How many airports are in Port- Harcourt?
There is 1 airport in Port Harcourt

How many minutes will it take a flight from Lagos – Port Harcourt
01h 05m.

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