Flights from Abuja to Calabar – Flying to Calabar by air is the fastest and one of the safest way to travel to the capital city of Cross River state. It is regarded as the tourism capital of Nigeria because people from all around the world make their way to this beautiful industrious city. Cross River state is one of the states in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria and the city of Calabar has ten small towns, the name Calabar is originally Akwa Apka, which is from the Efik language.

Traveling by road from Abuja to Calabar can be one of the most boring journeys you can ever make within the country. You are guaranteed of spending roughly 12 hours on the road which is not really fun, however taking a flight from Abuja to Calabar will take only 01hr 20m. Although flights are more expensive but they are actually better because you will get there in time without stress when compared to the several hours you would spend when traveling by road.

There are people traveling from Abuja – Calabar on a daily basis either for a business or to see family or for a vacation, but for whatever reason, do well to plan your trip and pack your baggage in a way you would not be stressed and over charged. If you are booking a last minute flight, you should equally be ready to pay more because late flight booking attracts extra charge.

Abuja to Calabar Flights

There are several airlines that fly from Abuja to Calabar and vice versa on a weekly basis and all of these airlines have different price range so to get cheap flights from Abuja to calabar and vice versa you have to be meticulous in choosing the best deal that suits your travel budget and in this posts you are going to get prices of airlines that fly Abuja to Calabar.

Booking a flight to Calabar is very easy and thank God for technology you can do it from anywhere, whether you are in the bedroom, office, or on the sofa watching TV. All you need is data and internet connection.

Flights from Abuja – Calabar are very easy to get, this is because of the fact that Calabar is a tourist center and there are lots of people going for one recreational activity. During the week, there are about eleven or more flights that take off from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to the Canaan city of Calabar. The aerial distance from Abuja to Calabar is 583KM. The prices of these flights vary a great deal. The time and day of the week affects prices of flights to and fro these cities. Like we already know getting cheap flights from Abuja to Calabar is very much possible but you must book your flight a week or more before your departure time. Now, this is not the only way to get cheap flight. There are days of the week when flight tickets are very expensive and if you are looking to get cheap flight the best thing to do is to avoid those days.

The best day of the week to get cheapest local flights to any city in the country are typically on Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays. It is best when you book in the afternoons because mornings and evening flights are usually higher because of the rush. There are also months in the year where flights are very expensive. Months like November, December, January however, there are months where flights are the cheapest. Like in March, September, October.

Airlines Flying from Abuja to Calabar

The days to avoid booking flight because they are super expensive are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Domestic flights during these days are very expensive, also right before or after public holidays. In Nigeria, in December, June and July are holiday periods and flights prices go up.-
Air Peace
First Nation Airline
Ibom Air, etc.

Air Peace – Owned by Barrister Allen Onyema, they are one of the best airlines in the country, Air Peace fly both local and international flights. The airline fly to almost all the domestic airports in the country. Air Peace fly to and fro Abuja, Calabar, Asaba, Abuja, Uyo, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt. Calabar to Abuja, Benin, etc.
They also fly from Abuja and Lagos to five different countries. They are the only airline not just in Nigeria but in West and central Africa that flies nonstop directly from Nigeria to China.

Air Peace have different categories for the passengers, they have Economy and Business Class. However, these categories do not always function when flying from Abuja – Calabar airport.

Usually Business Class is higher than Economy but like I earlier mentioned its not always functioning but as soon as they begin we will put the price range

First Nation Airways – This is a Nigerian airline and its headquarters at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Abuja. They are one of the major airlines in Nigeria that fly domestic flights daily from these cities.

Ibom Air – The airline is owned by the Akwa Ibom state government. The state is the first in Nigeria to own an airline. The airline flies to, Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, Calabar and Enugu. Ibom Air commenced operations in June 2019 and their first flights took off from the Akwa Ibom International Airport in Uyo, the capital city of the state.
This is one major airlines that offers the cheapest flights from Abuja – Calabar and vice versa. Ever since the commencement of flights, Ibom Air takes off several days in a week from Abuja – Calabar.

Tourist Attraction

The small towns in the city of Calabar are, Obutong, Ikot Ansa, Kasuk, Akim, Ikot Ishie, Akamkpa, Henshaw Town, Ikot Omin, Duke Town, Biase and Bakassi. The city of Calabar which is also referred to as a Canaan city is a center of attraction for tourists, places like Obudu Cattle Ranch, Kwa Waterfalls, Cross River National Park, Slave Museum, Drill Rehabilitation Center, Tinapa Resort, Mary Slessor’s House etc. All of these places gets thousands of tourists every year most especially during the Christmas season.

This capital city of Cross River, is divided into two administrative purposes, the Calabar Municipal and the Calabar South. This city is surrounded by rivers which makes its a places for seaside attractions, the beaches and also access to the South Atlantic Ocean.
In December, the city of Calabar hosts a prestigious event called the Calabar Canival, its a celebration of their culture and it has gained international recognition as countries from all over the world participate, countries like Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, etc. No doubt the city is one of the finest cities in Nigeria and if you are considering going to Calabar for a vacation, you are actually on the right track

FAQ About Abuja to Calabar Flights

How early do flights take off from Abuja – Calabar?
The vary, most flights leave between 8:30am to 9:00am

How long do flight take from Abuja to Calabar?
Shortest possible flight is 01h 10m

What is the cheapest Abuja to Calabar flight ticket?
This vary but the cheapest is 36,000 naira

How many flights per week are there from Abuja – Calabar?
There are seven flights weekly from Abuja – Calabar

How many airports are in Calabar?
There is one airport in Calabar

How far is Abuja from Calabar?
The distance is 604 KM

What type of aircraft fly from Abuja – Calabar?
Cabadair Regional Jet 900

Are there average range of Economy class tariff on Abuja to Calabar flights?
This depends on the airline you are flying but most of the time, there are non.

How do I get cheap flights from Abuja to Calabar?
The best way to get cheap flights is when you book a week or more to your departure time

Common Flights from Abuja


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