There are airlines that offer flights from Lagos to Akure, you can book your flight ticket online and save yourself from the stress of going to the airport to do so. They are also travel agencies that can help you do that. We have compiled different prices of flights from Lagos – Akure so you can compare and chose anyone you wish, you can also book your flight with us, It is easy, safe and very convenient.

Flying from Lagos to Akure is the fastest and most reliable way to travel, however it is more expensive than any other means of transportation. To find the right flight between these two cities is simple so do not limit yourself to choosing offers that only partially meet your needs. Searching and comparing flight prices between these two cities have never been made easier. By the end of this article, you will not only know the right to book your flight ticket from but also the flight information between Lagos to Akure.

Often times, people ask, how much does flights from Lagos – Akure cost? How to book cheap flight ticket? All of these questions have answers. First of all, flights prices between these two cities are not fixed. This mostly depends on the month of departure because of this it is advisable to book your flights in advance let’s say, at least 2 weeks to your departure date is good because last minute flights are usually more expensive.

Lagos to Akure Flights

There are airlines that flight from Lagos – Akure on weekly basis. To get cheap flights from Lagos to Akure, booking flights early is the key. There are several factors that affect flight prices, like time of flight, day of the week and also season of the year. If you are hoping to get flights from Akure to Lagos in a very cheap price all of these factors must be considered.
Airlines that fly between these two cities as of the time writing this article is Overland Airways and Air Peace. Other airlines in the country are yet to commence operation to this state but as soon as they do we will update you.

Airlines Flying from Lagos to Akure

Overland Airways – This airline operates domestic flights to different domestic airport in the country. They began flight operation in 2002, their routes include, Abuja, Lagos, Ilorin, Ibadan, Duste, Asaba, Minna, Jalingo and Bauch. They contribute immensely to the economic growth of Nigeria and also offer charter services within and to other parts of the continent.
Overland Airways operates fleets of modern equipment and facilities to provide high standard services to their passengers. The airline has fleet of 9 aircraft deployed to various cities in the country and to other parts of the continent of Africa. They have a fleet of well maintained, modern aircrafts with professional and courteous services to make your travel smooth and stress free.

Overland Airways Lagos to Akure flight prices are

One-way flight
21,500 – 34,500 naira

Roundtrip or Return flights
43,000 – 68,000 naira

Air Peace – This is one of the major airlines in the country, they also offer cheap flights from Lagos to Akure and vice versa. The only way to be guaranteed of this offer is booking your flight at least two weeks to your departure time.
Air Peace flight prices from Lagos – Akure are;

One-way flight
23,300 – 48,700 naira

Roundtrip or Return flights
46,600 – 97,400 naira

Please note that these prices of flight provided above are not fixed. They can change any given time which is why it’s important to always check and compare different airline flight prices to know so you can choose whichever one that best suits your travel budget.

Akure Airport

Akure Airport with the code AKR started operation as a domestic airport in 1986. It does not handle international flights; it is located in Oba-Ile, east of Ondo State. It serves the city of Akure and other neighboring states welcoming passengers from Lagos and Abuja on a weekly basis. The airport with the longitude 7°14′55″N and latitude 5°18′05″E offers private jet chartering services.
The runway of the airport is made of Asphate, its length is 2803m/9195ft and it is in good condition.

There is only one domestic terminal that handles flights from Lagos to Akure vice versa and from Akure to Abuja vice versa at the airport.
You can check in at the airport using an airport check-in site but if you have excess baggage or you are a disabled person, you may need to check in at the airport counter.

Hotels close to Akure Airport

There are several hotels just few miles away from the Akure airport. These hotels are affordable and they have shuttles that convey guests from the hotel to the airport. If you are going to Akure for a business and do not want to be far from the airport, these are the best places to stay when you want to catch the next available flights away from the city. We have compiled a list of these hotels for you so you can easily find them. They are;

Towlab Suites (7.9 miles from Akure Airport)
Acoms Apartments (5.3 km from the airport )
Koltotel Plaza & Suites (27.6 miles from the airport)
Bliss World Resorts & Hotels (6.6 miles from the airport)
Heritage Continental Hotel (6.2 miles from the airport)
Groovy Hotel (5.7 miles from the airport)
Grand Capital Hotel (5.6 miles from the airport)
Esporta Suites Hotel Resorts (6.3 miles from the airport)
The Chancery Hotel and Resort (5.8 miles from the airport)
Jojein Hotels & Resort (3.9 miles from the airport)
Jens Hotel Suites (6.5 miles from the airport)
Esporta Hotel (6.4 miles from the airport)
Royal Parklane Hotel Suites (11.2 miles from Akure airport)
Queen’s Court Hotel (25.6 miles from the airport)
Fingerprint Hotel (20.0 miles from the airport)

Akure is the capital city of Ondo state in Southwest Nigeria. It borders Edo state to the east, Kogi state to the northeast, Delta state to the southeast, Ekiti state to the north, Osun state to the northwest, and Ogun state to the southwest. The population of the state is estimated to be 840,000.In 2006, the city was classified as a millennium development city due to commitment of the UN member state to achieve eight development goals by 2015. As a result of this, lots of infrastructure projects have been carried out in the city of Akure. These projects has greatly impacted the lives of the people in the state positively as some locals are growing their business and contributing to the wellbeing of the state.

The State which lies in the southern part of the forested Yoruba Hills is an agricultural trade center for different agribusinesses. The state due to its tropical rainforest vegetation is rich in agriculture and locals are in both substantial and commercial agriculture such as, palm oil processing and farming, plantain plantation, banana plantation, cassava farming, okra, rice farming, rubber, pumpkins, coffee and lots more. Some agricultural products cultivated for export is Cocoa, cotton, palm oil. There are other industries in the state such as soft drink bottling companies, electronic manufacturing companies etc.

Ondo state was created in 1976 and its home to some tertiary institutions like the Federal University of Technology Akure, Federal College of Agriculture, National Open University, Wesley University of Science and Technology, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, and lots more. Its connected to other Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Benin, Ibadan Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ekiti, Kaduna, Osun. There are 18 local government areas in the state, the majority of the people in the state live in Akure, the capital city. The local government areas are, Owo (headquarters in Owo Town), Ifedore (headquarters in Igbara Oke), Idanre (headquarters in Owena), Ose (headquarters in Ifon), Ondo West (headquarters Ondo Town), Ese Odo (headquarters in Igbekebo), Ondo East (headquarters in Bolorunduro), Akure South (headquarters in Akure), Okitipupa (headquarters in Okitipupa), Akure North (headquarters in Iju / Itaogbolu), Odigbo (headquarters in Ore), Akoko South-West (headquarters in Oka), Irele (headquarters Ode-Irele), Akoko South-East (headquarters in Isua), le Oluji/Okeigbo (headquarters in Ile Oluji), Akoko North-West (headquarters in Okeagbe), Ilaje (headquarters in Igbokoda), and Akoko North-East (headquarters in Ikare).

Lagos to Akure Flights Information

There are about 7 flights from Lagos to Akure on weekly basis which also means 1 flight per day and the airlines operating between these two cities are Overland Airways and Air Peace. Time of flight between these two cities varies but first flights takes off from Lagos airport at 7:30am. Flights from Akure to Lagos are usually scheduled at 2:00pm.

The aerial distance from Lagos to Akure is 230 KM and the shortest possible time of flight is 50 minutes.

FAQ about Lagos – Akure Flights

Which airlines fly from Lagos – Akure?
Overland Airways and Air Peace, we will update as soon as other airline resumes flights to Akure

How any airports are in Akure?
There is 1 airport in Akure.

How far is Lagos to Akure on air?
230 KM

How much time does it take flights from Lagos – Akure?
50 Minutes

How can I get cheap flights from Lagos to Akure?
The best way is to book your flight at least 2 weeks to your departure date

When is the first flight from Lagos to Akure?
It is at 7:30am

When is the last flight from Lagos to Akure?
There is one flight per day, and its scheduled in the morning.

Where can I book flights from Lagos to Akure?
You can book your flights on

Common Flights from Lagos


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