Are you looking to order a late night food and you want to find out whether or not DoorDash delivers late, or are you working with DoorDash and you want to know how late you can stay out on deliveries? Well, the way DoorDash works can be a little confusing because bit depends on some factors and the market.

DoorDash is one of the few delivery companies with the capacity to reach every address in the United States, Canada and the whole of North America with over 200,000 drivers. DoorDash delivers not only food but also groceries and alcohol. So, you can use DoorDash to pickup your food from your favorite restaurant, groceries from the grocery store and wine from your favorite winery. Below you’d find the answers to the time DoorDash delivers

How Late Does DoorDash Deliver?

DoorDash is a 24-hours food delivery service including holidays. You can order on DoorDash at anytime of the day. However, how late DoorDash stays open depends on how late restaurants in your area remain open.

DoorDash app works 24-hours but it need restaurants to still be open for you to order. So, if the restaurant you are ordering from works at midnight, you can place your order and it will be delivered to you. However most restaurants closes 11:00 PM but if for you find a restaurant that stays later than that, your food can be delivered to you.

Although, you shouldn’t always expect late night food deliveries because DoorDash operates freelance drivers who are able to choose their own schedules and not everyone loves to work at night.

So, if there’s no driver available at the time of your order, then there might be a challenge on how your food will be delivered to you.

What is DoorDash Delivery Time?

During the national study, the average DoorDash delivery time was recorded at 42 minutes, 1 second. This study was done with over 1,400 shoppers who ordered from food delivery apps in five major cities in the country such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Boston.

Although DoorDash is not the fastest amongst these other food delivery apps but in 2017, reports shows that DoorDash performed best when compared to other food delivery apps by 92% of orders delivered early based on estimated delivery times.

Services DoorDash Provide

DoorDash provides a whole lot of services, not just to those in the US but the whole North America. Below are some of their services;

1. Restaurant Delivery

DoorDash is a household name as far as delivering food from restaurant to home s concerned. Restaurants in the country that offers takeout is an ideal choice for DoorDash.

When you place an order for food at a restaurant from DoorDash, the driver will take the order information from the app, pick the food from the restaurant and deliver it to you.

Although, it’s more expensive to use DoorDash to pick up your food but it’s more convenient. It gives you times to either relax or do something else while your food is being delivered to you

DoorDash also helps restaurants serve more customers because not all customers wants to eat at a restaurant, some would prefer to be home while the food is delivered to them and that exactly what DoorDash does.

2. Grocery Delivery

Recently, DoorDash added grocery delivery to it’s services. And this was really helpful during the COVID 19 pandemic, when people were afraid of going to stores full of people.

Once you place your order on DoorDash, someone will package it and then prepare it for the DoorDash driver. Then the driver comes in, pick it up and delivers it to your home.

Unlike other delivery apps that you would need to schedule your groceries and delivery beforehand. But with DoorDash, you can order and pick your groceries at anytime because they work 24-hours and the holiday period is not exempted.

However, not all grocery stores work 24-hours so do well to check before placing your order. And so long a driver is available, your groceries will be delivered to your home.

3. Prescription Delivery

DoorDash also offers prescription delivery. So, if you do not have the time to go the the pharmacy, DoorDash can do it for you.

As soon as they have your order, the driver foes to the pharmacy, pick it up and delivers it to your home. And since DoorDash operates 24-hours, you can have your prescription drugs delivered to you at anytime of the day.

How To Track DoorDash Order

As soon as your order is confirmed, DoorDash allows you to see the estimated delivery time as well as the status of your driver. You can also get status updates and notifications.

If you want, you can receive notifications about your order and the driver location. DoorDash drivers can also be contacted by text messages or phone call.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can track your DoorDash order.

Step 1: You can view the status of your order on the DoorDash app under “Orders”

Step 2: The information included on Order Status are, Estimated delivery time, In the process of being confirmed, At The restaurant, and The Dasher is on the way to you.

Step 3: If have gotten a notification that the DoorDash driver has accepted your order, then you will be able to track their location. If your order has still not been accepted by a Dasher, it means that DoorDash is having a high volume of orders and yours may take a bit longer than usual to be accepted.

Step 4: If your order has been accepted by a Dasher, there will be a visible map under the “Order”. On the map, there is an indicator of your driver, restaurant and your address.

Step 5: You can contact your DoorDash driver by tapping on the phone or message icon close to the driver’s name at the bottom of the “Order’.

Reasons DoorDash Order is Delivered Late

Sometimes, people wonder why DoorDash is so slow? Well, the reason is because of staff shortage. DoorDash data shows that the average delivery time is 42 minutes. Meaning it takes 42 minutes from the time a customer orders their food to the time it arrives their home.

However, some of the reasons why DoorDash orders are delivered late are as follows;

1. Ordering At Peak Times

DoorDash experience high volume of orders during lunch time, dinner time and late-nights on Friday and Saturday. So, if you place your order during these times, there is a high possiblity that drivers are busy with orders and may take sometime to deliver yours.

During these times, do not be surprised that your order is taking over an hour for your lunch or dinner to be delivered to you.

2. Not Enough DoorDash Drivers

This brings us to what we mentioned earlier about staff shortage. If your order is very late or there’s bad weather, there would be fewer drivers to pick your order up.

3. You are Not Tipping

DoorDash drivers can not see tips when you place an order but DoorDash provides them a guaranteed earnings that includes base pay and also tips. So if you give large tip when you order, Dashers will see a higher guaranteed pay if they decide to accept or decline an order.
So with higher pay, Dasher are more likely to accept your orders meaning you will get your food faster

4. You live Far Away

If where you live is very far away from the restaurant you order, it’s goin to take some time for your order to get to you. So if you are ordering from a far place to make your orders come quickly is to tip the driver’s so next time you’d get your orders on time.

How To Avoid Late DoorDash Deliveries

No one likes to wait too long for an order that just wouldn’t come on time. There re always reasons in such cases as aforementioned, however, there are some things that you can do to avoid late DoorDash deliveries. They are;

1. Avoid Placing Order During Peak Times

During Peak Times, the volume of orders are very high and at such times if you place your order, it’s possible that it could take longer than usual. So, to avoid late deliveries, avoid to order during peak times.

2. Order From Restaurants Nearby

One of the fastest ways to get your order delivered to you on time is when you order in a nearby restaurant. On DoorDash, you can use the filter function to choose only the restaurants that optimize the order the order preparation time

3. Avoid Ordering From Popular Restaurant

Popular restaurants get more customers ordering from them every timeand when you do you are simply waiting in line and that can take sometime for Dasher to pick up your food and deliver to you.

4. Schedule A Delivery in Advance

One of the fastest ways to get your deliveries on time is to place your order in advance with a scheduled delivery.

5. Leave A Big Tip

Your order can take extra 30 minutes before a Dasher picks it up from the restaurant if there’s no tip on it. One of the sure ways to getting your food delivery on time is when you leave a good tip and tipping your driver before he delivers the food will speed up the delivery process.

6. Choose the Pickup Option

Choosing the DoorDash pickup is another way to save time and money.

Benefits of Using DoorDash

Convenience: One of the benefits of using DoorDash is convenience. Instead of rushing to the grocery store, testaurant or the pharmacy, you can simply use DoorDash and have it delivered to your home. Instead of using up your time and energy on the road and shopping, you can sit at home while your food, groceries or prescription drugs are delivered to your home.

Support Local Economy: Using DoorDash supports local economy by giving people in your community the chance to work on their own terms. For some, working with DoorDash is their full time job or side hustle and patronizing DoorDash keeps their job.


DoorDash delivery services works 24-hours, however it’s availability depends on open businesses and working drivers.

If your order is so late, there would need to be a driver to accept your orders and not all drivers enjoy working so late.

Also, restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacy would need to be open for delivery drivers to pick up your order.

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