Did you buy something from Target and forgot to ask the a Target associate to help you remove the tag? This things happen all the time. Sometimes you can be in a hurry or you use the self-checkout and it didn’t occur to you to remove the security tag on your item. Only for you to get home and realize it’s still there and you don’t know how to remove it.

Well, the truth is, it is extremely difficult to remove Target security tags from an item. If you do not know your way around it, you might end up damaging that item.

With that being said, in the article, we will show you how to remove Target security tags from your items without damaging it. It is easy but only difficult for those who don’t know their way around this. So before you damage that nice stuff you bought from Target still with the security tag you have been trying so hard to remove, please go through this article.

What Are Security Tags?

Security Tags are extremely small signal transmitters attached to items at Target to prevent theft. These security tags are in different sizes and shapes and are placed on items like clothes, jewelry, antiques and electronics.

Security Tags are used by retail stores to keep track of their stock. These tags are scanned by a computer to track purchases so it can be easy for them to track their inventory and also to know the right amount.

Modern security tags help prevent pilfering and theft from retail stores. When a shoplifter or a customer tries to go out of the store with an item that wasn’t paid for, the security tag sends the alarm that someone is trying walk out with an unpaid item.

Nonetheless, there can be other occasions were after a customer has paid for the items, and the security tag may still be on the item(s). One of such reason is either the customer used a self-checkout or ignored the security tag.

Regardless of what type of security tage you might have on your items, below are the ways to remove it.

How To Remove Target Security Tag

Use a Scissors

  • Make sure the security tag faces up
  • Take a big pair of scissors and place it in through the opening
  • Turn the scissors until the tag opens

Use a Screwdriver

There are two ways to remove Target security tags using a screwdriver. The first procedure is through the holes. That is to place the screwdriver in the gap turn it until the seal breaks

The second procedure is Underneath the Square-pyramid Cartridge. Which is to hold the security tag on the surface facing up, then slip a thin, or flathead screwdriver round the edge of the elevated circle. And then press the screwdriver firmly until the plastics piercers pulls up.

Then lift then metal arms with your screwdriver and pull the pin-free clothe from the tag.

Use a Fork

Put the clothing on your hand with the security tag facing up, the gently push the fork between the gap of the security tag.

Hold the fork and twist the tag tightly for a few seconds until the tag loosens

Use a Car Key

Hold the clothe with the tag facing up, then put a car key through the hole oand avoid the fabric. Then twist the car key until the pin of the security tag breaks.

Use a Magnet

Target security tags can also be removed using a power magnet. There are stores that make use of electromagnet to devices to deactivate their security tags. And in the same way, you can use a hard drive magnet or a rare earth magnet to remove the security tag. Below are some of the ways you can remove Target security tags using a powerful magnet.

Get a rare earth magnet or a high-powered magnet, then place the dome side of the tag against the magnet. Romve the magnet from the tag, the tag’s two sections should be seperated but if they don’t seperate you can apply some force to ensure they seperate.

How To Remove a Target Security Tag Without a Magnet

There is a way you can remove security tags without using magnet. To do this you would have to use needle-nise pliers to remove the tag. Here’s how it’s done.

Hold the security tag with the ink cartridge side up, then use a pair of pliers to grasp one of the rectangular tag’s sides.

Use another pair of pliers to hold the other side of the tag, then gently bed each side of the tag down. But do it carefully so you don’t bend it too much so it doesn’t break the tag in half and spew the ink Al over the place. So, continue to bend until the tag pops open.

How To Remove a Security Tag From a Target Clothing

You can get Target security tag off your clothes by bumping the tag. Below are ways to do it

Firstly, use your fingers to pull the tag away from the clothes for about 10 or more times until the pin looses. As soon as it loosens a little, get a big nail and use the head of the nail which should be as wide as a cent to remove the tag off the clothes.

Hold the tag’s long plastic section to the side so as to open the ink cartridge, then press down on it until it pops up. Then hit the ink cartridge severally without exerting too much force until it bursts open.

If you hit it too hard, the tag will open, on the other hand, you can use an electromagnet to forcefully open it. But there are several current tags that contain electromagnet instead of an ink pouch. So, when you open it, you will see that it doesn’t have ink inside.

You will have to put something between the tag and the pin’s head to give it some wiggle room to remove the tag. Break the pin by bending it back and forth.

Then pull the tag straight back so the pin can exit the hole it entered. Then can cut the tag off.

How To Disable Security Tag

You deactivate security lebels by using a deactivator located at the point of sale. A deactivator interrupts the circuit within the label thereby preventing it from sending signal also also stops it from triggering an alert when passing an antenna.

To disable the magnetic security strip, all you need to do is to magnitize it over it’s whole length. This can be done by using a very strong magnetic field along the syrips’s length.

How To Remove a Round Security Tag

Round security tags can be removed using rubber bands. Below are the way you can do it.

The first thing to do is to put the tag’s ink cartridge face down. The part of the tag that come out from the plastic is the ink cartridge. The tag’s round part is on the other side of the pin.

Seperate the part of the clothe with the tag from the other part of the clothe. If the sensor gets fractured, put it away as far as you can so that the ink doesn’t spew on the clothe and damage it. Then wrap a rubber band around the security tag’s pin.

Ensure the rubber band is large and thick enough to grab the pin very well. The pin will loosen because of the tightness of the rubber band on it. Then you can hold the larger part of the ink tag with one hand while the other hand will remove the pin.

The pins’ pressure should be enough to make the pin to pop up or pull away from the other part of the tag. But if the couldn’t loosen the tag, use several rubber band, that should do it.

How To Remove Other Security Tags

Freeze the Security Tag

First of all you need to freeze the ink. The reason for this is because you don’t want the ink to spew on your clothe while you are trying to remove the tag.

Once you have frozen the ink, take the clothing out from the freezer and leave for about an hour. Once is a bit warm, you can hold it while the ink will remain frozen.

The use needle-nose pliers to seperate the two parts of the tag. You can add froce in this method and not worry about the ink spewing because it’s frozen.

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