There are several reasons why people travel, but most times some people wonder if it’s possible for them to travel knowing fully well that they have bad credit or probably don’t even have a credit card. If you are in this line of thought then you are in the right place because whether you have bad credit or not or maybe you do not have a credit card you can still make that trip you want to make. We have put this article just for you so before you run off to start booking your flight here are some key thing you should do to ensure you a stress-free trip and and even enjoy yourself while at it. Here’s how to travel with bad credit;

1. Book flight in advance: This is a good way to save money because flight booked ahead of time is usually cheap unlike last minute bookings. Flight tickets are cheaper when they are booked at least weeks to your departure time. In addition, you should also purchase flexible tickets because you won’t get charged if you decide to adjust your flight date in case something comes up.

2. Make an online reservation: You need a credit card to book a room with most hotels but many of these hotels will allow you to make an online reservation and pay ahead of time with your debit card. This is a more affordable way to get a hotel stay. The hotel will not have any problem checking you in as long as the payment goes through.

3. Renting a car: To rent a car you will need to prepay for your rental reservation and your card will be billed in advance so the bill which is usually between $250 to $500 will be charged to your debit card instead of your credit card. It is also good to have insurance for the car.

4. International travel is easy: The rest of the world do not rely on credit card like the American system of payment does.

If you have a debit card whether a MasterCard or Visa, you would not have any problem getting cash from an ATM. You can also use a less common method which is Traveler’s Check, this way you can easily get the things you need while in your trip.

5. You do not need credit to have fun: If the reason for your trip is more of adventure than luxury, then you have alternatives business travelers doesn’t have.

You can choose to say anywhere so long it’s safe. Nowadays, staying at a private home or a guest house is becoming common. There are Airbnb rentals at different categories. There are several individuals ready to rent out their rooms to travelers for some extra bucks. You can take advantage of this.

These folks are almost always ready to accept cash payments. It may be cheaper than most hotel accommodations but it may also depend on the reason for your trip.

6. Be careful using your debit card: You have to be careful how you use your debit card because if your bank sees several charges from different locations around the state or the world, they may block it and if this happen during a critical payment time it can be a serious problem.

To prevent this from happening it’s better to notify your bank when you are traveling so when they see charges from different locations they know it’s you.

Also ask them for overdraft protection just in case you exceed your estimated travel expenses.

Whether you have bad credit you can still make that trip if you want to, bad credit can not stop you. All you need to do is to plan and make some advance preparations you can use your debit card and cash for everything you need to do.