This was once the German flag carrier, it was founded in 1953, Lufthansa is the largest German airline and they offer cheap flights to several cities and countries around the world. The airline flies with the slogan ‘Nonstop You’. At the Travel Awards from 2011 to 2016 for five consecutive years, Lufthansa won the Europe’s Leading Airline, it is one of the best in the world and their airfares are very affordable.

With its headquarters located in Cologne, Lufthansa operates from its primary hub called Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) in Frankfurt Airport. The airline was a state owned company until 1994 when it became a public traded company. This airline has a secondary hub in Munich Airport, which is where most of its pilots, ground staff and flight attendants are based. The airline has a number of airline subsidiaries such as Lufthansa CityLine, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomitic and Eurowings. Lufthansa also has other aviation affiliated subsidiaries which include Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Consulting. Together with its subsidiaries, the airline flies to over 200 local and international destinations across 95 countries in different continent of the world.

Lufthansa Booking

Lufthansa offer flights to Berlin, London Heathrow, Manchester, Atlanta, Chicago, Dubai and lots more. They offer both direct and stopover flights,  they are still one of the best airlines that provide top notch in-flight services to all their passengers irrespective of the cabin configuration you choose. Lufthansa Flight Bookings is done on their official website. The cheapest airfares are available especially when your departure dates are 3 to 4 weeks away.

The airline is one of the founding members of Star Alliance airline which was formed in 1997, Lufthansa has codeshare agreements with over 30 other carries across the world. These airlines include, Brussels Airlines, United Airlines, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Thai Airways Singapore Airlines and lots of others. With over 270 aircrafts, the airline offer flights to several cities and countries in different continent in the world. The airline have fleets of Airbuses and Boeing aircrafts, some of the Airbuses include, A320neo, A321neo, A321-200, A321-100, A320-200, A319-100,, A380-800, A350-900, A340-600, A340-300, A330-300 and lots more. Some of the Boeing aircrafts include 777-0, 747-8, 747-400 and lots more.

Lufthansa Flight Cabins

When going through the Lufthansa Flight Bookings process, please note that the cabin for are not the same for every class. Lufthansa offer different cabin configuration depending on the aircraft and route, for some route and aircrafts, the airline would offer as much as four cabin configuration while others will be three depending on the route and aircraft, For long haul flights, there is First class, and these first class cabin have seats that converts to two-meter bed. This is a very amazing feature but only available in aircrafts that fly long distances. Premium Economy class was recently introduced with larges seats. There are several in-flight entertainment for each cabin configurations, there are seats with 12 inches seat back TV screens for all passengers irrespective of the cabin you are. There is Audio Video Demand AVOD in-flight entertainment service for all passengers.

Lufthansa offer high quality service for passengers on-board, for long-haul aircrafts, passengers can select different TV shows and entertainment from around the world. Meals are provided on long-haul and mid-haul flights. For short-haul flights snacks are provided to all passengers on-board. For passengers that have special dietary requirement, they should indicate when booking their flight or at the check-in desk.

The airline offer flying program to passengers, this flying program is called Miles & More, this program is not limited to Lufthansa, and it is shared among other several European airlines and its subsidiaries. This program can also be earned on Star Alliance partner flights, meaning that this program will include all airlines that are affiliated with Start Alliance. They way this program work is simple, miles are collected as passengers fly with this airline or any of its subsidiaries or Star Alliance partner. The more flights you take with this or any of their subsidiaries, the more you grow in this membership program. There are several benefits associated with the Miles & More program such as priority check-in, no extra fee for excess baggage and lots more.

Lufthansa offer four different types of lounges on the ground. These lounges are called First class Lounge, Senator Lounge, Business Lounge and Welcome Lounge. First Class passengers are not restricted to any of these lounges, there are available for all First Class passengers and Miles & more members with Senator status, for added luxury, First Class passengers and HON Circle members have access to Lufthansa First Class Terminal, this is only available at Frankfurt Airport, at the Terminal, there are restaurants, bath facilities, bar and cigar lounge. First Class passengers at the Lufthansa First Class terminal will be driven to their flight directly either by a Porsche or Mercedes-Benz. For Business Class passengers and Mile & more members with Frequent Travelers state, they have full access to Business and Welcome Lounges.

Lufthansa Flight Baggage Allowance

This varies depending on the ticket class and flight route. First Class passengers are allowed three bags not weighing more than 32kg each and anything more will attract extra fee. For Business Class passengers, they are allowed two bags not weighing more than 32kg each, anything more will attract extra fee, for Premium Economy Class, passengers are allowed two bags not weighing more than 23kg each anything more than this weight will attract and extra fee, for Economy Class, passengers are allowed one bag weighing up to 23kg, if the baggage is weighing more than the required weight an extra fee will be charged. Any passenger that carries more than the required baggage allowed will be charged an extra fee. For Mile & More membership status, different allowance also applies depending on their level.


There different ways you can check-in, Lufthansa offer both online check-in and airport check-in. whichever one is convenient, passengers can choose to either check-in online or they can also choose to check-in at the airport after you have gone through the Lufthansa Flight Bookings process

Online Check-in – Online check-in is available to all passengers irrespective of where your flight ticket is booked, for passengers who want to avoid long queue at the airport check-in desk should check-in online. It is open for 24 hours and closes 90 minutes before the flight takeoff.

Airport Check-in – This is available for all passengers; passengers do fail to check-in online can also do that at the airport check-in desk. There is always long queue at the airport check-in so passengers are advised to come early, airport check-in is open few hours to flight takeoff and close 45 minutes before the flight takeoff from the airport. You can book cheap Lufthansa flights at the top of this page.

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