As one of the leading restaurants in the country, you can get some of the best food from McDonald’s. They still have some of the best hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, etc and their food are affordable.

You can order in when it’s late but before you do it’s important that you know how late they stay up. In this article, we’d answer all the questions regarding their opening and closing hours, when they serve breakfast and all the necessary information you might need about McDonald’s.

What Time Does McDonald’s Close?

McDonald’s restaurants usually close within 11:00PM and midnight except the one in particular runs a 24-hour service. There are some local McDonald’s restaurants that even close earlier but the ones that offer 24-hour service are open round the clock.

Larger McDonald’s restaurants which are typically located at service stations or retail parks runs a 24-hour service but the local restaurants closes earlier sometimes even before 11:00PM

During the holiday season most of the McDonald’s restaurants change their closing hours especially those that close before 11pm. They stay longer because during these times stores are busy and most people stay up than they would normally do.

In general, McDonald’s restaurants either closes by 11:00 PM or midnight or stays open 24/7.

When Does McDonald’s Breakfast Close?

Local McDonald’s restaurants usually open for breakfast from 5:00am or 6:00am and then stop serving breakfast from 11:00am. On Fridays, breakfast hours are extended to 11:30am giving customers extra 30 minutes to grab their favorite cheeseburger, hamburger, etc.

At McDonald’s, you can eat in or order food by going through a drive-thru. You can also order and have your food delivered to your home. You can order using DoorDash. DoorDash delivers at anytime of the day or you can use any of the delivery services you are familiar with.

Restaurant hour can vary from location to location so it’s better you check your local restaurant using the chain restaurant locator

When Does McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch?

McDonald’s starts serving lunch shortly after breakfast ends. Lunch is served at McDonald’s restaurants from Mondays to Fridays and the hours on weekend are different from weekdays. McDonald’s starts serving lunch from 11:00 am or 11:30 am depending on your location.

For instance, the time McDonald’s open their menu for lunch in New York City might be different from the time they do in Tennessee. However, regardless of the day of the week, in most cases, the lunch time begins either at 11:00am or 11:30am.

Why Some McDonald’s Stay Open 24 Hours

There are some McDonald’s that operates 24 hours, most especially large restaurant on strategic locations like retail parks or service stations. They state that they are open for 24 hours so the public would know but the ones that don’t, usually close by 11pm or midnight.

Some often wonder why some McDonald’s stay open for 24 hours and some don’t. Below are some of the reasons why some McDonald’s stay open for 24-hour and while some don’t.

1. Location

Location is important in business, especially restaurant business and this is one of the major reasons why some McDonald’s restaurants would stay all night and some wouldn’t.

If a McDonald’s restaurants is right in the middle of a metro area, there is a high possiblity that it will be open 24/7 because of the influx of customers and orders but if the McDonald’s is located in a rural area with few customers coming during the day, it would probably close by 11pm or even earlier.

The one located in a metro area has reasons to stay open 24-hours because there are people awake in all hours of the day and night that need to eat or order in.

Another reason is the proximity of McDonald’s restaurant to another restaurant. If there are two McDonald’s close to each other, one might run 24-hour service while the other may not because both can’t stay open all night. And in most cases, the one that stays open round the clock has more customers.

This explains why you might see a McDonald’s restaurant that is not operating at night and few miles away you’d see another one that is open.

Additional, McDonald’s restaurants located along major highways are usually open 24, hours. This is because, cummuters are mostly their customers. People eat when they are on the road and they are there to render services to them so they can make money.

This is the reason you see McDonald’s restaurants along major highways running 24 hours service.

2. Little Business At Night

Like most restaurants, McDonald’s don’t get much business at night. After breakfast, lunch dinner, most people don’t have any reason to eat again till the next day.

Those who patronize McDonald’s late at night are workers in nightshift, night school students, and those partying.

These small amount of people still up at night are the reason why some McDonald’s restaurants stay open 24 hours and not all their restaurants because their customer base at night is small.

Just like most businesses, McDonald’s lose money when they are not serving customers because the company will have to pay it’s employees that are working at night. And according to some state law, those working at night must be paid higher wages for working at night.

And if the number of customers doesn’t commensurate to their expenditure for the night, it means they will be losing money and no company likes to make losses.

Restaurants that stays all through the night, pay more for utility bills than those who don’t. This is because at night workers need the lights on to see what they are doing. So, if the restaurant is not taking orders, they are just paying for electricity for nothing.

In general, the number of customers McDonald’s restaurant get at night is the reason few of them stay open 24 hours. And a McDonald’s that get high traffic at night will most likely stay open 24/7.

3. Market Saturation

Market saturation is another reason some McDonald’s restaurants stay open 24 hours and others don’t.

Initially, the strategy McDonald’s used to build it’s business was targeting locations and when most areas had McDonald’s, it became a challenge. So, new McDonald’s restaurants, started stealing customers from existing ones.

To solve this, they decided to extend their hours instead of having more McDonald’s restaurants in certain areas. Now each restaurant would need to serve their customers during the day. Then at night, one amongst them within the location will stay open instead of all of them.

With people staying up longer than before,. McDonald’s offering longer hours are able to serve those customers. College students and teenagers looking for quick meal at night can easily pull up at these spots.

4. Late Night Workers

The number of late-night workers in the area also affect the reason why some McDonald’s restaurants don’t open 24 hours.

If there are a number factories, warehouses or large retail stores in the area, McDonald’s knows that it can attract these workers to their restaurants.

This is because these factories, warehouses or retail stores workers have night shifts to make things more efficient for the company and these worker would need to eat.

These workers would need to get food either during their shift break or after their shift is over and McDonald’s knows this.

However, if there are not enough warehouses, factories or large retail stores, there would be no need for McDonald’s to open 24 hours because there wouldn’t be customers to service.

5. Not Busy At Weeknights

Weekend nights and weeknights for business is different. People tend to go to bed on early during weeknights but that’s not the case on weekend nights.

McDonald’s restaurants cannot stay open 24 hours for some time only because it’s going to confuse customers. So the rule is either you stay open for 24 hours or you don’t.

Some of them that used to open for 24 hours only on weekend nights have changed because they had to choose to either be open 24 hours or close at night because they can’t only be open on weekend nights.

Why A 24-hour McDonald’s Is Not Exactly Open For 24 Hours

Have you ever tried to order from a McDonald’s that is supposedly open for 24-hour only to find out their dining room is not open and they haven’t started cooking? If you have, you are not alone.

This can be really frustrating because you expect them to have what you need at any time of the day since it’s a 24-hour McDonald’s but there is a reason for it and they are mentioned below.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of running a restaurant because the environment has to be clean and healthy. McDonald’s takes cleaning seriously because if there are health concerns, it could spell doom for the store and the bad reputation is enough to put it out if business.

This is the reason restaurants take cleaning very seriously. So, sometimes when you try to order at a McDonald’s, you can’t because they are cleaning.

Cleaning at restaurants are done meticulously in such a way that no stone is left unturned. They would have to clean the floor, tables, chairs, and all the kitchen utensils. The bathrooms and the parking lot are also not left out.

The restaurant has to be clean to the standard of a food-service facility. And since they are open for 24 hours, the workers must find the time to clean and sometimes is during their shift or when they are less customers.

2. Stocking

A 24-hour McDonald’s cannot serve food when they are stocking because at such times they don’t have food to serve

As a restaurant, they stock from a truck from time to time. The workers would need to do the stocking and invariably wouldn’t have time for serving customers.

However, in most cases they have a skeleton crew that does this at night but since they are a 24-hour restaurant, they may not have the time to do this during the day. So, if your order at the time of stocking, they may not be able to tend to your order.


McDonald’s closes either at 11:00PM or at midnight or stays open for 24-hours. Location plays a major role because McDonald’s restaurants located at metro areas often run 24-hour service.

Although, there are some that might be open 24-,hours but can’t take your order at certain times of the night, the reason is what we have outlined above.

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