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7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Nigeria

Agbokim Waterfall

7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Nigeria – Waterfall is one of God’s natural gift to man, apart from it been a source of water, it has also become a medium to appreciate nature and God’s marvelous creation. Among nature, waterfall is the most breath taking natural gift.

Booking Hotel Online Reservations – How to do it

Booking Hotel Online Reservations

Hotel seems almost insignificant to people until they find themselves stranded on a journey as a result of vehicle breakdown, nightfall and

How To Apply For Your Schengen Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For Your Schengen Visa From Nigeria

It’s exciting to travel to Europe and other countries in Europe and one can easily day dream about going from one train to another and stopping at different countries like Milan, Paris, Barcelona and other countries in Europe.

Getting different visa to these countries is hectic and very stressful and one begin to put off the urge to travel to these countries but this problem has been solved by the introduction of Schengen Visa.

Best Books Stores in Lagos 

Best Books Stores in Lagos

Best Books Stores in Lagos – There is a popular saying “readers are leaders” this is true because a man’s greatest weapon is knowledge and greatest challenge is ignorance. Ignorance is very expensive, one can throw billions of dollars away for the sake of ignorance. There is a pitiable saying that the best place to hide something from Africans is by keeping it in a book. That is to show you the level at which Africans don’t read. Most Nigerians only read when they are preparing for exams or job interviews. Their readings are limited to cramming.

Home to Hotel Conversion Threatens Housing Market in Lagos


There is a high level of home to hotel conversion in Nigeria especially in Lagos. Our focus will be on Lagos. Lagos is the biggest city in Nigeria and the population is on the increase daily coupled with the high rate of foreign and local investors trooping in daily and this calls for high production on the part of the hospitality industry.

8 Spots to Visit in Lagos


There several amazing spots to visit in Lagos. There a lots of beaches to spend quality time with friends, loved ones and family and some of this places are not expensive, they are very affordable. Whether you are going for a boat cruise or just have fun in the beach, this places are some of the nicest spots you can visit and be sure of having a swell time.

Nice Hotels to stay in Lagos


It is no doubt that Lagos happens to be the most busiest city in Nigeria and the most populated city in Africa. As a result of civilization and technology, the city has become of the best cities in the whole of Africa and a home to many from all around the world. The city of Lagos has many beautiful and gigantic buildings. Our focus will be on some prestigious hotels and “home away from home.” This hotels have a great positive energy in the lives of people living there.

The Best Night Clubs in Lagos

best night clubs in lagos

The Best Night Clubs in Lagos – Entertainment and fun industry is one of the great things people in Lagos enjoy and if you are visiting Lagos for the first time, you can’t help but wonder at the manner at which people have fun. If you are a fun lover, then your weekends will surely be properly scheduled for great fun in Lagos.

Apart from the private and public beaches, bars and restaurants, there are great night clubs in Lagos that is quite unique in Nigeria.

Why We Love to Travel


Why We Love to Travel – There are so many reasons why we love to travel. The list is endless but I will share some important reason why we love to travel and thing we love about travel. When we travel we get to experience different places, meet new people, try new thing like eating a particular dish for the first time or experiencing a new environment for the first time. All of this gives a totally different feeling.

Gone are the days when planning to travel

Top 15 Private and Public Beaches in Lagos

beaches in lagos

Top 15 Private and Public Beaches in Lagos – Lagos is one city in Nigeria that has the highest number of beaches due to its coastal nature. There are private and public beaches in Lagos and they are properly designed to suite individuals taste. If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends and family, romantic partners, business meetings, retreat, then you can go for any of the private or public beach. Below is a list
of both private and public beaches with descriptions that will give you information so as to decide the best one for your outing.

Best Way To Book Last Minute Flights

Book Last Minute Flights

Best Way To Book Last Minute FlightsThere are several reasons why one would want to book a last minute flight, this could be due to a family emergency or a business appointment that requires your attention but for whatever the reasons, booking a list minute flight whether a local or international flight, its very possible, however much more expensive when compared to booking weeks ahead.

We have dealt with questions like how to book a flight to Lagos, but that’s not all. There some questions that will be answered on the post, questions like, why are last minute flights expensive? how can I book last minute flights? How can I book cheap flights? When is the best time to book a flight?