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Revolving Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Revolving Credit Cards

It is difficult to get a credit card you can get approved for when you have a bad credit score. And it can be worse when you apply for a card

US Visa Application | Cost and Requirement

us visa application fee

The United State of America visa is not free, there different types of US visas, costs and application fee that you are required to pay.

UK Visa Application Fee Cost and Requirement

UK visa application

The United Kingdom is a desirable destination for many around the world, whether you are in Africa, Europe or in the Americans, there are reasons why you may want to go to the UK.

Low Cost Vacation Countries: Cheap Places to Travel


Traveling is one of the most exciting things to do, for those who love traveling, there’s a feeling that can’t be expressed when you visit different location most especially for leisure.

Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Atlantic Airways was founded in 1984, the airline is airline is a British commercial airline that is based in Crawley. In 2016, at the World Travel Awards, the airline was awarded the Europe’s Leading Airline to North America. The parent company of this airline is Virgin Atlantic Limited.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933, the airline started with only five aircrafts and since then grown its reputation and now has about 326 aircrafts. This is one of the biggest airlines in Europe.

Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways or Al Qatariyah was founded in 1993, it is a state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. The airline flies with the slogan ‘Going Places Together’. In 2016, Skytrax Awards, The airline emerged as the winner of the World’s Best Business Class category,

South African Airways


South African Airways was founded in 1934, it is the flag carrier of South Africa, it is the largest airline in South Africa and one of the largest in the whole of Africa. The airline flies with the slogan ‘Bringing the World to Africa and Taking Africa to the World’.


Saudia Flight Bookings

Saudi Arabian Airlines commonly known as Saudia was founded in 1945, it is the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, it flies with the slogan ‘Welcome To Your World’. Saudia is the third largest airline in the Middle East, with its headquarters Located in Jeddah, the airline is owned by the Saudi Arabian government.



This was once the German flag carrier, it was founded in 1953, Lufthansa is the largest German airline and they offer cheap flights to several cities and countries around the world. The airline flies with the slogan ‘Nonstop You’.