Planning a trip can be difficult for some people because of the details involved. If you have ever planned a trip outside the country on your own you understand what I mean. However, there are several travel agencies to help you plan your trip whether it’s for a vacation, or not. The work of these travel agencies is to save you from the stress of planning the trip yourself.

There are some set of individuals or group tricking and scamming travelers. These are no well-meaning people but dangerous and the funny thing is that you may not see it coming. There are different ways these things are done. They can set you up in a way of danger and then rob you of your money and belongings. Some may act as a travel agency when the sole purpose is to trick you and run away with your money.

In this article, we have put together a list of popular travel scams to avoid in Nigeria. I strongly recommend you go through this article and arm yourself with the information so you can identify these individuals when you meet them.

Study Abroad Scams

This is a very common one especially with Nigeria students. Most Nigerians planning to travel abroad are going to further their studies. These scammers take advantage of this to trick them. To study abroad application process can be demanding. What these scam artists do is to claim to be travel agents. Most of the time, they are seen hanging around embassies and luring people to away from the embassy to their deceptive offices claiming to be offering student quick visa processing and cheap tuition fee.

Most of these individuals are scammers and they have succeeded in scamming lots of Nigerians and disappearing with their hard earned money. Beware of these sets of people, do not fall a victim.

Free Bracelets / Free Ornaments

This is a very annoying scam. In this case, an individual can approach you with a free bracelet or ornaments and once you take it they demand that you pay for it and that it’s not free. If you refuse, insisting they told you it was free, they will create a scene in hopes you would rather pay them than be embarrassed. By all means avoid anyone that wants to put anything on your body and so do not collect anything for free. If they offer to give you anything simply refuse it and if they put it on you, remove it and hand it back.

The Taxi Overcharge

This is one of the oldest in the block, taxi drivers cook up stories, most times it is either the meter is broken so he can charge you exorbitantly and use a fake meter that reads abnormally fast to make you pay more. To avoid this kind of scam you need to know how much a ride cost from the airport to your destination. You also need to take note of their ID; that way when they mistreat you or try to trick you can report them to tourist board. Most importantly avoid unlicensed taxi.

Injured Beggars

These are group of beggars and gangs of cheats preying on people’s emotions. The point here is that be careful when giving to this beggars, giving is a virtue and should be done but giving because you were tricked is not acceptable.

The Slow Count

This is a popular travel scam in Nigeria, initially, you would think the person is honest, and that is the idea, so that you would not know when you get scammed. There are different ways this particular scam his done, but one of the most common one is usually at a restaurant, lounge or bar. He or she might engage you in a painfully slow process while calculating your purchase or change. As soon as you get impatient and do not pay attention and then leave without confirming the amount you have been given. You might realize that you have been scammed when you have already gone too far.

The best way to avoid this scam is to use your debit or credit card or better still carry smaller denomination that wouldn’t require too much change. Or you can be patient enough to go through the change meticulously to make sure you have not be scammed

The Fake Petition

In this kind of scam, it is usually a woman or a child pretending to be deaf or a student trying to get you to sign a petition. Since they are pretending to be deaf you may not understand what they are saying and trying to stop her from following you to anywhere you are going, you sign the petition. But the petitioner then demands a cash donation. To avoid this scam just ignore people coming to you to sign a petition. Whether it’s an individual or they are in group. When they approach you, simply walk away.

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