Top 15 Private and Public Beaches in Lagos – Lagos is one city in Nigeria that has the highest number of beaches due to its coastal nature. There are private and public beaches in Lagos and they are properly designed to suite individuals taste. If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends and family, romantic partners, business meetings, retreat, then you can go for any of the private or public beach. Below is a list
of both private and public beaches with descriptions that will give you information so as to decide the best one for your outing.


This is a private beach and one of the most visited beach in Lagos, it is located in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is owned by the Oniru Royal Family. They have great music and food. They also offer squad bike, there is a local drummer that plays well. It can also be used as a venue for parties and holiday. Below are a list of some of the hotels close to Oniru beach including restaurants: –
Palmview manor
Hotel Bon Voyage
Protea Hotel
Scarlet Lodge hotel
Restaurants Include:
Hard Rock Café
The Sky restaurant
Shiro restaurant and bar
Oniru beach is a sure place for a picnic and a weekend getaway. You can enjoy a solo outing or large get together. It is a peaceful beach with loads of drinks, food, music, ride and cool serenity.


This is a private beach owned by the ELEGUSHI ROYAL FAMILY. It is no doubt the most popular beach in Lagos where one can eat great meals, have fun and also go clubbing. Though some of the drinks are expensive and people tend to “live above their means” there, there are cheap drinks both alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. There local dishes, suya, nkwobi, alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. It is a nice spot for picnic, get together and social gathering. It also offers horse ride, mini Ferris wheel. Entry fee is #1000, parking fee of #200, and it is opened 24 hours. There are hotels close to the beach where one can easily rest after having fun. The beach
also has a restaurant close-by that serves mouth watering dishes.


This is a private beach and it is located in Lekki Epe-Expressway, Lagos. This beach is known for its high taste of privacy, it is a cool beach for lovers or loners. The noise pollution is at its barest minimum and suitable for great recreational activities. The entry fee is #500. It has tiny huts with thatched roofs for the pleasure of visitors. Things that the beach has to offer Grilled sea food. Fun games like hand ball, horse ride Barbecue Quiet scenery
Coconut juice.


This is a secluded beach house by the Atlantic Ocean Off Badagary creek, with a quiet serene, very clean and safe. Moet of the place is painted with white color. It’s a perfect place for a getaway from all the stress of the city. It can be used as a conference retreat, couples day out, vacation or solo outing. It is also good for picnic because of its beautiful scenery and tranquility. Nice photos can be taken here because it’s background is beautiful and camera friendly. The beach house have a pool, bar, space where house members can gather in the evening to discuss, get acquainted, eat, play and have fun. This beach also have speed boat that transports people to various places and the boat had live jacket for safety. It also has attractive palm trees and huts.


This is a private beach and it is located in Eti-Osa, Lekki, Lagos. It is properly maintained, clean and cool for both individual and family picnic. It also offers lodging.


This is a private beach and it is located near the Lagos Harbor. It is a hospitable beach where one can get enough fun and it’s gate fee is #200 (negotiable). This beach is only accessible by boat and it takes up to 15 minutes. You can get a boat from Marina, Mekwe Jetty, Tarzan marine (Victoria Island). A lot of swimming and water sports takes place on this beach, if you are a good swimmer and water sports lover, then Tarkwa beach is the right beach for you.


This beach is located in Badargry. This beach is filled with coconut trees and the wind toss it giving the environment a serenity good for pleasure. It has holiday resorts, vacation Hut, fresh air, and palm trees. You can enjoy different types of music at the beach, everyday of the week is filled with loads of entertainment, so you won’t be disappointed. This is a great place for couples to enjoy themselves with the assorted coconut drink made naturally from the coconut tree (coconut fruit peeled and served raw with straw). The beach conveys a rural nature and one is not shy as to walk barefoot around the beach. There is horse riding with a mere fee of #500 and coconut fresh juice of #300. The gate fee is free.


This is a public beach and a fun place to be. Though it looks local but it’s a great place to be with palm trees everywhere to give it an Africa outlook. It has horse’s for a jolly ride and children’s ride. There are stalls that sells beads and Africa attires. Also there are shops that sell food mostly jollof rice. It’s a great spot to hang out and have picnic with friends and family.


This is a secluded beach in Lagos that offers great entertainment and leisure. It is suitable for those who love seclusion, peaceful serenity and fun. In this beach, you seldom meet with crowd, you don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone you know. They also offer music, indoor and outdoor recreational activities/facilities (tennis court, rope climbing etc)


This is a conference resort center that caters for aquatic tourism, where tourists can view exotic animals and birds in their mini zoo. It has mini huts, Nigeria carvings and artworks and various Yoruba deities. They also offer acccomodation, that is luxurious (they also offer simple rooms) and also clean. It also has swimming pool.
They also have a restaurant that offers Nigeria ogbonu soup spiced with ugu and bitter leave, coconut shrimp, Cantonese chicken, etc. They also offer water sports (boat riding, court games).


This is a private beach that is spacious, cool atmosphere for get together, occasions, parties and solo gatherings. It is located in Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. It also has a restaurant that offers continental dishes. It has a basketball court and other leisure activities.

This is a luxurious private beach, very cool and unique among the other beaches in Lagos. It is located in Ilashe Island, Lagos. You can easily call it a “beach paradise” with its breath taking white painted facilities. It’s architectural design is unique and it has Villas, with each villa properly designed and furnished luxurious to give you a good time. Each villa has lavished suite, with rooftop Jacuzzi, and private lounge, massage room and private kitchen. It also offers mini golf course, beach volleyball court, water ball activities, etc. It is an ideal
place for weddings, get together, birthday parties, etc.

Other beaches include:
Jaybee beach camp
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
Eko tourist beach resort
La Casa,Ilesha

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