Saudi Arabian Airlines commonly known as Saudia was founded in 1945, it is the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, it flies with the slogan ‘Welcome To Your World’. Saudia is the third largest airline in the Middle East, with its headquarters Located in Jeddah, the airline is owned by the Saudi Arabian government.

This airline offers cheap flights to different cities in the world most especially the Middle Eastern region, with its main operational hub located at the Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport, the airline has several fleets of aircrafts which include Airbuses and Boeing aircrafts. Saudia has over 170 aircrafts, the airline introduced its low-cost airline subsidiary called Flyadeal in 2017.

Saudia flies to about 120 local and international destinations across 81 cities, these cities and countries cut across 6 continent of the world, some of these cities are Lagos, Addis Ababa, Beirut, Chi Minh City, Alexandria, Kuala Lumpur, Malaga, Los Angeles, Doha, Colombo, Bangalore, Jakarta, Nice, Taipei, Singapore, Rome and so much more. Saudia has codeshare agreements with major airlines in the world such as Air France, KLM, Middle East Airlines, Oman Air, Alitalia, Royal Air Maroc, Korean Air etc.

Saudia Bookings

To book Saudia flights is very easy, there are several ways you can do that but one of the most guaranteed ways is by booking your flight early at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of your trip, this way the airline offers cheap airfares to all passengers irrespective of your destination.

Saudia operates several aircrafts for commercial purposes and also for government and military activities within the Middle Eastern region and Europe. The airline offer cheap flights to Saudi Arabia and also to other countries of the world, Saudia Flight Bookings online is not difficult at all. With its fleets of aircrafts which includes Airbuses and Boeing together with its alliances with several airlines across the globe, the airline is known as one of the biggest airlines in the world in terms of passengers carried and with the quality of services rendered.

Saudia Flight Cabins

Saudia offers three cabin configurations for passengers on-board, these cabin configurations are not all the same, some are more expensive than others, the cheapest is the Economy class or Guest, and then Business class, the most expensive is the First class cabin. The First class cabin is arranged in a very comfortable way with features such as overnight kits, sleeping units, luxury cuisine, cardamom-flavored Arabic coffee, and lot more. It is the best cabin in on-board and in-flight entertainment in this cabin is top notch. Business class passengers are also very comfortable but the features in this cabin is cannot be compared to that of the First class, in the Business class, passengers can enjoy wide reclining seats international cuisines, overnight kits, Arabic coffee etc. Passengers in Economy or Guest class cabin are still very well comfortable but there are several features in other cabins that are not available in this cabin. Passengers in the Economy or Guest class cabin can enjoy comfortable seats with articulated movement, overnight kits, and lots of other features.

For passengers on-board, the airline provides in-seat personal video screen filled with movies and AVOD. There are several TV shows and music channels to watch, there are several games to keep both adults and children entertained. In Saudia flights, passengers can shop on air and have their purchased items delivered to their destinations. Some aircrafts have rooms designed for prayers.
In Saudia, in-flight magazines are called Ahlan Wasahlan. There are aircrafts most especially the new ones, passengers get to enjoy free WIFI and in-seat power outlet to enable them charge their devices. On-board, hot meals are provided but this depends on the flight duration. For long-haul flight meals are provided to passengers in all cabins, but for short-haul flights snacks are provided to passengers in all cabins. Passengers that have special dietary restrictions can specify when purchasing flight tickets or during online or at the airport check-in. On this airline, no alcoholic drinks or pork are served.

Saudia has a flight program for its passengers, this program is called Alfursan, it is like most loyalty programs, in this program, passengers collect miles by frequently flying Saudia within a calendar year, the more miles you collect, meaning the more Saudia you fly, the higher you go up the tier, passengers that are at the highest levels get several benefits, such as seats upgrades, priority check-in and boarding, excess baggage and lots more. Miles can be earned and spend not only on Saudia but also on SkyTeam airlines partners or hotels or retails and lifestyle partners with the airline in where in the world.

Saudia Flights Baggage Allowance

Like most airlines, Saudia offer generous baggage allowance to its passengers, the allowance depends on the flight ticket purchased by the passenger. For international flights, Economy or Guest class passengers are allowed to carry two bags weighing up to 23kg while both Business and First class passengers are allowed to carry two bags weighing up to 32kg. For passengers traveling with infants, they are allowed additional bags. For local flights, Economy or Guest class passengers can carry one bag weighing up to 25kg while both Business and First class passengers are allowed to carry two bags weighing up to 25kg each. Passengers with higher tier of Alfursan membership are given more baggage allowance but additional allowance can be purchased online when booking your flight ticket or at the airport.


There two ways you can check with Saudia after you have done your Saudia flight bookings there is an online check platform available to all passengers and there is also airport check-in which is open to all passengers

Online Check-in – This is available to all passengers whether or not you book your flight on the official website of the airline, online check-in is the best because it save you from the long queue at the airport. It is open 24 hours to the day of the flight and close 90 minutes before the flight takeoff. Passengers can check-in online and download their pass on their mobile device. Passengers with extra baggage will need to indicate at the Saudia flight bookings online check-in.

Airport Check-in – This check-in is at the airport, passengers who fail to check-in online can do so at the airport, the airport check-in is open 2 hours before flight takeoff and closes 45 minutes before takeoff, and passengers are advised to come to the airport on time to check in so as to avoid the long queue. The best way to check-in is online to avoid the long queue as you book cheap Saudia flights online you can also check-in same way but this on the official website of the airline.

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