South African Airways was founded in 1934, it is the flag carrier of South Africa, it is the largest airline in South Africa and one of the largest in the whole of Africa. The airline flies with the slogan ‘Bringing the World to Africa and Taking Africa to the World’. You can book cheap South Africa Airways flights online to Johannesburg, the airline flies nonstop flight to South Africa and booking a flight ticket is very easy.

In 2016, South Africa Airways won the Best Airlines Staff in Africa at the Skytrax World Airline Awards, there is no doubt that this airline is one of the best in the Africa. The airline is owned by the government of South Africa with its headquarters and its operational hub both located at the OR Tambo International Airport, the air line operates both local and international flights. The airline flies from Lagos airport to Abuja airport, there are also flights from Lagos airport to other cities of the world, same from Abuja airport.

South African Airways flies to over 42 local and international destinations in over 26 countries across the 6 continent of the world, these destinations include, London, Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Colombo, Las Palmas, Osaka, Fort Lauderdale, Washington, Rome, Dusseldorf, Melbourne and lots more. Over the years the airline has maintained a good reputation as one of the best airlines that operate from the Southern region of Africa. The airline is currently a member of the Star Alliance airline. South African Airways has a codeshare agreements with lots of major airlines across the world, these airlines include Emirates, Virgin Australia, Lufthansa, Air new Zealand, Etihad Airways, United Airlines, Asiana Airlines RwandAir, Jet Airways and lots of others. With their fleet of aircrafts, the airline has several Airbuses and Boeing aircrafts flying to different cities in different countries of the world.

To book cheap South African Airways flights online is easy; one of the best ways to get this cheap airfare with this airline is by booking your flight early. Airline generally offer cheap flight tickets to passengers that book flights on time, at least 3 to 4 weeks of your departure date. Booking flights early does not only guarantee you a getting a cheap flight ticket but it also helps you plan your trip properly. You have all the advantages when you book your flight early.

South African Airways Bookings

The process is simple, like we have earlier established, to get cheap South African Airways flight online; you must book your flight 3 to 4 week before your departure date. All the airline flying to your destination will be displayed for you to choose from. You will be required to make your payment, the best way to be guaranteed of your seat with the airline is to make your payment and you can do so with your debit card or credit card. The payment method is secure so you do not need to worry, the information you enter cannot be shared with anyone. Everyone is looking for a cheap flight with South African Airways so it’s important that as soon as you get it, book it right away because if you hesitate, someone else might take your space.


South African Airways provides two cabin configurations to passengers on all flights whether domestic or international. These two cabin configuration are Business and Economy class. In each of these cabin, the way seats are arranged differently, in some aircrafts, seats are arranged in either 2-2-2 or 2-2 layouts. For passengers in Business class, they are provided with welcome pack, pillow, duvet, personal touchscreen monitor etc. For passengers in the Economy class, they offered welcome pack, blanket with pillow touchscreen monitors but with smaller seats. Passengers in all cabins are offered in-flight magazines. Three course meals are offered to passengers on long-haul and mid-haul flights. For short-haul flights snacks are offered to passengers in all cabin configurations.

South African Airways have a loyalty program for passengers, this frequent flyer program is called Voyager. In this program, there are five membership tiers and miles that can be earned with other airline and business partner of South African Airways. Like most frequent flyer program, passengers go up the tier the more they fly with the airline or any other airline that it is in alliance with. Benefits include priority check-in, excess baggage allowance, priority boarding and access to lounges.

At the OR Tambo International Airport, South African Airways offer passengers the use of its own lounges. These lounges are Cycad First Class Lounge and Baobab Business Class Lounge. The lounges are open to all Business class passengers and Voyager members on higher tier. In other countries around the world, South African Airways passengers can also have access to other lounges operated by Star Alliance members but to access these lounges depends on the ticket class and Voyager membership status.

South African Airways Baggage Allowance

This airline baggage allowance varies on the ticket class and flight routes. Business class passengers are allowed to carry two bags each weighing 32kg to most of the destinations. Passengers in the Economy class are allowed to carry one or two bags weighing 23kg depending on the destinations. Passengers carry excess baggage will be charged extra fee. Excess baggage allowance can be purchased during the check-in.


There are two ways to check-in on South African Airways flights. There is an online check-in or you can check-in at the airport.

Online Check-in – This is done on the official website of the airline; it is open 24 hours to the day of the flight and closes few hours before the flight takeoff. Online check-in is the quickest way to check-in.

Airport Check-in – This is open for those who fail to check-in online. There is usually long queue at the airport check-in so passengers are advised to come early so as to avoid long queue.

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