There several amazing spots to visit in Lagos. There a lots of beaches to spend quality time with friends, loved ones and family and some of this places are not expensive, they are very affordable. Whether you are going for a boat cruise or just have fun in the beach, this places are some of the nicest spots you can visit and be sure of having a swell time.

Lakowe Lakes

Golf and Country Estate – This is a beautiful and man made lake and newest most sought after place of relaxation. It is a 308 hectares property, with palm trees moving in rhythm with the wind, Spa and sport center.
This beautiful enchanting place is often referred to as “West Africa Best Kept Secret”. It is a wonderful place to gold a vacation for at least 5 days, where you have the full opportunity to lazy around the sun, feel the cool breeze of the environment, play golf, get body therapy at the Spa, enjoy the luxury of the environment.
The Lakowe lake is a home of luxury with various offers such as: A Spa and wellness center, an 18 hole championship golf course, luxury suites and apartments, food and drinks, gym session. All these will spice up your 5 days stay at Lakowe lake.

Bobogiri House

This is a fun place blended with Africa arts. This place is located at the heart of Ikoyi, Awolowo road, Lagos. It was named after the ancient birthplace of Uthman Dan Fodio, a city known for its vast knowledge. It’s not just a place of entertainment and luxury but a place reflecting Africa’s artistic heritage, giving opportunity for the visitors to get in sync with Africa arts and crafts with its extraordinary display of Africa art and culture in its gallery including it’s prestigious bamboo tree, bamboo roof and bamboo design room giving it much of Africa culture. You can’t help but gape at the designs and it’s uniqueness. Well, that’s the point of Bobogiri house, to give you an experience of a life time. The window, ceiling and bed stand of its room is made of bamboo, brown color bamboo, it’s unique and beautiful with nice light to give it a beautiful look. It has an open air bathing space between the suites rooms. Isn’t that thrilling?
The restaurant at Bobogiri house is referred to as Orishirishi, where you can get mouth watering dishes ranging from their famous sweet pepper soup, grilled fish, boiled yam and stew, and other Africa delicacies. It also offers live band which is really captivating, poetry, bar and lounge, sea food and so on. It’s also a great place to meet people.

Ilashe Beach House

This is a secluded beach house by the Atlantic Ocean Off Badagary creek, with a quiet serene, very clean and safe. Moet of the place is painted with white color. It’s a perfect place for a getaway from all the stress of the city. It can be used as a conference retreat, couples day out, vacation or solo outing. It is also good for picnic because of its beautiful scenery and tranquility. Nice photos can be taken here because it’s background is beautiful and camera friendly. The beach house have a pool, bar, space where house members can gather in the evening to discuss, get acquainted, eat, play and have fun.
This beach also have speed boat that transports people to various places and the boat had live jacket for safety. It also has attractive palm trees and huts.

Coconut Beach

This beach is located in Badargry. This beach is filled with coconut trees and the wind toss it giving the environment a serenity good for pleasure. It has holiday resorts, vacation Hut, fresh air, and palm trees.
This is a great place for couples to enjoy themselves with the assorted coconut drink made naturally from the coconut tree (coconut fruit peeled and served raw with straw). The beach conveys a rural nature and one is not shy as to walk barefoot around the beach. There is horse riding with a mere fee of #500 and coconut fresh juice of #300. The gate fee is free.

Suntan Beach

This is a public beach and a fun place to be. Though it looks local but it’s a great place to be with palm trees everywhere to give it an Africa outlook. It has horse’s for a jolly ride and children’s ride. There are stalls that sells beads and Africa attires. Also there are shops that sell food mostly jollof rice. It’s a great spot to hang out and have picnic with friends and family.

Elegushi Beach

This is a private beach owned by the Elegushi Royal Family. It is no doubt the most popular beach in Lagos where one can eat great meals, have fun and also go clubbing. Though some of the drinks are expensive and people tend to “live above their means” there, there are cheap drinks both alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. There local dishes, suya, nkwobi, alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. It is a nice spot for picnic, get together and social gathering. It also offers horse ride, mini Ferris wheel. Entry fee is #1000 and it is opened 24 hours. There are hotels close to the beach where one can easily rest after having fun.


Lagos is divided into mainland and Island. The Island is more beautiful than the mainland, with its luxury lifestyles. The mainland though not as luxurious but the mainland also has side attractions. The main land is where the capital of the state is located and that is where the Lagos airport is also located. There different industries on the mainland. There are much places of fun that one can visit and be sure of having a wonderful time with your colleagues and loved ones. There are various hotels that one can visit. Tis hotels are some of the best hotel in Lagos. Below are a few list of them.

Sheraton Hotel

This is one of the most prestigious hotel in West Africa. It is known for its luxury and comfort, delicious food and great ambiance. It is located at Ikeja, just a few minutes drive from the airport making it accessible. It has outdoor pool and bar.

Excellence Hotel and Conference Center

This hotel offers great comfort. It is located at the mainland, Ogba Ikeja. It offers outdoor catering services, exquisite bar, restaurant, gym, WiFi, lounge, and outdoor pool.

Legend Hotel Lagos Airport

This is a three star hotel that is located in the heart of Ikeja. It offers restaurant which serves both local and foreign dish, bar, gym.

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