Hawaii is a tourist destination and you want your visit to be at the best time of the year because there is a bad time to visit Hawaii and at such times, you’d wish you never came. And as a popular destination for several reasons, the state is home to extraordinary culture, sunny beaches, warm temperatures, pristine landscapes, etc.

If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii, and you would want to visit The Aloha State when the climatic condition is excellent, and things are not so expensive so you can save some bucks and also engage in fun activities that would make your stay worthwhile, then, you have come to the right place.

Hawaii is an amazing island at any time of the year with warm temperature and sunny beaches. The best time to visit Hawaii during spring is April and May, and during autumn, is September and October. During these times of the year, the weather is excellent and it’s also the lowest statewide rates with few tourists on the island. In the summer, early June is also the best time to visit the island and during the winter, January is the best.

At other times of the year, it’s not so cool even though you may find few visitors in the state. For example, in November, there are few visitors but it’s one of the rainiest months of the year in Hawaii. Although June is also one of the best times because it doesn’t rain much in June in Hawaii but there will be a huge crowd because families take their kids on vacations after school is out. This is the reason you have to consider some important details before choosing the best time for a vacation to Hawaii.

Hawaii Climate / Weather

Hawaiian weather is mostly warm with temperatures slightly lower during winter months (November to April). The temperatures increases during summer months (May to October). Although, you could experience different weather on the same day exploring one island but if you go to another island, the weather could be completely different. The temperatures is usually below 60 degree Fahrenheit (15.5°C) or above 90 degree Fahrenheit (32.2°C).

It rains all through the year in Hawaii but there is more rain in the winter months especially in December. The hurricane season in Hawaii spans from June to November. So if you are looking for the best weather in Hawaii, rainfall is at its lowest from April through October

Most Popular times to visit Hawaii

According to the Hawaiian Tourism Authority, in 2019, before the COVID 19, the state of Hawaii welcomed over 10 million visitors and most of them came in July, June and December. And in 2021, 6.8 million visitors landed in Hawaii with 879,551 in July, 791,053 in June and 753,670 in December.

In Hawaii, ther are several annual events, and some of the popular ones that attracts visitors to Hawaii include the Aloha Festival in September, the PGA Tour in January, and the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival in October.

Visiting Hawaii during the Spring

Visiting Hawaii in the spring is good because the weather might be perfect. From March to May the average low is at 70 degree Fahrenheit. March is the most rainy season in Hawaii with an average of 3 1/2 inches but in May, the rainfall drops to an average of just 1 1/2.

After spring break, one of the best times to visit Hawaii is the late spring months of April and May. At this times there wouldn’t be crowd and the high rates of hotels and accommodations have dropped and the weather is simply perfect.

Visiting Hawaii during Summer

Summer is the warmest months in Hawaii and with the least amount of rain. From June to August, the temperatures can be as high from 80 degree Fahrenheit (26.6°C) to 90 degree Fahrenheit (32.2°C). The average can be between 72 degree Fahrenheit (22.2°C) to 75 degree Fahrenheit (24°C).

Summer in Hawaii also see the lowest amount of rain with an average of 1 3/4 inches per month. However, summer months in Hawaii are the busiest tourist season which is caused by an increase in family travel around this time with kids on summer break.

Visiting Hawaii during Autumn

The climate from September to November has highs and lows of 90 degree Fahrenheit and 80 degree Fahrenheit respectively. The average low is 70 degree with average precipitation ranging from 2½ inches to 5 inches. In Hawaii, November and December has the most amount of rain more than any month in the state. So, if you want to avoid the crowd and take advantage of cheaper hotel rates, you can plan your trip in these months but ensure you carry a raincoat.

Visiting Hawaii during Winter

From December to February, the temperatures are in the mid lows of 80 degree Fahrenheit. During this period, the average lows are in the mid-60s. In Hawaii, the winter months sees the most rain with 3.5 inches precipitation per month.

In Hawaii, the peak tourist season is from the middle of December to March. So, if you want to escape the winter then this is the best time for you but just be prepared because during these times, the rate of hotels and resorts re high because of the crowd. Hawaii is a state in the USA, there are more visitors from the US annually than other parts of the world.

What is the best month to visit Hawaii?

January in Hawaii

One of the most popular months for tourists to visit Hawaii is January. And if you want to visit the Aloha State, you have to make proper plans because hotels and resorts sell out during this time of the year. The reason why January is crowded with tourists is because it’s the month of the annual PGA golf tournament and it holds on several Island.

The temperatures in January fluctuates, it can be as high as 81 degree Fahrenheit (27°C) to 64 degree Fahrenheit (18°C) with three inches of precipitation.

February in Hawaii

February is also a popular month for tourists to visit Hawaii. The temperatures has a n average high of 81 degree Fahrenheit (27°C) and an average low of 66 degree Fahrenheit (19°C) with 3½ inches of precipitation over the month.

It rains heavily during the month of February in Hawaii so it’s a time where travelers are looking for where to go to escape the cold weather on the mainland.

March in Hawaii

Due to the spring break, the month of March is a busy time to travel and Hawaii is not left out. In Hawaii, March has an average temperature as high as 82 degree Fahrenheit (28°C) and an average low temperature of 68 degree Fahrenheit (20°C) with 3½ inches of precipitation.

March in Hawaii is full of events such as annual Honolulu Festival and the Kina Brewers Festival which of course attracts a huge crowd

April in Hawaii

The number of visitors drops in April except Easter weekend. April in Hawaii has an high average temperature of 84 degree Fahrenheit (29°C) and an average low of 70 degree Fahrenheit (21°C). In April, the average precipitation drops to 2 inches of rain over the month which makes it a great time to plan your trip.

May in Hawaii

In Hawaii, May is the beginning of dry season. The average precipitation over the month is just 1½ inches of rain. The temperatures are nice during this time of the years with an average high of 86 degree Fahrenheit (30°C) and an average low of 70 degree Fahrenheit (21°C).
There are no much tourists in Hawaii during this time of the year so the price of hotels and resorts low.

June in Hawaii

In June, Hawaii begins to heat up with influx of tourists from different parts of the world. The humidity during this time of the year is good with an average high of 88 degree Fahrenheit (31°C) and an average low of 72 degree Fahrenheit (22°C). The average precipitation is under 1¾ inches for the month.

Due to summer break, families start ramping up again in June. There are several events and festival that takes place in June on all of the different islands. The two main events are the King Kamehameha Celebration on all of the islands and the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival in Maui.

June 11 is King Kamehameha Day. It was created to honor the memory of Kamehameha the Great who became Hawai’i’s first king and united the Hawaiian islands in 1810. The festival features Hawaiian traditional dance, chant, music, practices, art and craft and ‘ono food.

July in Hawaii

Rain starts again in Hawaii in July. The average temperature is as high as 88 degree Fahrenheit (31°C) and the average low is 73 degree Fahrenheit (23°C). Over the month, the average precipitation is 2¼ inches of rain.

Annually, on third week of July, on the island of Ohahu, the Prince Lot Hula Competition, put by the Moanalua Gardens Foundation take place. The Foundation has had the goal to preserve and protect the cultural and environmental resources on Hawaii.

August in Hawaii

This is the warmest month in Hawaii. It has the average high of 90 degree Fahrenheit (32°C) and the average low of 75 degree Fahrenheit (24°C). Over the month, the average precipitation is just above 1¼ inches of rain.
In August, the traffic from June to July begins to drop. Its still a good time of the year to consider a summer trip as long as you don’t mind the heat during this time of the year.

September in Hawaii

This is one of the best months to visit Hawaii because tourism starts to slow down so it’s less crowded and prices of hotels and resorts starts declining.

In September, the average high temperature is 90 degree Fahrenheit (32°C) and the average low is 73 degree Fahrenheit (23°C). The average monthly rain is about 2½ inches.

October in Hawaii

This is also one of the best time to visit Hawaii. It’s also a month filled with several activities such as the Hawaii Food &. Wine Festival, the Hawaii International Film Festival, the Eo E Emalani I Alakai Festival and the Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival. All these events takes place in October at different islands.

In Hawaii, the average high temperature in October is 88 degree Fahrenheit (31°C) and the average low is 73 degree Fahrenheit (23°C). Rainfall goes up with an average of 3¼ inches of rain over the month.

November in Hawaii

November is arguably the rainiest month in Hawaii, but it’s also the month of the Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. The weather is not bad in November, the rain is nearly 5 inches on average with an average high temperature of 84 degree Fahrenheit (29°C) and with an average low of 72 degree Fahrenheit (22°C)

December in Hawaii

This is a nice time to visit Hawaii but you should be ready for the rain. The average high temperature is 82 degree Fahrenheit (28°C) while the average low temperature is 66 degree Fahrenheit (19°C). December is also the time of Honolulu Marathon Competition.

Cheapest time to visit Hawaii

The cheapest time to visit Hawaii falls into mid-April to mid-June and September to mid-December. This is because tourism drops in Hawaii during these times of the year and hotel and resort rates tend to drop as well.

You can find cheaper flights, hotels and accommodations during these months. Although when it comes to booking of flight, booking early is key to getting cheap flights but its generally reduces during these times.

Best time to avoid crowds in Hawaii

The best time to avoid crowded beaches, packed resorts and hotels is from mid-April to mid-June as well as September to mid-December. According to monthly visitors statistics from the Hawaii Tourism Authority, tourists season in Hawaii spans from mid-December to the end of March and to the beginning of April. If you plan to visit Hawaii during these periods, you should be ready to pay more because hotels and resorts sell out pretty fast.

Another crowded season in Hawaii is from mid-June to August. This is when many families with their kids are on summer break vacation. Hawaii is usually crowded during these times of the year.

Best time to see Whales in Hawaii

If you intend to go Whale watching in Hawaii, the best time of the year is from November to May.

During this times of the year, the Pacific humpback whales have returned to the warm waters around the Island to reproduce and nurse their young ones.

January, February and March are considered as the peak season and this is the period when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration call on the general public to help monitor whales and also contribute to its annual Sanctuary Ocean Count.

The Best Island in Hawaii to see Whales

You can look out for whales from the shores of any of the islands in Hawaii but the assured place to get a good view is Maui.

One of the best places to see Whales is the Auau Channel between Maui Molokai, and Lani. Lahaina, a town on Maui is also a home to several whale-watchimg tour companies. They also offer breathtaking oceanfront restaurants and shopping.

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing originated in Hawaii, you can learn to surf or watch professionals surf in any of the island.

Best time to go surfing in Hawaii

You can go surfing all through the year in Hawaii but if you want to test your skills with the biggest swells, you can only get that few times of the year and some locations are better than others.

The best and most powerful waves is usually between November and February and it’s located in the west and North shores of Oahu.

If you are not a surfer, you can learn, there are small groups on almost all the island where they teach surfing, there you can take surfing lessons.


There is hardly a bad time to go to Hawaii, but there is the best time to visit Hawaii. Because the fact remains that some times are better than others. If you love busy and rainy times good, but if you don’t, you might want to avoid it.

The rainiest month span from November to February and the busiest times are from January to March while the peak summer travel season is from June to August.

You can share your experiences with us in the comment session, let us know the best time you prefer.