Almost everyone love to travel especially going for a vacation, but one of this things we do not like when traveling is packing. It can be cumbersome, just the thought of packing can be tiring because it’s confusing to know what to pack and what not to, what you need on the trip and what you do not need so all of this makes packing an exhausting task. More often than not, we end up over-packing taking things we do not necessary need and forgetting the ones we need.

In this article we have put together tips that will help you avoid overpacking when traveling. You’d learn how to pack and get all the things you’d need for your trip, you’d also learn how to do this in a timely fashion.

Use Laundry Services more, pack less

When going for a trip, you are most likely going to overpack, this is natural because you would like to travel with all your good clothes. To avoid this, you should just pack 7 days’ worth of clothing. This will not only force you to get serious about which items are really essential but also cut down unnecessary weight. With the exception of your underwear, you can wear your clothes more than once on your vacation but if that’s not what you like to do, you can also consider getting your clothes laundered at the hotel or wherever you are staying. You can still choose to buy new clothes at a boutique where you are but once you do this you might end up to having extra luggage when coming back.

Leave heavy toiletries, unnecessary jewelry and electronics at home

You do not need to pack heavy toiletries when you are traveling, you are most likely going to a hotel but if you are not, these are items you can also find at where you are going. Also you do not need cameras, heavy chains and all your jewelry when traveling. If you like accessories, you can adorn yourself with scarves and shawls, this are lightweight materials that you are easily packable. You do not need to travel with camera, you can use your smartphone and it can deliver near-equivalent quality to your DSLR camera.

Pack only 3 pairs of shoes

Shoes are one of the most difficult things to pack when traveling, they literally weigh you down. Its ii better you bring as few pairs as you can. A good walking shoe is very important for exploring your destination, and depending on where you are going, a ballet flat for the ladies is a good option that can take you from day to night. Except you are going for a wedding or some other fancy event, i strongly recommend that you leave the stilettos at home.

Leave the denim and other heavy materials

It depends where you are going and what you are going for because they are some heavy clothes you just do not need. For example, Jeans, although they are cute but they are also heavy and they take up space in your luggage, same with heavy garments, and sweater. Instead, pack lightweight garments you can use when the weather is cold. Also, instead of packing a bulky wool jacket, it is better to bring thermals you can use as a base layer under a down-filled coat with a slimmer fit.

Create a Master Packing list

The fact is most of the anxiety around packing comes from not knowing what exactly to pack. The best way to get around it is by creating a master packing checklist. Start with this essentials (things you cannot do without, for example underwears), after that, list out “the wants” items, this may vary depending on your destination. This way you can be sure to always get all the necessary thing you need for your trip, speed up the packing process and keep your anxiety in check.

Pack in Palettes

Here is another important tip that you can also use, pack clothing in complementary colors and prints. This way you can mix and match everything and would not need to worry about packing outfits. This makes it easy to throw in a bunch of separates that will look good no matter what combination.

Keep toiletry Bag in your luggage

Keep all your toiletry items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, body cream, lotion and potions in a toiletry bag. This will save you time and space packing them one by one. It is better you have a toiletry bag stocked with this items so you do not need to pack them again and again whenever you are traveling.

Consider packing in stages few days to the trip

This is a good tip especially if you are a good procrastinator. However, taking your time to pack over a few days as opposed to a few hours will not only minimize your anxiety and stress level but also reduce the overall amount of time it takes to pack. Packing bits by bits is always best because it’s better to pack when your mind is clear.

The important thing to start with is your essentials, and then you can move to the ones you do no necessary need but want. This is one of the best ways to pack efficiently.