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How to Transfer United Miles

There are several ways to earn United miles and after you have earned so many of them you can also transfer these miles to anyone you choose maybe as a way to assist them if they need some few miles to book an award flight but whatever the case maybe United Airlines miles can be transferred to anyone whether it’s your spouse, a family member or friend but this individual must be a MileagePlus member.

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To transfer miles is a straightforward process and can be done on the official website of the airline but the transfer fee is high and transferred points get a lower value compared to when they are redeemed from your account.

How to transfer United miles to someone

• Log onto MileagePlus website and sign in to your account


• Scroll down and click on “Buy or transfer miles”


• Scroll down again and click on “Transfer miles to another member”


• Then, select the number of miles you want to transfer, enter the recipient’s name, MileagePlus number and email address.

• Then verify the fees you will pay and then click on “Continue” to initiate the transfer.

How to Transfer United Miles to Chase

To transfer United miles is not that simple, as transferring Chase points to United.  You’d need to make some research because you want to make sure it’s done smoothly and as swiftly as possible. Below are some key details you have to consider before transferring United miles to Chase

Decide how many miles you have to transfer

This is very important because if you still intend to travel with United sometime in the future, you may need keep some miles on your account for future use.

Look for a third-party vendor who buys United miles

You may need to take out some time to find a trustworthy third party vendor who buys mileage for cash or facilitates a swap with someone who has Chase rewards. To find these third party vendors who buys and sells miles and points are not difficult, they are everywhere on the internet, you could search them on Google.

Ensure the vendor works with Chase and will do points

Finding a reputable third-party vendor can really be helpful because using a third-party vendor to sell, buy and exchange miles can be favorable especially if the vendor can also facilitate a swap. These are the qualities in a third-party you should look out for;

• Easily accessible
• Well established
• Highly rated and regarded by users.

How to earn United Airline Miles

There are several ways to earn United Airlines miles, they are;

Spending on Cobranded or Partnered Credit Cards

These credit cards include Chase and Chase’s Ultimate Rewards like Chase Freedom Flex and Chase Sapphire Preferred. Your Ultimate Rewards points earned can be transferred to your MileagePlus account at 1:1 ratio.

Flying with United Airlines

Another way to earn miles with United Airlines is by flying constantly but this depends on your membership level and fare class each time you fly with the airline.

Flying with United Airlines Partner like Aegean Air

When you book a flight with United’s partners through United booking services, you would earn points as though you flown with United Airlines itself. But when you book a flight directly with United’s partner, the miles you earn are subject to the airline’s rate.

Participating in the MileagePlus Dining Program

To participate, you have to link your credit card or debit card to your account and spend up to $25 at every participating restaurant. The miles you earn depends on the restaurant.

Buying MileagePlus Miles

MileagePlus miles are sold on their official website at $35 per 1,000 miles.

Booking a Cruise

Cruise can be booked via the United Cruise Program

Staying in Partnering Hotels (such as Marriott Hotels)

You can earn redeemable points by staying in Partnering hotel. These points can be converted into miles and can also be transferred to MileagePlus account. But the rates vary depending on the hotel.

Partnering in the MileagePlus Shopping Program

You can earn miles by shopping in any participating retailers. To know eligible retailers, check MileagePlus Shopping portal. The rates for earning is monthly and also vary depending on the retailer.

Renting a Hertz car through United’s website

By renting a Hertz car from partnered group transportation services you can earn as much as 2,750 miles and these miles are also transferable.

Cost of transferring United miles to someone

To transfer miles to someone else is good but they come at a cost and it’s advisable to avoid them as much as you can. Here’s an example of the cost of transferring United miles to someone.

To transfer 500 miles will costs you $7.50, which is 1.5 cents per mile.

According to current calculations, United miles are generally worth up to 1.4 cent each.

Meaning that a transfer may essentially erase the value of your miles. Normally, 500 miles are worth $7 but if you are transferring it it will cost you $7.50 excluding the processing fee.

For example, 1000 miles are worth $14 but if you are transferring 1000 miles it wil cost you $15 plus processing fee of $30 making $45 to transfer 1,000 miles.

Rules for transferring United miles

To transfer United miles is easy but expensive there is a processing fee of $30 per transaction. Transfers between 500 and 5,000 miles are allowed in increments of 500 while between 5,000 and 100,000 miles are allowed in increments of 1,000.

• You are allowed to transfer up to 100,000 per year from one account

• Transfers may take up to 48-hours to complete

• Payments are non-refundable

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