The United Kingdom is a desirable destination for many around the world, whether you are in Africa, Europe or in the Americans, there are reasons why you may want to go to the UK. It could be for work or studies but irrespective of what the reasons might be there are certain requirements you must meet in order to be considered by the UK government.

In this article, you get the most recent UK visa application fees and other requirement that are necessary. If you are planning on traveling to the UK, I strongly recommend that you go through this article and get all the necessary information you need before proceeding with your travel plans.

The general documents that is needed in order to get a visa to the UK are;

A UK visa application form

Depending on the UK visa type you are applying for, you may need to complete the form online, Visa4UK website. You can still get the manual application form.

An International Passport

The passport must be valid for three more months after the date you plan to leave the UK at the end of your trip. And it must have at least one blank for the visa.

Two Photographs

These are passport photographs and they should be taken within the past six months, it should be colored passport with white background. The required measurements is 29mmx34mm.

Financial document

This is to proof you have the financial means to sustain yourself in the UK. The document include your bank statement for the last six months, or proof of earnings within the same time frame. It can also be that of a guardian in the UK that has sufficient resources to financially support you.

Proof of Accommodation

You will be required to present a document that shows where you will be staying in the UK. To get this kind of document, you do not have to fully pay for a hotel or hostel.

Detailed Travel Plan

This is an itinerary showing all you intend to do in the UK. This may include meeting agenda, festival agenda, places you will visit, booked tour etc.

Tuberculosis Test Result

This is required in order to be eligible for a UK Visa from nationals of several world countries.

Biometric Information

Your biometric information will be needed when applying for a visa that lets you stay in the UK for more than six months. This includes giving your digital photographs and fingerprints at the appropriate application center.

UK Visa Invitation Letter

If you have an invitation letter, which means that you will be staying with a friend or a family member. Then you will have to submit the letter of invitation. Your host must be a legal resident or a UK national.

Paid UK visa fees

You must submit the receipt that confirms you have paid the visa fees as required. Below is a list of the UK visa application fee.

The common visa which is the standard visitor visa comes in four types; Short-term visa that lasts for up to six months costs $125

Long-term visa that lasts for up to two years cost $472

Long-term visa that lasts for up to five years cost $857

Long-term visa that last up to ten years cost $1074. Visitors in transit have to pay $87 for their visa

There is a short-term study visa

If you are going to the UK to study for six months, you will need to pay $130 for your visa

If you are going to the UK to study English, your visa fee is $251

Visa for PLAB/OSCE test, dental observation, and clinical attachments cost $130

Visas for prospective entrepreneurs, diplomatic couriers and permitted paid engagements cost $125

Civil partnership or marriage visa cost $125. This is another subgroup visa for special visitors

Visa for parents whose children are schooling in the UK costs $694 (lasts for up to a year)

Course F visitor’s visa, this is a visa for a member of a foreign armed forces, it costs $694

This fee is relevant for the main applicants and also their dependents

Diplomatic passport holders and those who have received an official invitation from the UK government get a free UK visa

Additional Requirement as regards to your Employment status

You will need to submit extra document as regards to your working status as follows;

If you are employed, you will need to submit a letter from your employer. This letter should confirm your position at work, your salary and how long you have been working at the organization.

If you are self-employed, the business registration document will be needed to confirm the business owner’s name and the date the business started trading.

If you are a student, a letter from the school confirming your enrollment or admission letter needs to be submitted

Additional Requirement for applicants under 18 years of age.

For applicant under 18 years, they will need to submit several documents, they are;

1. Birth Certificate

2. Adoption Papers (if applicable)

3. If traveling unaccompanied or with someone other than a parent;

  • A signed letter from the parent(s) or legal guardian confirming the details of anyone accompanying the child
  • A copy of biographical page of the passport of parent(s) or legal guardian.

Documents to present at the UK Port of Entry

You will need to present some document at the UK Port of entry to the border control police

For EU/EEA national, you can use the channel for the EU/EEA to get your documents checked. You are only required to present your ID or passport. For minors, they must be accompanied by adults.

For non-EU/EEA nationals, they must present the following documents at the UK port of entry;

Visa (if applicable)
Valid Passport
Landing Card: This is a form you will need to get from your carrier and you are required to fill it before getting to the border control.

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