Why We Love to Travel – There are so many reasons why we love to travel. The list is endless but I will share some important reason why we love to travel and thing we love about travel. When we travel we get to experience different places, meet new people, try new thing like eating a particular dish for the first time or experiencing a new environment for the first time. All of this gives a totally different feeling.

Gone are the days when planning to travel can be a big deal. In this time and age, its so since because the internet is there to help you plan your trip from the confides of your living room, bedroom or office. You can book flight to any destination of your choice. Book hotel reservation from just a single click on your smartphone, tap or laptop.

There are so many thing we love about travel and what makes travel exciting and refreshing.

1. New Experiences

This is one of the most exciting thing we love about travel. We learn new things and are open to new experiences and possibilities. We do thing ordinarily we would never dare or imagine ourselves doing. Some of this experiences are stay on our minds all through our life time. Some of this new experiences we love about travel can be adventurous activities, learning other languages, eating new exotic and delicious foods, learning culture of other people. This new experiences makes travel more exciting and refreshing. Going for a vacation or adventure trips without trying something new is really fun and one of the ways to keep this memory for as long as you can is doing something that you have never done before.

2. In-flight Entertainment

When you travel for some adventure or vacation don’t wait to get to your destination before you start enjoying yourself. The fun actually starts from the moment you board your flight. You can watch a new movie, listen to different genre of music, catch up with your favorite TV shows, play a video game. All of this are part of your travel and do not waste it just waiting to arrive before you start having the fun of your life. In-flight entertainment is a way to relax yourself before you arrive at your destination without being stressed. When you feel hungry or you need a drink, the air hostess is just a call away. This is a very good way to enjoy your travel.

3. Beautiful Airports

Its always a delight when you arrive at a very beautiful airport. Some this airports are some beautiful that the only way to describe them is for you to actually be there in person to experience it for yourself. The feeling is so exhilarating that you feel so welcome. This airport like the ones you have in Singapore or Dubai are so beautiful that the leisure options, stunning terminals amazing airport services, free WiFi will amaze you. The feeling that all of this gives is one of the reasons we love to travel.

4. Learn History

Learning and exploring the history of any destination is one of the coolest thing you can ever do when you travel. To be able to learn other history and culture is one of the reasons we love to travel. To learn and explore history and culture of other people when you travel give you the feeling that we are all connected irrespective of where we are. Chatting with the locals and getting yourself acquainted with their culture makes you really connect with the people and the destination you are.

5. Wild Adventures

Part of why we love to travel is because of the sense of adventure that it gives. Its like a new challenge and its makes us do things we never thought we could do. Well, its good to be open minded when you travel because it could open you up to a whole new world of adventure and this making travel so much fun. This would ease up the stress ans tension you have thereby making you more relaxed. This is also one of the reasons we love to travel because when you get back to our loved ones, friends and family, there is a new story to tell.

6. Island Life

One of the best places to visit when you travel is an island destination. Visiting an island destination will make you wanna travel more so you could experience it again. There different public and private beaches in Lagos, Africa most populated city and this beaches are amazing. Generally the feeling that comes with island destination is part of the thing we love about travel. The beach, warm sun as you sip cocktails, the soothing breeze etc. One of the best island life visit, Bahamas, Maldives, Maui, Zanzibar. You would never forget the experience for the rest of your life.

7. Exotic Destination.

Nigeria is a fun place to be, some would actually Abuja and Lagos are the most fun places in Nigeria. Well, they have a good point there. However, there are much more exotic destinations beyond your widest dream outside Nigeria. Some of this places are unbelievable. When you are in places like this you would realize that in life there are more things to live for that whatever you may have in your country. This is one of the reason why we love to travel because it opens us up to a new world of possibilities. In this places you will get to see different blend of contemporary attractions and vintage sights, lively markets, galleries and museums, exotic beaches, restaurants, shopping malls, resorts and regal hotels, picturesque cafes, parks, amazing edifices and architectural buildings.

8. Transit and Stopovers

Some folks don’t like stopovers but there are lots of others that do. This avails you the opportunity to explore the destination for some hours roughly from 6-12 hours. The overnight stay in a city can be so much fun. You can decide to go out and see the city night life which most people see as the fun part of stopovers or transit. This one thing we love about travel because we get the chance of being in a place we ordinarily may never be.

9. Discover Hidden Gems

I love this part. This is definitely one of the reasons why we love to travel because discovering this hidden gems can be so exciting. There are so many hidden gems in the world so seeing and discovering places like this rugged canyons, scenic sandy beaches, glittering coasts, spiky mountains etc can be so much fun. The view is amazing. Having this experiences on your own makes the world go round and it gives you a totally different perspective about life and beautiful the world is.

10. Amazing Architectural Buildings.

Why We Love to Travel

This part is really one of the part about travel. It opens up your mind to a whole new world of imagination and perception. Seeing things you never thought about and relating to them give a whole new feeling about life. These gigantic architectural buildings developed by great innovators can really be a feast for the eyes. Seeing things like this is really why we love to travel.

11. Free WiFi

In some countries, free WiFi is a normal thing. Some countries have free WiFi for their citizens on 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Its the world they have come to know. In Nigeria, its a not a common thing to get free WiFi and so this is why we love to travel. When we are in countries like this we get to connect to our family at home. With a free access to the internet there so much you can do. Watch the latest movies online, surf the internet and download any information you want.

12. Hotel Packages

One of the reasons why we love to travel is the feeling of being comfortable without any disturbance or worry about anything. That is why booking a very good hotel package is good. To be in a very nice hotel with a good Jacuzzi, room service etc. all of this makes the trip much more memorable.

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